Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mazen Dana +

"One-two-three-four, what are we fightin' for?"  So the song went about the Vietnam debacle.  It was not to keep commies out of Vietnam as you draftees and Marines were told.  Since it was the commies who drafted you in the first place.

Vietnam had to be a distraction campaign.  It gave the media jews something to write about whilst their organised partners in crime flew loads of heroin out of Cambodia under a convenient smoke screen.  One of missiles, napalm, M-16 ratt-a-tatt and booby-trapped Howitzer shells.  Keep your head down.

Sorry to un-validate your missing limbs.  Sorry to un-validate your friends' names on that sunken wall in the DC dirt.  Didn't it raise a question in your mind when you saw how they put a monument half way under ground?  One that should be raised high for all to see?  Get a clue.  Most jewish mockery is subtle.  They love to rub your nose in it while feigning sympathy.  Right to your face.  Right "in" your face.

They do it in their papers and magazines.  They do it on TV.  They do it on the sides of buses, in Time Square glitter, on billboards, everywhere, anywhere.  Dare to escape their gaudy advertising, nose tweaks and derision.

This is aimed at the prick of our sarissa.  Paratroopers, Marines, the SPECFOR attack dogs...  You guys are the ones whom the jews sacrifice first.  So listen up. 

Your country has been commandeered by bolsheviks.  They infest us from the inner sanctum of our government and call it "classified" so they can hide from us.  Much of their energy is spent in subterfuge.  They change names and addresses frequently.  They are dug in like lice.  And put your friends on ice.  Knowing that it will rile you up and keep the fight going -- which ever one they drum up for the day.

Pick a war:  WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan...  All jew-instigated wars for the benefit of jews.  You pay with all you got.  And they profit.

You pay with your limbs and lives.  You pay by the sweat of your brow and in taxes.  They tax you blind while charging eight dollars for a small bottle of laundry detergent at their swindling grocery stores.  The ones who sell you wilted carrots, rotten apples and rotten freezer corn.  Not because the corn got rotten somehow.  It was frozen that way.  They are getting you to "pay" for rotten produce at home.  Swindling your pants off.  America is practically bare-asst as I write.

So what do you think they've been doing with you guys in their fabricated wars?

For example, WWII was a big fat swindle.  The bolsheviks (just like their next iteration, the israelis) sold the lie to all the world that Germans murdered millions of jews in death camps.  When in fact it was the bolshevik jews who did exactly that to 66 million Christian Russians and Christian Ukrainians.  So when the blue-eyed Nazi's came tanking into Russia early in the war, they were welcomed with open arms as saviours and deliverers.  That was kept out of the news by the jews.

It has ever been a jewish tack to blame their own crimes on their victims or enemies.  A shtick.  A criminal modus operandi.  It was the jews who massacred the intelligentsia of Poland in the forest of Katyn.  Big mass grave.  And then blamed it on the Germans.  It was the jews who massacred Armenians and blamed it on the Turks.

It was the jews who engineered and committed  9/11, blaming it on fabricated terrorists of the Muslim stripe.  Thereby kicking off their panted-after wars against their Middle Eastern neighbors. 

Nothing they did in Iraq could stand the light of day.  So they threatened to kill independent journalists who tried to report on it.

Mazen Dana, the Reuters videographer, is an example of this.  In an article from Felicity Arbuthnot, Dana found U.S. troops covered in plastic bags in remote desert areas.  He put it on video.  A few days before his death of U.S. military bullets, Dana told his brother that he discovered a mass grave full of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

So this begs the question of what really happened to all those Vietnam "MIA's."  "Missing in action" may be another way of saying "buried in a mass grave and forgotten."  Is it what you do when you don't want the folks back home to know how many were killed in action?  You could label them "missing in action" and bury them secretly for better war PR.

The kicker is how our military are brainwashed and duped enough to not only die for these jews, but to shoot journalists who are trying to report on how many of them die. 

"Missing in action" appears to be another jewish lie.  They don't want you to know how many of our soldiers die.  But they tell you every five minutes that Hitler killed six million jews. 

Hitler was a Catholic.  Do the spiritual math.  What Catholic soul wants to face down his Maker with the blood of six million on his hands?  That's something the jews conveniently gloss over.  Hitler was a God-fearing, Christian man.  His forces wore belt buckles inscribed with "Gott mit uns."  That's German for "God is with us."

Recall the painting of George Washington kneeling in the snow next to his horse.  He was praying the same prayer to the same God for the same reason.  Their Cause was just.  Their foe, the same.

Don't fall for the jewish blame game.  Ask yourself, "who were the British" that Paul Revere was warning his countrymen about?  Who was the wire-puller behind the Crown in 1775 that landed on these shores to make war on us?  Could it be the same wire-puller who financed the bolsheviks in Russia?  And Castro in Cuba?  And writes the lies in all your papers?