Thursday, August 30, 2012


The following is "what I believe."  And is worth your digestion.

The wacko shooters in our recent past all bear a formulaic shtick.  They come busting into some crowded place and open fire.  Then claim to be insane or get suddenly dead (we are told by the jewish news media but have no proof that they are, in fact, dead).  Let us put into this mix the lurid blood bath freaks who hit, run and get away with it.  And the "lone nut" stalkers.  Some of these guys were just decoys.  Not the real boys.

Amazing how fast some of these names slip out of your memories, no?  And how some of them are a flashbulb memory:

Sirhan Sirhan, David Chapman, James Holmes (yeah right), Lee Harvey Oswald, Seung-Hui Cho, Derrick Bird, John Patrick Bedell, Jed R. Waits, Roger Troy, University of Alabama female "gunman" (12 Feb 2010),  the Pastor Carol Daniels kill squad (2009), Tate/LaBianca kill squad (1969), Terry J. Sedlacek shot a preacher (2009), Robert Stewart opened fire in a nursing home (2009),  trailer park kill squad in Brunswick, Georgia (eight murdered in 2009), Alabama "gunman" kills ten on aimless rampage (Samson, 2009), two Virginia Tech students found slain in forest (2009), Kuwait 2009 -- incendiary bomb in a Muslim wedding tent (35 women, six children).

Boy, 2009 was a bizzy year for the mystery kill squad.  This is what I call "domestic terrorism" if it happens in the USA.  And they dare accuse Christian traditionalists of being "potential domestic terrorists?"  Christian traditionalists don't have a single dead body to their name.  "By their fruits you shall know them."  Let this be said of our Muslim Brethren also.

In the recent case of womb'lings hacked to death and used as "terror" against Burmese Muslims by zionist-aligned buddhists -- that is an old shtick too.

According to my studies, the 6th prime minster of israel employed similar tactics during his rampages with the Stern Gang.  A month and some days before the inception of "israel the jewish state," Irgun terrorist Menachim Begin participated in ripping live babies from the wombs of Palestinians.  These unborn, murdered babies were used to traumatize remaining villagers of Deir Yassin, encouraging them to flee their homes.  That was in 1948.

Talk about a shtick -- in 2008 I read an article in the Miami Herald about then-recent Palestinian immigrants to Chile.  They were "stock formula" refugees.   The Herald quoted them, saying that they fled Palestine in terror of having seen their neighbors killed in front of them.  By "guess who?"  The Herald did not identify the killers.  They used pronouns throughout the text.  As if the local Cubans were too dense to figure it out.  Oh Herald, never underestimate the brilliance of a Cubano.  Nor the marksmanship.  El Presidio is still fresh on his mind.  And don't you commie bitches forget it.  According to the Miami Herald, Chile welcomed these terrorized Palestinian Muslims warmly.  Let this be another Jewel in our Crown.

Terrorism is a manipulation to get people to do what you want.  I have to quote the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion here, "Put a little blood in the streets, and people will do anything you want."  Keep in mind that it has ever been the shtick of a certain group to commit a crime and then point the finger at someone else -- often a false flag target.

Monday, August 27, 2012


You common, low-life trashy bastards.


I got a rill for you.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



            Can you believe that your computer’s dictionary gives the chemical formula for this stuff?  --  C 6 H 5 CH 2 CH(CH 3)NH(CH 3) -- this from the same brotherhood who guards knowledge like the hounds of hell?

            Wikipedia writes as though this life-wrecking synthetic is a medicine used to “treat” undesirable conditions of the mind and body.  The Wiki goes on for miles in a “comprehensive” how-to.  How to make it and how to take it.  They go so far as to write how one can shove it up his *** for a longer lasting high.

            Yeah the Wiki is a piece of work.  Mister 9:11’s insidious, covert, sneaky, back-door defiler.  Teaching little kids how to say dirty words and be a kinky pervert by the time they hit middle school.  If they see a new word scrawled in the school bus dust, Wikipedia is sure to have a “comprehensive” how-to manual written about it.  Complete with instructional drawings.  Damn skippy.

            So let’s call the spade.  Crystal Meth Amphetamine is as much of a disease in our society as cell phone pornography.  One can walk through a cemetery and find friends not so old who just couldn’t leave the stuff alone.

            You recall John Belushi.  He was like that with cocaine.  And like cocaine, methamphetamine is a kick in the pants.  It can turn a couch-frump into a dynamo in one snort.  Playing on one’s ego.  Sudden life-of-the-party. 

            The phenomenon is short-lived, however.  Hard and fast wrecking ball to health.  Priceless, precious health.  Who doesn’t value it?  Who doesn’t want it?  Healthy people don’t need doctors.  Think about it.  Healthy people feel good and enjoy natural energy.  They got a Colgate smile.  Pink, firm gums.  Strong choppers.  Dense bones.  They feel “tremblingly alive.”

            Instead of building you up, speed breaks you down.  Hey bozo – I don’t have to tell you to wake up do I?  You’re speeding. 

            LSD is speed-based.  Will keep you wide-awake for 24 hours.  They put poison in it to make you see things that are not there.  Arsenic.  The operative for hallucinations is poison.  That is why peyote buds and jimson weed make you see things that are not there.  They are poison plants. 

            Poison on this side of “lethal dose” will make you hallucinate before it kills you – which it eventually does.  The brain, which interprets ocular stimuli, begins to malfunction something fierce.  Which makes me question what is currently going on in “nursing homes.”  I go walking down the halls and am clasped by people in wheel chairs who tell me things like, “there’s a man sitting on my lap and he won’t go away.”  What kind of daily drugs are they feeding these people?  I asked a nurse sitting behind a nearby desk and she nervously told me that they were not allowed to discuss medications.  I bet they aren’t.  Medicine is now a secret.  Why do you think that is?  They call it “HIPAA.”

            Yeah drugs are a scourge.  Any of them we take for “medical” purposes come with side-effects.  Sometimes the side-effects outweigh the benefits.  Drugs are not natural. 

            In our fabulous bodies the Engineer designed an endocrine system.  A natural pharmacy of glandular secretions that port into the bloodstream whatever the body needs at the moment.  Adrenaline, endorphins, estrogen, testosterone…

            During the nubile years of a woman, for example, hormones dictate much of her physical function and behaviour.  To rise above these monthly rhythms, supernatural intervention is required.  Hence the difference between a Holy Sister and a home-wrecker.  Or a Holy Sister and that Mossad skank who seduced and murdered Mr. Hamas.

            Synthetic speed and the opium poppy should not be clumped together.  I believe the Chief made opium poppies for Navy Corpsmen.  For when Marines step on booby-trapped Howitzer shells.  Or false-flag bucket bombs.  Aye,  Mr. Nettanyahoo? 

            “I believe” that the same sons-of-bitches who keep marijuana illegal are the men behind crystal methamphetamine.  And every bottle of hard stuff distilled.  The same satanic bastards who fly heroin and cocaine over here by the tanker loads.

            “I believe” these men are part of the 9:11 collective.  All part of the swarm of locusts that produce movies like Spun.  A cultish youth flick glamourizing  methamphetamine.  How sexy it is.  How swank and happenin’ it is.  How if you abuse this drug, you too can be swank and sexy.  And if you decide to become a meth cook, you’ll be an all American hero like Mickey Roarke in his cowboy hat.  Built like a brick shit-house, fearless and seminal. 

            Oh boy. Now quick – everybody run out and start making this stuff so you can make a fortune and be a desirable chick-magnet like the ageless, cosmetically-enhanced Mickey Roarke. 

            If you check the stats, you will find that after this movie (Spun) hit the streets, crystal meth took off like a rocket.  Particularly among the unlettered, low income folks.
            Whoever wrote the script to this movie should be burned at the stake Catholic-style.  Like every man who had a hand in 9/11.  Along with every stick of Israeli terrorism since their counterfeit inception.  Hanging is reserved for lesser criminals, you sons-of-jackals.