Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yeah, you're bad. Wearing combat boots that Belleville Boot company has manufactured by commie slaves whose heart ain't in their work. I just pulled a pair of desert super-lights out of a box. The right boot is one inch wider than the left boot. Flip the tongue over and it reads, "Made in China."

While you dupes are getting your legs blown off on bucket bombs, your nation is being economically raped by the jews -- who started this war in the 1st dam place. They call it "out-sourcing." Let us not forget the leech-like suck of their income/sales/property taxes taxes and more taxes. Their 40% interest loans to the poor. And their foreclosure campaign to dispossess the working class of a life's earnings.

Yeah, you're stylin' in your Chinese boots there buddy. Keep on losing limbs for Israel. They care about you and your momma. Why don't you get your butt home and help us fix what's wrong with this place.