Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Driving through the backwoods, I see signs in front of churches.  They have the name of the church with a stylized, insulting version of the Cross. 

Tonight I saw the third of what I consider a not-so-subtle mockery. 

The first Cross was a cheaply painted sign in blue and red.  The Cross appeared to be falling over.  As if to say “we are toppling your Faith.”

The second sign looked like a dissolving Cross.  It seemed to be disappearing from the bottom-up.  As if dissipating like a mist or vapour.  As if to say “Your Faith is fading.”

The third sign looked like somebody dipped a towel in blood and smeared a sloppy Cross.  Exactly like the graffiti left on the walls of the Tate-LaBianca murders.  As if to say “We can kill anybody we want and you can’t do shit about it.” 

There is no way I believe doper hippies killed Sharon Tate. 

A telltale bit I remember from the tidal wave of “news” on the Tate murders was how the Manson girls had carved an “X” between their eyebrows.  The media reported it was because they want to X themselves from the world.  A few days later Charlie and the Manson girls had appended the “X” into a swastika.  Why do you think that might have been?  Think about it.  And ask yourself who was really running that show.

Why did they demolish the Tate murder house in the 90's?  Is it for the same reason they spirited away scrap metal from 9/11?  "People often lie.  But the evidence never does." http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=0d_VMleF5Jw

The third Cross got me to thinking about Terry Sedlacek.   How he came busting into a Sunday sermon and shot preacher Fred Winters to death – right through the Bible.  The news jews gloried to write how Winters impulsively held up the Bible to shield himself from the gunfire and it went up like confetti.  How the terrified congregation was “screaming and praying.”  http://shpearson.wordpress.com/2010/05/27/the-preacher-killers/

Food for thought.  Those stylized mockeries of Crosses.  They should be noted as the countryside is riddled with “cold case” murders. 

The kinds of killings that happen after women get hit on by rich, powerful, half drunk men – who get burnt when she says a sobering “no thanks.”  Now she’s got bragging rights about who just hit on her.  Maybe it was her boss.  Maybe it was a customer at a high visibility restaurant.  One of those hook-up joints called a “bar and grill.”  A speak-easy where men go to score.  But not every girl’s a whore.  So perhaps they get stalked and killed by the predators they rejected.  Some of these dead girls were just working a job.  Waitress.  Bar maid.  Typical young chick work. 

Nowadays it’s a free-for-all.  Any woman who takes a job serving booze and chicken wings should get danger pay.

I think that is what the towel-smear Cross means.  It’s a gloat about how many recreational murders happen around here.  With perfect impunity. 

Questions to ask in any town:  Who owns the judiciary?  Who owns the police?  Who owns the coroner?  Who owns the embalmer?  Who owns the mason’s lodge?  Who owns the newspaper?  Who owns the media world-wide?

Symbols can be not so subtle.  Recalling my studies in Egyptology, the tomb of King Tut contained a peculiar pair of sandals.  The boy king walked on his enemies with every step.  On his soles were engraved faces of other races that had gone to war with Egypt.  So that each time he put on his sandals, his foes were looking up at him, waiting to be stepped on.  I recently saw a video that illustrates the King Tut sandal message.  I do not think the wearer of this t-shirt was aware of it.  But see for yourself.  Starting at frame 3:17 of this video, have a look at the front of his t-shirt.  The American flag superimposed on the bottom of a lug-sole boot:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Q3hZPI_RFNY

In that vein, I recently walked past a hipster boutique at the mall.  In their display window, they had a peculiar pair of teen jeans.  On both ass-pockets there was an ornate rhinestone Cross.

Keep in mind that the number one enemy of the communist state is God Almighty.  Whether He comes from Islam or Christendom does not matter to the marxist.  The fear of God impedes the fear of tyranny.  That is what concerns the bolshevik.  Because God outranks a mortal tyrant.  Karl Marx, for example, is just as dead as any other jew under a tombstone.  The jews seem to not get that part.  (smiley face)  Isn’t that a hoot.  They go ‘round killing people as if their turn will never come.  Dude, whether you die of natural causes or with your boots on, what’s the bloody diff’?  Anton La -- great indulgence -- Vey sure knows what time it is.  He has learned that no amount of name changes can hide a jew from his Maker.  Smiley face number two.  Yaa punks.