Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dumping Ground

Let us take Juarez as a model.  

Team 666 has within it a hive of perverts whose fun entails rape and murder.  They have been at it for a while.  The first time I heard the term "snuff film" was in the 70's.  The definition came next.  Along with the comment, "these movies are coming out of Mexico."  My source for this information was a local construction worker whose conversation I overheard.  He had learned about it on the job from another man.  What sort of man, I thought, would know about such a thing?  Had to be one sick pervert who got his jollies from the underground.  

Juarez, Mexico is a border town where corporations have planted their sweat shops.  They employ poor girls as young as twelve who work 12-hour shifts in their factories.  "Made in Mexico" daddio.  Those jeans you're wearing are sewn together there.  These poor girls are exploited for two dollars an hour according to the freaks who get wood writing about it.  Internet's fulla the stuff.  As if this is not bad enough, they are preyed upon (in my studied opinion) by the same scum bags who get rich off the fruits of their labour.  Leo Frank done cum back from the grave.  Hanging one of them is not enough.  

Speaking of team 666.  They boldly dump the bodies of these girls all around Juarez factories.  They look like refuse from the snuff film industry.  As if to brag about their dirt.  Bodies grossly mutilated, raped and some missing organs.  Waste not want not.  Always some old coot trying to hang on to his money bags a little longer.  He knows he deserves killing and he knows he is going to hell.  Kidneys and livers are in high demand.  The joke's on you, joker.  Everybody dies.  

Who else would have the money and impunity to get away with recreational murder?  Who crackin' else?  Cut to new scene.  Megan Sharpton, Tullahoma, Tennessee in 2012.  They dumped her body right along the road, making sure that it would be seen.  A flaunt.  Daring anyone to do squat about it.  She was raped, mutilated and set on fire.  Looked like one of the Juarez girls to me.  Exactly to the letter.  I tried to get an interview with this girl's grieving mother and not long afterwards, a local paper said she "committed suicide."  I believe that one like I believe the hollow cost.  

When I went to work on this case it was rigged tighter than a buccaneer's brigantine.  They blocked my investigations at every turn.  I wrote the prison warden twice, trying to get an interview with the "convicted and confessed" murderer.  A married working class man with five kids.  No comment.  No reply.  At no level of the suspect's incarceration, would they let me talk to him.  He had zero motive.  They were spreading local smears about him that sounded like concocted damage control.  All about how "the murderer" and his wife tried to engage the victim in a threesome but she refused.  Big deal.  The kind of people who engage in that activity are honourless anyway.  Hardly worth going to prison over.  Unless that is, if you are a rich man with a fancy title and reputation to protect.  Then such a girl would have to die.  Now wouldn't she.  

What "well-connected" rich man goes to prison?    

Since team 666 is notoriously two-bird, that may have been the case to boot.  Why not make her the star of a snuff movie also.  There is a big market for those.  Always crooked money to be made.  Probably what kinds of movies they watch behind the spray-painted windows of their masons lodges.  Oh for the love of vigilante justice.  The trees should be adorned with the Leo Franks of our time.

It all stunk of the same miasma of  The West Memphis Three (1993).   They pinned the murders of three little boys on local teens from a trailer park.  The liars who write the news got a big kettle boiling about how these lads were into black magick and devil worship.  The cops were in on it, marching to the assigned beat.  It was all a big circus.  Note how the "murderers" are always too poor to hire a lawyer or pay attention.  One of them was even mildly retarded.  "So sue me," they yell.  Knowing full well.  That lawyers and court costs are exorbitant for this express reason.  Enter the sweet flash-back of Leo Frank swinging from a limb.  Before his wealthy backers could make the big schlep from New York, the boys in Atlanta had taken care of business.  Birth of the "Anti-Defamation League."  These people come to the defence of guys like Leo Frank.  You keep that in mind.

Back to Juarez.  There are freaks on the internet getting their jollies writing about the factory victims of Juarez.  The same perverts wallow in lurid details of what happened to other victims of cookie cutter murders.  You can find their text on the net for all to see.  True crime writers they like to call themselves.  I got one of them on the horn before he realised he was being investigated.  It was telling how he suddenly tried to disguise his voice as if to hide.  His writing gave me the creeps.  His mind bathed in the details of Megan Sharpton's murder beyond reportage.  It was like he enjoyed writing about it.  As there was an absence of moral undercurrent.  An absence of concern.  Just lurid imagery like a bath tub full of blood.  Like that book of "Vincent Bugliosi's" supposedly written about the Tate LaBianca murders.  Same tack.  Same gang.  Charlie Manson was just a handy hobo who got saddled with a bloodbath.  I do not believe that he and his hippie chicks killed any one.  Money, psychotropic drugs, coercion, hypnosis, torture.  There are so many ways to get somebody to sign a confession.  Rudolf Hess comes to mind.  So many lies, so little time.  

Juarez, Mexico is not the only snuff film dumping ground.  You people need to start looking in your own back yards.  And start raking the local police over the coals.  Who else would a girl pull over for in the middle of the night?  Who else but a blue light?  Find out who owns them.  Find out who owns your mason's lodges while you're at it.  It's all about ownership.  Who owns the restaurant where the victim was employed and last seen alive?  Who owns the factory where the dead girls worked?  Who owns your local news paper?  Who owns the bank?  Who owns the grocery store?  Who owns the corporation?  Who owns the airline?  Who owned the Twin Towers on 9/11?  Who owned airport security that day?  Answer all those questions and you start to put a face on team 666.  Here is a clue:  it ain't Osama bin Laden.  

Note this blaspheming image


Puts all those dead little kids in a new light

JonBenét Ramsey, for example