Sunday, December 20, 2009

Malachi's Lies

A few years ago when I was clueless about the undercurrent that sweeps us along, I stumbled onto Malachi Martin's books. Reading the wordy load of Hostage to the Devil, I thought with my gullible mind, "Why is this so vulgar, twisted and perverted?" I thought this guy used to be a priest. Martin's meandering narratives of the possessed seemed to hail from the devil himself, not a Catholic soul who feared God.

There were too many pages in Martin's books like the Talmud. He milked it for miles beyond what it took to describe things. He had to be getting his jollies writing this stuff. If he had a legitimate case to recount, it would not include so much digression. He would have stuck to the story like anyone does who is telling the truth.

Martin seemed to luxuriate in the process of his writing like one who is channeling the flow from an unclean spirit. His writing was anything but clean. It spiraled deeper and deeper into the smut and gibberish-abyss of his questionable soul.

A year before that I read Ralph Sarchie's Beware the Night. Sarchie served up Father Malachi Martin like he was Holy Ambrosia -- the most everclear and virtuous priest in the world. The book was written with the help of Lisa Collier Cool, a freelance writer to whose credit is listed How to Give Good Phone. Well there you go. I should have done my homework before swallowing Sarchie's tingly account. According to his Facebook page, this good Catholic boy is now divorced and seeking revenge for 9/11 in the Middle East.

I didn't know back then that most publishing houses would never print such things if it was the truth. Just look on the spine and see who published the book. That should tell you whether or not you can expect to believe it. Anything that appears to glorify Jesus Christ should be looked upon with suspicion if it comes out of publishing houses owned by Talmudists.

Sarchie's book was a rollicking read. To whom shall I give credit for this cunning fiction? Anyone singing the praises of Malachi Martin has to be either a dupe or an accomplice. Which is Sarchie? He went charging off to Iraq after "Al Easter Bunny." And he had to have help writing his book.

As for Malachi, he knows now whether or not the swami was correct for telling us that we are God.