Sunday, June 27, 2010

From Iraq w/Love

This published in a national weekly last year, but it wants more exposure.

My husband, filled with Christian charity, sent me a photograph from Iraq that was supposed to make me feel good inside.  Since his long absence  making war on behalf of Israel, he has been piloting home-front relations via florists, war-fighting logo t-shirts and many "morale-boosting" photographs of the troops I am expected to support.

Among these photographs can be found one of him cleaning a pistol while couching in one of Saddam Hussein's bombed-out palaces.  The photo was made for me in keeping with the military's "ready to fight but mentally right" campaign.

They encourage a happy-go-lucky attitude in what they call "our troops" and foster the same in their wives via Stateside wife support groups.  Uncle Sam wants to make sure that our creek never runs too deep by having distractions, social activities and "little jobs" to keep us busy and content.

In this photo my husband sat amid the rubble of air-strikes in what used to be an opulent chair.  To me there was something dour about the photograph -- as disemboweling and grim as the ruins of Dresden and Hiroshima.

When he sent me a photo of his Christian Bible study group posing with their humanitarian mental hygiene, it did not elicit the hoped-for applause.  Instead I saw the photo as a taunting mockery against Israel's victims via unwitting military Christians.

These Christians in uniform did not seem to know that they have been pitted against Muslims on behalf of Israel.  Here was a fighting force in a country they had invaded on behalf of bullying Israel -- posing with improvised, low-budget wheelchairs they were encouraged to make for children who have been crippled by war.
The wheelchair makers were told that their legless recipients are victims of improvised explosive devices that are the mainstay of local warring Muslim factions.  Do they expect us to believe that?  Who would shoot himself in the foot by expending resources and energy fighting his own countrymen while being invaded by a hostile, foreign army on behalf of Islam's greatest enemy?  It's  like Baitullah Mehsud's death.  I will have to put my finger in his wounds to believe it.  Show me the DNA, Mr. Forensics.

The last thing we need is more of the Wizard's propaganda.  The words used by President Obama shed light on an insidious undercurrent at work in the Middle East, "...disrupt and dismantle."  Before one conquers, one seeks to divide.

In the Punjab and Pakistan, for example, power outages are presently being used to torture and harass civilians.  This creates internal strife and detracts from a country's unity -- much like the drone strikes that pretended to go after Baitullah Mehsud for so long, while killing and maiming non-combatant civilians.

These insulting wheelchairs seem to be fostered by the same regime who writes anti-Muslim propaganda on the Wizard's Wikipedia. Of the strategically-fortuitous power outages in Pakistan, the Wikipedia writes " Pakistani politicians are known to be congenital liars," and how no relief is in sight for Pakistanis due to the "hopelessness and incapability of successive administrations in Pakistan."  It is obvious who is writing for the Wikipedia -- pots calling the kettle black who are worried about Pakistani nukes.  The same bunch who seeks to ban guns in America for the same reason.

So when I saw these cheaply-made wheelchairs with hard plastic seats, it broke my heart that a regime who spends billions on making war for Israel can do no better than this for Islam's little victims.  Shame on the war department for how they spend our money.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gargoyles Unite

Shortly after publishing my exposé on MicroSoft's Cyber Police State, all manner of harpies swooped down on my computer.  They diseased  software with new venom.  Everything on my computer was attacked.  It was a tidal wave of remote control, forced programs and override.

One day a "public folder" appeared at the bottom of my computer screen.  I
t could not be deleted.  I was uncertain of it's function but deduced that it may have been a remote access portal to my c: drive.

While this was happening I thought about how many cars and aircraft have computers in them now.  Aircraft can be flown by computers and GPS navigation systems.  If they can do what they did to my computer via remote control, then they can hi-jack a plane at 33,000 feet and do whatever they want with it.

They shoot missiles into the houses of sleeping people in Pakistan from remote control drones.  It is plausible to think, thereby, that this is how 9/11 happened.  They could have done it via remote control override.

OnStar and BMW Assist, for example, can take remote control of a stolen car.  They can decelerate and stop the engine with software that overrides the driver's manual controls.  Since aircraft can be flown by computers, how much of a stretch is it to commandeer a jet via computer interface?  Casts 9/11 in a new light, doesn't it?

Back to the harpies.  It was like they convened a think-tank of  psychiatrists, optometrists and software engineers to come up with the most damage.  How can they peck thee?  Let me count the ways.
Google, Firefox and AOL got microscopic fonts all of a sudden.  MicroSoft’s mouse began clicking places on its own.  The cursor jumped all over the page to random places. 
America Online and other browsers sent (apparently) tailor-made messages designed to insult, taunt and harass.  Google ads was in on the fun.  Ad hominem that is.  There were tailor made ads galore.  The venom had a signature stench. 
Sprint cell phone company was in on the act.  Their network was making calls in my name to people I never called.  These people would call my cell phone and ask why I was calling them.  
My Sprint cell phone out-going log was having phone numbers deleted from the list.  There is reason to believe that this was happening to incoming calls also.

Sprint cell phone company had designed software that sent me bogus messages on my cell phone.  One message said that my battery was low after a few minutes of cell phone usage.  I would get annoying beeps and bogus messages.  But what Sprint Network could not have known is that a friend from Sprint had recently given me a new cell phone battery.
AOL had designed a new colour palette expressly for me.  It looked like they were advised by their optometrist.  All the colours were pastels -- worthless for highlighting text.  Shades of castrated warm and cool.  Nothing hot and cold.  Like a tiger whose teeth and claws had been removed.
AOL,  AT&T, Firefox and Explorer were rife with bogus warning caveats, pop-ups and “helpful” reminders.  They inundated me with annoying, crowding, animated, distracting, and insulting advertisements.    

A web site that I used for relaxation had all my favourite video clips removed.
My Sprint cell phone contained threatening prank voice mail messages along with insulting, harassment-style text messages.  
The cyber-harpies are not that far removed from the aviation ones I suppose.  I have already listed some of the buzz-jobs I’ve been getting around here.  C-130’s and P3 Orions for starters.  Unmanned aerial vehicles, hang gliders, Cessna’s, choppers and prop-jobs ad nauseam.  Harpies unite.  
Japan's Nikon Corporation sent me a 60-day free trial of their latest photo editing software.  Apparently MicroSoft overshadowed this with a tailor-made mockery of their own.   They snuck it onto my computer via their “free automatic downloads" port.  When I tried to access the Nikon software on my computer, I would get detoured to MicroSoft's “mockery” version.  It was of course worthless and ridiculous.  But they only had a few days to laugh about it.
I noticed other web sites with similar re-routes and detours.  My brother’s USMC web site, for example,, is such a one.  While using MicroSoft computers I would get re-directed to a fabricated decoy site that I felt was not authentic.  It had lots of links to “donation collection” sites that I feel are tied to Israeli interests.

My experience with MicroSoft products and computers has prompted a veer into a new direction:  Macintosh.  With Steve Jobs’ Network, you no longer have a need for Norton’s Rottweiler to protect you from “Burn this virus like hell” -- from Amsterdam with love.  Norton stopped ‘um cold.  What protects your attackers also protects you.  Dam that Norton.  Gotta love the Hague.  But now I love my Macintosh.  Get some.
My recent attacks from these bridge trolls means that I must be doing something right.  Long live Nikon!  They make great cameras and fearsome lenses.  Sixty-day free trial of their latest photo editor is available on  Get some!  Don’t swallow that dumbed-down version from Bill Gates.  It only lets you see pictures at 33% resolution.  It’s part of the MicroSoft photography-killer campaign.  Freelance photo-journalists are freaking out the American Cheka. 
In conclusion, here is a list of the companies that locked arms with MicroSoft in a concerted siege against my computer, photography and cell phone:
Wordpress editing software corrupted 
Blogspot editing software corrupted

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lost Boys

The psychology of Apollyon only works on the ego-centric.  His shadow-play rattles a man whose self-worth is tied to the size of his boat.  The rank on his coat.  A car.  A bridge too far. 

The ego-centric can be controlled by their worldly desires and self-worship.  They are ruled by others of their kind who have more money.  Such men can purchase the smiles of mercenary women.  And buy the business-end of mercenary armies.   

The ego has been demonized in the Third World East for centuries, yet is exploited in the West where man is led by the nose with it.  I am learning today's application of this concept.  Some of the herd you want to be ego'less.  And some of them you want to steer by their egos.  Depends on what kind of herd you're talking about and what kind of use you have for them.

The new god is called Existence, Universe, Cosmos, Logos.  Seekers are told that ego is spiritually-crippling.  That it will thwart their path to enlightenment.  Their leaders, lecturers, masters and teachers tell them that they are part of a cosmic ocean.  A drop that will return to the main.  Part of a larger whole.  They are all a piece of the pie in the sky.  Where nobody makes the rules.  Because there aren't any.  There is no right or wrong.  No honour or dishonour.  Life is purposeless.

How convenient.  A useful schpeal for dismantling morality-based societies.  Just tell them that they are God and anything goes.  There will be no hell to pay for anything they do because sin does not exist and life has no purpose anyway.  But don't forget to tell them that death has "the sting of a thousand scorpions."  How else have them dread and fear it?  How else manipulate the masses during this purposeless life of theirs?  "O' death where is thy sting?" 

According to the Lost Boys, it's right here.  Notice that Messrs. Rockefeller and Rothschild appear to be concerned about "I, me and mine."  What dwindling pristine rill do they not covet?  Could they be the ones bank-rolling today's blanket spirituality?  Would it behoove them in managing their enslaved multitudes?  Should their maxim be, "Do as I say, not as I do?" 

Should one practice what one preaches?  I have read that a leader is respected most who leads from the front and by example.  One who shouts from the saddle and the diaphragm, "Follow me!"  Is beloved of his men like one who casts broad his seed in a whisper, "Do as I do."

Today on every campus, in every city, at every turn there pervades a common mantra.  It adheres so rigidly to the same stripe that it could be a company logo.  Every counselor uses the same lecture and gives the same advice.  Every organisation, institution, foundation, bureaucracy and corporation adheres to it.  The buzz-word is compliance.

Case-in-point:  British Petroleum.

The Wizard's Big Nebula is as substantial as his Big Bang.  A story you tell "the people" to lead them to the cliff's edge.  Like the concept put forth in M. C. Piper's book, The Judas Goats.  Somebody you trust promises you the moon -- so you follow him.

Enlightenment these days is a popular word used by corporate lecturers.  They never put too fine a point on it.  Who tells you what it is or what it means?  The Wizard rather dangles it before his hopeful wagon-horse.

The Wizard-funded, Wizard-supported one world spirituality:  the black void of Abaddon, gaping maw, broad path, sucking black hole, the ruse colossal, the righteous road -- to nowhere.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The New Slavery

Driving into the country I passed a church that sums up today's loose, tepid grip. On their announcement board were the words, "With open minds and open hearts." As if announcing their fealty to Abaddon's New Church Order. Open to anything. Anchored in nothing.

I wonder if Abaddon's (Revelation 9:11) gullible void knows who is picking their beans?

Passing centrist central, I drove by what looked like slaves working in the fields. Two school buses were parked amid a sea of beans. They had been bused out there like so much human cargo to labour in the fields. I asked the nearest girl in Spanish how much they paid her an hour to do this work. She answered, "No se," meaning that she did not know.

The workers were all of a similar stature, skin tone and purity of breed. They looked like they came from an equatorial place or rainforest. The girl I spoke with seemed fearful of me. She bore the expression of culture shock given to new arrivals.

A local woman told me how she thought it was cruel how they treated these people. She said they were constantly threatened with deportation. So one is compelled to ask, how much are they paying these people an hour?

Not long ago I found a flyer wedged in my door. It offered trash can cleaning services. Never heard of those before. Have you? Since when has this kind of thing been offered -- and for dirt cheap? Since when did we last see slave labour in this country? I drove to this advertisement's business office.  It was not easy to find. The man there nearly came out of his skin when I asked for a job application. He either could not or would not produce one. He was visibly disturbed, rose from his desk and told me to leave his office.

Perhaps his cheap labour force comes from the same "horn of plenty" as those I saw slaving in the fields,

Friday, June 4, 2010

Making Sport of Mother's Tears

How dare they mock our bereft solemnity?  How dare they make sport of mother's tears?  How dare they cheapen our bereavement?  How dare they sprinkle salt into the wounds they have inflicted and laugh about it in print?  How dare they make light of our young widows on Memorial Day?  These sardonic vultures who call themselves journalists: