Friday, May 28, 2010

Nuke Labs and Other Diseases

Ah yes the nuke lab. A doughnut under ground where stilted geeks stand around, pontificating about the origins of the universe. The "big bang" they call it. For sure. The only big bang I envision is the one they are working on by perverting God's design -- one so far beyond their ken, they haven't scratched the surface.

They tease apart the atom, flirting with disaster. Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Nagasaki, truckin' around nuclear waste at three in the morning, Gulf War Syndrome, birth dee-fects, galloping breast cancer... Radiation has everything to do with it, you hubris-infested bozo's.

If "nuclear" wasn't a dirty word, then why do they call it "particle physics?" Particle is a scientific buzz-word to deflect "non-technical" curiosity. Just like those caveats and disclaimers atop "scientific and technical" Wikipedia articles, like "This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November 2008)" ---- Who is expected to believe that? If you see that line of baloney, you found yourself a good article. Read it.

Particles are the dissected parts of an atom. Pure and simple. I don't care how many new words they throw into the mix to confuse people. What God designed is in stone. Man can re-label and pervert it for a time, but only for a time. For proof all I need to do is look at the nuclear engineer who wrote this text book. His photo is on the back. It looks like his time's about up. I wonder how much scientific thought he has devoted to what happens next.

And how the human animal really works. According to this anatomy text, they haven't scratched the surface of that either. They have made viciously-guarded observations of diseases and their symptoms. Why so secretive, Mr. White Coat? Shouldn't you share what you know when everybody has to walk around in the same organism? Why not write and speak the language of a people so they can understand you? Instead of some coded-lengo-jargon esoterica? Are you out to help somebody? Do you giva dam? Do you fear your trillionaire overlords and their power to smear your reputation? Do you secretly admire the guts of Andrew Wakefield?

The human body has a built-in wisdom to repair itself that dazzles Mr. White Coat. There is marvelous intelligence in the body. It responds in leaps and bounds to a little kindness. Clean air. Wholesome fare. Vigorous exercise. How much of that do they push at the doctor's office along with their synthetic hormones, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, blood-pressure and cholesterol drugs? Why so many pills, Doc? How many of those do you take? How many do you push on your wife and daughter to alter their hormones?

Did you ever follow-up on why that cruise ship passenger suddenly came down with flesh-eating bacteria in February 2009? Raymond Evans, 58, tripped and hurt his knee while walking around the ship. So he goes to the ship's doctor and gets an injection. His body suddenly turns a bunch of storm-cloud colours and he's dead in a week of septic shock? What misery. Who had the watch that day? Can I get an interview?

It makes you wonder what kind of Trojan Horse they can slip into your drains. What is in a pill? ,
What's in the injection? Can you tell by looking? Who's name is on the drug company's label? What do you know about him? Why don't you make it your business to find out before bearing your throat to his wares.

Now everything comes with a so-called safety seal. However, any citrus fruit or melon lends itself to a covert injection in grocery stores. What happened in Chicago I think was just another of the Wizard's ploys to turn the herd. Keep them fearful and wide open to "his protection." Because who would think that the engine in charge of keeping the order, keeping the peace and protecting the public could also be the one who slips poison into Tylenol bottles?

Anything that was invented accidentally like X-radiation and NutraSweet should be regarded suspiciously. But instead they were both marketed from the get-go. X-Rays were frying people right and left before they realised what ionizing radiation could do. How stupid is that? They were getting cancer from it (and still do). They don't tell you that at the doctor's office though. There is too much money to be made. They don't let you see your medical record either. Ask them, "why is that?"

The medical mafia pushes mammograms like crazy. Do you think it's because they are concerned about how long your menopausal Aunt will live in an over-populated world? Mammograms are just cancer-cultivating x-rays of painfully-flattened breasts. There are too many milk-ducts anyway to see pea-sized tumours. Much of medical practice is fear-mongering and fishing for disease. If you can't find any, you can always make some with enough radiation.

X-rays are a medical paradox. They cause cell damage and cell mutation. Such radiation is accumulative. When the mutated cells start making copies of themselves you have cancer. If it happens in a vital organ, you have six (or so) months.

Which brings me back to the woe department. X-radiation is invisible and painless. Think of the possibilities from a low-orbit platform. Nukes -- they aren't just for bombs anymore. So many weapons. So little time.

Like the WWI-schemer who jumped up from the dinner party and exclaimed, "Gentlemen! We have war!" The cancer doctors are all about cancer. Disease is their business. And business is good. Long live the mammogram. Because it sure helps kill-off women who are no longer nubile. And who wants those around? Take an anonymous poll and find out. A woman is a commodity from age 13 - 35 (give or take). Unmolested by radiation and poison, she could live to be 95.

Why do you think they are mega-dosing travelers with x-radiation at all the airports now? They even have x-ray booths. It has nothing to do with terrorism or pistol-packin' mommas. That's just a pretext for dosing people with radiation. But why?

Radiation sometimes causes cancer. Why do you think the x-ray technicians stand behind protective walls? Because x-radiation is harmless?

Based on my studies, I feel that anybody who gets a mammogram is falling for a racket that lines the pockets of Porsche drivers. Live till you die. And live abundantly like Jesus said we should do (John 10:10). But don't let the medical industry disease you with radiation. Ask a cancer doctor why they only recommend mammograms for women who are over 40.

Don't support the nuclear industry. They are meddling with God's creation. Think of them as a little boy who is poking around in the light socket -- with a bobby pin.

Don't get mammograms or worry about your mammary glands. If you want to worry about something, worry about your eternal Soul. And about breaking the Law of the Master Engineer who designed it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Cook

Remember the heinous carrot-top who worked in the widower's kitchen? She had the job of cooking for a herd of kids left by her employer's fecund wife. This movie, Nanny McPhee, was a fairy tale with a few barbs.

It lampooned certain personality types and walks of life. Perhaps it is the Wizard's penchant for poking fun at his servants, victims, patsies, dupes, stooges and sycophants. In this movie, he couldn't resist a few jeers. But count on him to glorify witchcraft across the board.

Amid the charming bits, were leaks from the Wizard's mind. His screen writers are plugged into him. They bring his sentiments to art. Their movies expose the workings of their father's mind.

Let me explain. The Cook in Nanny McPhee is a blanket caricature of the enlisted military mind. Her creek doesn't run too deep and she is marinated in membership pride. So much so, it is mentally-crippling. Dam-near blinding. One can lead such people easily by the nose.

The Cook's one claim to fame is her stint in the ranks. Boot-camp brainwashing did a great job on her. She is exactly what they are aiming for. The express horse for the Wizard's harness. Someone who will focus on their job without asking too many questions or trying to analyse things. A trusting soul who does not project into the future (Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now). A follower who fears authority and does exactly what he's told. Someone who can be molded into the system easily. A loyal servant who takes orders and toes the line. A person who will "soldier on" in the harshest of environments, ready to die for his imperium. Easily contented, duped and led. Long-suffering, gullible, wide-eyed. A perfect beast of burden.

The Cook snaps to attention upon being reminded of her past military service. Her character then gives us a stark vista into the mind of her designer. He presents this caricature to flaunt what he thinks about the expendable "troops" under his control. How they are simple brutes, easily manipulated -- buffoons in uniform who march to his drum beat. He instills them with a sense of pride designed by his sociologists.

It's a kind of "school tie," if you will. Like those rings I saw at the base exchange after boot camp. They were made by the same company who makes class rings for high school and college students. The ring looked in all ways like a class ring, save it had the branch of service written on the top and sides. Designed to give one a sense of belonging and cast in affordable metal.

So the Cook gets misty-eyed remembering her military service. Suddenly she puffs with pride like a first-time hen parading her chicks in the barn yard. "Look at me! I used to be in the Army." Well whattaya know...

What came as an insult to me, when the Cook snapped to attention, was the blatant mockery that this screen writer made of my military service. How crisp, ironed shirts and straight gig-lines were, in one fell swoop, relegated to the rubbish heap. That this is what the Nasty Nexus "really thought of us." A herd of expendable, simple-minded brutes. Give them a few shiny buckles, stripes and badges -- and they'll march off any cliff you point to. Boot camp is hypnosis.

Which brings me back to Jeremy Boorda. Didn't he also start out in "This Man's Navy" as an E-1? I do believe so. He enlisted right out of high school like many of us. Got the full-on mind control in boot camp. Got yelled at. Humiliated. Intimidated. Injected with military bearing juice like the rest of us. And ends up as the Chief of Naval Operations right in time for Bosnia. If I had to speak for my Navy I'd say we loved him. He was well-regarded. Then suddenly discarded.

Anybody wanna tackle that one? Anyone? Well, here's what I think. If you buck the system it can cost you. Boorda was top Navy dog during a dicey time in our military history. I'm gonna let it go at that -- for now.

And sum this up with the military mind of Josh Stieber. In Iraq he was ordered to spray bullets in the direction of non-combatant children. He refused and got re-assigned to a non-combatant position.

Stieber puts an end to the Nanny McPhee caricature. Here is a man who clearly did his own thinking. He drew the line. And refused an order based on his moral compass. This elevates him to a rank that outshines today's Brass.

The Pentagon Brass march to the war-drums of the Wizard. Yet they hoodwink young men like Josh Stieber into killing and dying for them. They get their troops to march through mine-fields of "improvised explosive devices" attributed to al-Easter Bunny-the-terrorist whom we have yet to meet.

In the mean time the Brass gives orders for our guys to spray bullets at non-combatants and, according to Stieber, marches them around boot camp singing cadence about killing women and children.

Time for new Brass. I'm sure Jeremy Boorda would agree.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nasty Nexus

It's amusing to see where my blog entries will show up on the web. I just saw one listed on They read to me like one of the Nasty Nexus' watch-dog sites where they gather-up news articles, blog entries and other writing. I noticed how each article was flagged with a small categorical icon. Perhaps they think that is covert.

The Nasty Nexus have their fingers into everything. Yeah, I clump 'um all together. They are in a network, supporting each other and sharing information. They have been about their father's business for centuries. If I wasn't in their sights what kind of writer would I be?

I noticed how the gang wrote a new headline for my article and paired it with a disturbing photograph. They cut and pasted certain words from my blog into the headline out of context. This implied a new meaning. Their arrangement of my words and their photo send a message to the reader that I did not intend. That most readers scan headlines and some of the first paragraph is what they are banking on. They want to cast what I wrote in a new light.

Smearing, framing and stigmatising has ever been the speciality of the Nasty Nexus. Look what they did to Jesus of Nazareth, Joseph McCarthy and Ezra Pound. Let's not leave out the curious case of Chief of Naval Operations Jeremy Boorda. The Admiral was smeared posthumously in the press. Who did he piss off to have them assassinate his character after his unlikely suicide? I bet they won't let you see the coroner's report or ballistics on that one any time soon.

Upon further perusal, one finds that has a twang. Their saucy headlines and illustrations make sport of tragedy, disaster and people without arms. Even if the text they imported has a different slant, few people read it all. So the headlines tell whatever story they want, missing no opportunity to lampoon Jesus Christ or His Church of course.

Throughout their site one is haunted by visages of men who were murdered by the Nasty Nexus in the past. John F. Kennedy and Alexander Litvinenko are two of their claims to fame. Don't you find it odd how they picked-off John Kennedy but are letting Victor Ostrovsky run around loose? It gives me pause, seeing as they sent a pre-need casket to the family of that Hamas guy they snuffed. They were bragging about it in all media, brandishing surveillance footage of their assassins.

They even poke fun at the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Here is one of the quotes from an article listed under's Don't Panic! Lighten Up! section, "One oil rig goes down and we're going to be rolling in dough," Mr. Tourre wrote in one email. "Suck it, fishies and birdies!" How's that for context?

You can't believe everything you read. Especially not the headlines banged-out by the Nasty Nexus hacks. They delight in jeering at misfortunes and "ordeals" of the working class. "In other news," I read a story today about how the Louisiana parishes are hard hit by the oil spill. The whole story was a mockery. Just like the ones I read about Hurricane Katrina victims and those in Haiti's recent earthquake. All a big joke to the Nasty Nexus whose front-burner project these days is how to make and break the weather.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Corporate and government web sites camouflage things. Like who they are, where they are, and what they do. They use evasive, wearying verbiage. Their URL addresses and links are often nebulous and cryptic.

Sometimes they use decoy suffixes to mislead people into thinking that a web site is not affiliated with the government. For example, they will use ".edu" to suggest a college web site when in fact it is not a college web site. This seems to be done for ease of access, indoctrination and training purposes. The address is falsely-labeled. But sends the message to me that since the government is doing it, they can get away with it. Makes you wonder what else they can get away with -- doesn't it?

Their descriptions and explanations are tiresome'ly-worded so that ordinary people will not glean knowledge from it. These military/industrial "Borg" dodge investigation like a running back dodges a tackle.

Justice is not just. Law is diseased. Those who write and enforce the law are immune to it. Good thing that man's law is volatile, limited and subject to revision. Corruption hangs over cities like miasma over a battlefield.

To my experience, government and corporate officials often side-step the light of day. They burrow and hide in their bureaucracies. They seem to have a method for dealing with the public: Don't answer the phone. If you have to answer the phone, deny it. Ignore what you can. Put them on eternal hold. Make it as hard as possible for them to ferret out the truth. Give them a torpedo attitude and scratchy elevator music instead. Everything is a secret all the time and the public is not to know about it. If the question has too fine a point, hang up and say you didn't.

Many corporate web sites, for example, are not for public consumption. They appear to be strictly for others of their kind and future clients. They list clients proudly by logo on "brag pages." They brandish their abilities, knowledge and expertise at government and other corporations in their rug-weave. They are world-wide. Every single one of them. Energy systems, construction, bio-technology, radiation science, chemical engineering, nuclear warfare labs, laser systems, aerosol science, weather modifications/cloud-making, epidemiology, x-ray science, astro-physics, the war colleges, aeronautics, drone warfare systems, satellite surveillance, real time audio/video surveillance systems, etc.

Corporations in these categories and their government support are the flow, I believe, that is taking our planet to a cataract. Much of the world is along for the ride -- like those passengers on 9/11. But some of us don't like where the canoe is going.

If the remote control guys are taking us to a good place, then why are they trying to hide it from us? Reminds me of a song by Kansas. There comes a place on a river when you reach The Point of No Return.

A question you might ask yourself is "how long?" How long do we have to turn this canoe around? Should we rock the boat? Or just go with the flow...