Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Tactical Mind

To set the war machine in motion, you need an affront. Somebody has to fire the first shot. Somebody has to draw first blood. Enter September 11, 2001.

With the wind of 9/11 in your back, you don't need a big reason to invade Iraq. Stockpiling weapons of mass destruction sounds good enough. Something the American collective mind can surely get behind. After all, they trust us, don't they?

What's that you say? No weapons of mass destruction were found? Okay. Let's stir up the locals with random acts of violence in diverse places. Then blame it on Al-Easter Bunny. Make sure you put some blood in the street so people can see it. Get press out there while the scene is fresh. Photographers. Videographers.

There are always unscrupulous, desperate people stupid enough to do it for the money. Enlist them. Let's get them out there in the tribal areas, dressing the part. And we'll call them terrorists.

What's that you say? Not enough dead Americans to ship back to their families? Okay, position snipers all over the place. Start picking-off American guys. We can shoot from choppers too, they'll never prove it. Lasers? Sure. We can shoot them again post-mortem if anybody asks. But who would ask? They fear for their wage-slave lives. Let's have a few bloody Muslim corpses. We'll throw them in the street and call them dead terrorists. Snap photos for the press. Blood gets results. Ask our pals Josef, Fidel and Menachim.

When you have all the money and war toys, you can stage any war you want. War is lucrative for you and your corporate remoras while serving more than one purpose. It is genocide against those you hate. Clears coveted lands for your future possession. And reduces the size of the herd in general. What's not to like? All hail the war whores. Arm them with our high-tech stuff and it's low-risk/high pay-off. Reward them well for every kill. Then our homemade war is all downhill.

For the average indigenous Levantine Muslim, he's not your tactical mastermind. Nor is he a rabid suicide-bomber. He has no motive to keep this carnage going. There's nothing in it for him. Unless dying young is the new vogue. In Gaza they were picking off two-year-olds with "descending aorta" bulls-eye shots.

As for those nameless, faceless suicide-bombers, they could be dead behind the wheel before anything goes boom -- or just drugged. Isn't that what Ketamine is for? Vehicular movement and detonation can be effected via remote control. Drones have the sky covered, don't they? Then ground transportation should be a piece of cake.

There are a lot of fingers in this pie. Mercenaries are making a killing on this war. They have done the same before. Remember the Flying Tigers? The Hessians? The Italians right off the ships who were impressed into Union Blue before they could speak English? You think they were fighting for some lofty cause? Today we enjoy the talents of modern mercenaries who are fighting because they like to fight -- and they are good at it. Soldiers of Fortune, gentlemen. They are not an extinct breed. And man is given to a little greed.