Friday, November 9, 2012

So what?

So the Iranians shot down a drone.  So what?  There's no pilot in them.  That cowardly son-of-a-bitch is sitting at a desk somewhere.  Flying his video game from a keyboard.

Americans should follow suit if they want any privacy.  Our skies are peppered with surveillance drones.  And have been for years.  Tilt your binoculars up for a change.  Some of these things are wingless and try to pass for stars.  During the day they dodge and duck into clouds when you're glassing them.  They have the same telephoto sensors on them as other nefarious aircraft.

While you're watching TV, your commie government is watching you from a low-orbit platform (google Sky Mouse S. H. Pearson)

So hip-hip for Iran.  The zionist picadors are pricking at Iran, trying to kick-off another war.  Like they hunt and harass American journalists who publish the "real news."  Predictable provocations of the jews.