Saturday, May 1, 2010


Corporate and government web sites camouflage things. Like who they are, where they are, and what they do. They use evasive, wearying verbiage. Their URL addresses and links are often nebulous and cryptic.

Sometimes they use decoy suffixes to mislead people into thinking that a web site is not affiliated with the government. For example, they will use ".edu" to suggest a college web site when in fact it is not a college web site. This seems to be done for ease of access, indoctrination and training purposes. The address is falsely-labeled. But sends the message to me that since the government is doing it, they can get away with it. Makes you wonder what else they can get away with -- doesn't it?

Their descriptions and explanations are tiresome'ly-worded so that ordinary people will not glean knowledge from it. These military/industrial "Borg" dodge investigation like a running back dodges a tackle.

Justice is not just. Law is diseased. Those who write and enforce the law are immune to it. Good thing that man's law is volatile, limited and subject to revision. Corruption hangs over cities like miasma over a battlefield.

To my experience, government and corporate officials often side-step the light of day. They burrow and hide in their bureaucracies. They seem to have a method for dealing with the public: Don't answer the phone. If you have to answer the phone, deny it. Ignore what you can. Put them on eternal hold. Make it as hard as possible for them to ferret out the truth. Give them a torpedo attitude and scratchy elevator music instead. Everything is a secret all the time and the public is not to know about it. If the question has too fine a point, hang up and say you didn't.

Many corporate web sites, for example, are not for public consumption. They appear to be strictly for others of their kind and future clients. They list clients proudly by logo on "brag pages." They brandish their abilities, knowledge and expertise at government and other corporations in their rug-weave. They are world-wide. Every single one of them. Energy systems, construction, bio-technology, radiation science, chemical engineering, nuclear warfare labs, laser systems, aerosol science, weather modifications/cloud-making, epidemiology, x-ray science, astro-physics, the war colleges, aeronautics, drone warfare systems, satellite surveillance, real time audio/video surveillance systems, etc.

Corporations in these categories and their government support are the flow, I believe, that is taking our planet to a cataract. Much of the world is along for the ride -- like those passengers on 9/11. But some of us don't like where the canoe is going.

If the remote control guys are taking us to a good place, then why are they trying to hide it from us? Reminds me of a song by Kansas. There comes a place on a river when you reach The Point of No Return.

A question you might ask yourself is "how long?" How long do we have to turn this canoe around? Should we rock the boat? Or just go with the flow...