Wednesday, April 1, 2009

He Lied

Obama gives us lip-service in recent news about how 9/11 is a pretext for picking fights with Muslims. I do not feel heartened by this man at the helm of my government. I long for a bull-in-china-shop potentate. A president who, once in the saddle, leads from the front -- with zero regard for the man behind the curtain. President Obama made promises at my university that he has not kept. I expect a man to be one of his word.

Now I read where he is moving the sharp stick that he's been poking around in Iraq over to Pakistan and Afghanistan so he can pick fights with more Muslims. The outrageous lie that Muslims had something to do with 9/11 is still being fed to people around the world. This stubborn lie needs to be exposed for what it is. When is somebody going to write it in the sky?

The twin towers were bleeding thermate before they uniformly collapsed. This catastrophe was carefully planned and people who were conveniently not there to die that day had early warning. All this has been exposed and many know the truth. So why the sickening push to pin this evil deed on an Islamic jihad? It is unlikely that the rag-tag Taliban would employ a sophisticated, covert demoliton enterprise that encompassed the twin towers and a third large building that was also demolished nearby.

If Obama wants a jihad on his hands -- he shall have one now. But your sons will bite the dust over it. People in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran have every right to defend their homeland when it is being invaded, occupied and subjugated by hostile foreign forces. Doubly do these Muslims have a reason to stand their ground after having been slandered up and down by a less-than-lily-white governement who dares to accuse others of corruption.

It is nauseating to hear Obama use words that aren't his own like, "disrupt, dismantle and defeat." It makes me wanna puke. That he has to reach back that far and pull Osama bin Laden's name out of his hat is the lamest of the lame. Still playing the blame-game. Still telling Americans to search for the corner of this round room that has no end. Round and round you all go -- like a dog chasing his tail. There is not a single shred of evidence tying bin Laden to 9/11. And NOBODY found the guy who mailed anthrax bio-terror either. How convenient.

I'm getting tired of this game of dodge-ball in the Levant. Every time somebody gets hit with the ball they come back in a casket. Big government contractors like Boeing-Boeing-Boeing (3/4 of the world's aircraft, space stations, warheads, if it flies, they make it, name it), URS Corporation (builders of 100's of American prison camps not yet occupied), Stavatti Aerospace (makers of laser assault rifles, bomber and surveillance drones and unmanned fighter planes), Babcock & Wilcox's Pantex (these jokers make nuclear bombs in Amarillo, Texas), and Battelle (cooking something contagious in a lab near you) are getting filthy rich on the blood of your sons. All the engines of the war machine are lining their pockets with American tax dollars by the billions. The saints who design warheads, fighter jets, torpedoes, nukes and cook up bio-terror are on the take. Along with the chemical companies who make nerve gas and cyanide. They know that war is their business -- and business is good.

However, honest, hard-working Americans who make their living doing something good have lost their jobs, their homes and sense of self. While our lying leadership leads our sons and husbands to slaughter, those on the home-front experience what nobody has seen since the Great Depression. All this while Obama works hard to start WWIII by dragging into his fabricated war Russia, China and Muslim-loathing India.

It's all the same crap. And the big lie that we've been told is coming into clearer focus every day. More blood for Israel is on the way.