Friday, November 13, 2015

Earthquake Kelley

T h e   R e v i e w s

In his autobiography, * Bound to Lose, Destined to Win *,  Earthquake Kelley gave me a tremor. 

A one-word title for Kelley's book would be "Deliverance."  For it chronicles his deliverance from hell on earth and from being hell-bound eternally.
Beautifully written, thoroughly researched, Kelley leaves no stone unturned in sharing his life story.  I learned volumes in demonology.  His knowledge of God's Word is without a flaw. 

Kelley's text is direct and concise.  His 223 pages are full of lean muscle.  No padding.  Like a boxer at the top of his game.  As I read I thought how can a man from his walk of life be so adept a writer?  Then it dawned on me that God's Calling comes with its own wherewithal.  We put pen to paper and words appear beyond our ken.

Kelley's book appears to be self-published.  This is pivotal to a man who wants to get his message to the people without corporate tampering, revisions and sabotage.  Who owns the publishing houses?  One guess.

If the snide lampooners who interview Kelley think that they are mocking this great man, the joke is on them.

In Miami I learned a little about voodoo.  A Haitian witch demonstrated her prowess at point-blank range.  The only thing that protects us from black magick is God Almighty.  A soul adrift is fodder for the devil’s minions.  As Kelley's life so poignantly demonstrates.

Curtis Kelley lives to preach the Word.  God bless him.  Here is a man whose name must needs be written in The Book of Life.  He did not start out as a man of God.  But neither did Saint Paul.  Now did he.

Any soul who cares about where he shall spend eternity, should read this book.  Kelley had a glimpse of hell during a clinical death experience.  Life-changer, that one.  He is not the only one.  Kelley writes of Jonah and the Whale.  The Bible tells us that Jonah died and went to hell before God called him back -- so Jonah could answer God's Calling.  Spat resurrected upon the beach, Jonah was never the same man.  Nobody ever is who gets a glimpse of the "don't let this happen to you club."

Kelley's book is ever clear.  I could not find a modicum of ulterior propaganda.  It rang loudly of its truths.  The sound of truth is all I heard.  It resonated from every word.  Tall tales and embellishment have a flavour.  Bishop Kelley is all about the Lord.  He stomps on every toe that needs it, whether Christian or shock rocker.

Kelley is devoid of pride, telling it straight.  Not ashamed to lay himself bare to save souls.  He preaches with the clarity and earnestness of St. Paul.  This man's heart is in his endeavor.

I have read many tall tales pretending to be sent by God.  The baloney out there is a morass, that I am certain the enemies of the Lord are hoping, will obscure what Kelley has written.  Take my good word and read Kelley's book.  In it you will find "the goods."  The road out of bondage.  Sweet deliverance.

To Kelley I give a hearty shout of approval.  Well done, my Brother.  See you in the Glory Land.