Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Coroner

A coroner must be among the most bribed of men. An honest coroner would not be a coroner long -- I take it.

How many of those politically-charged "slain" people have we seen on a slab in a photo spread? Particularly the ones we saw getting done-up on grainy video. Why is the video always grainy? Grainy like mosaic grainy. Grainy like gravel. Video with so much "noise" that it looks like speed metal sounds.

Not so, however, with close-up 1963 glossies of the "not cold yet" John Fitzgerald Kennedy. We can all see who it is. They want us to see. More for them to gloat about. Wikipedia is a good gauge for their gloat-factor. The Wik' is a gloat-meter.

Look up Che Guevara and see what I mean. The Commies' equivalent of "head-on-a-lance." They love displaying the corpses of their killed-off challengers. Che cracked heads with Castro (I take it). He got cocky and wanted more pie. So the Commies got to scrappin'. There's a big convoluted write-up about how Guevara was out to lay new tracks in Bolivia, etc. Yadda yadda. What commie/Bolshevik/Zionist does not want to own and rule the whole world?

They are internationalists -- not nationalists. So they get greedy during their bloody revolutions and take-overs. And start crackin' heads amongst each other, typical of organised criminals. Stalin killed-off loads of his "comrades" during his stint as top dog. Woof.

For example, fake-named Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein, not Bronshtein as the Wik'ster has it) got on Stalin's bad side. I read in an article that Josef Stalin had an assassin slip Lev "Leon Trotsky" Bronstein some poison. Remember what they did to Mr. Litvinenko at the sushi bar. Poisoning seems popular among commies. On page 43 of July/August's edition of The Barnes Review, however, is an article that said an assassin killed Bronstein with an ax.

Trotsky/Bronstein was a proud atheist. As they wrote of Shelley, "Now he knows if there is a God or no." So watta 'bout chya, Lev. Want some ice water? Live by the sword -- die by the ax. Or was it poison? Either way, bad deal for Mr. Bronstein. All that usurping and over-throwing got him exactly squat. Now he can answer to God for what he did to all the priests and nuns. And for erecting statues of Judas Iscariot. Let him fast talk his Bolshevik bullshit to Gabriel and Michael and see how far he gets.

Deal is with the Marxists that they have no loyalty to each other. There is no brotherhood among criminals. Nor a Divine Law among them that states "love thy neighbor as thyself." So they don't. Ain't it just like a commie?

When they kill somebody they hate, they want to rub it in deep. President John F. Kennedy didn't even look asleep. Eyes wide open. Fresh kill. You could tell by the limpid clarity of his iris. Wide-eyed stare to nowhere. They hated him so hard. I wager even harder than they hated Czar Alexander.

Isn't it appalling how they want to make sure that Kennedy's family saw those photographs. What decorum would release photos like that into the public domain? He was missing most of his brain.

When I use the pronoun "they" -- they know who I mean. "They" read my blogs from all their lairs. Amsterdam, Moskva, London, Geneva... Hi guys.

Where are the photos like that of Jeremy Boorda, Seung Hui Cho, Daniel Pearl and Osama bin Laden? Hey Mr. Coroner, got any pictures for us?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On Fear and Ferocity

Ever see a momma bear in defence of her young? I say that her ferocity is no more mighty than what I have seen in barn yard hens. Momma chickens are no chickens -- to those of us who bear the scars of their station. No fiercer keeping have I seen.
Imagine then what a warrior is capable of when he is fighting for his family, home and lands with the wind of God in his back. His wherewithal comes from more than what thirty pieces of silver will buy. It comes from On High.
Ferocity thus established, I must address fear.
Fear is an affliction. It has the power to paralyze. Back at the school yard, you will recall how the bully always threatened, blustered and shoved his way around before a fight. That is because his aim was to instill fear in his victim. Once fear attacks the mind, knees go limp. Equilibrium and muscles disengage.
That is how global zionism operates. First they seek to bully, menace, terrorize, frighten, scare and cow, subdue, threaten, browbeat, pressure, harass, harry, hassle, hound, torment, tyrannize, persecute, bulldoze, railroad and twist someone's arm into submission. If that doesn't work, they go the next step in their shtick.
As their "business end" they wield purchased armies to pick their fights. Military forces offered up as hecatombs to Moloch if you will. Treasonous sacrifices from impoverished governments who were hoodwinked into signing for international loans. So now the governments are over a barrel. And pay with the blood of their sons.
Right now the zionists are playing God with high technology. They think they can harness a lightning bolt. Ballistic missiles have a way of biting them in the ass, so they scramble after natural forces to multiply the military ones already in their harness.
Tornadoes, hurricanes, rain and drought. Cloud cover and dissipation is what it's all about. Harness the winds and dehydrate the monsoon. Be Zeus, Jupiter. Be the devil's dragoon.
But first make people afraid of you. Wobbly-kneed cowards are easy to control. Use the Internet to spread CIA/ADL-cranked bullshit about how the sky is falling. Fabricate lectures, books and videos to that effect and spread it like a farmer spreads manure. Cultivate your bad seeds with every aspect of media under your control. Get cowardly lions to sell their soul.
As for God's people, demoralize them with bulldozers and push over their houses. Cut down their orchards. Rape their daughters and wives. Dam-up their rivers. Poison their crops. Cut off their electricity. Blockade their supply lines. Assassinate their intelligentsia. Wreck their economy. Bleed them out with taxes. Impoverish their nation states. Maim their children. Shoot their ponies. Bury their babies.
What Abaddon (Team 666, the world money-power, zionism, whatever you wanna call it) is learning about God's people is that they are immune to cowardice. It is God's stamp upon them. They are Mujahideen. I would like to make clear that these men are not terrorists. They are God's resistance against the devil's terrorism.
Abaddon, Apollion, Lucifer, Satan, zionism, the Beast whose number is 666, eternal damnation, hell on earth -- it's all the same. Like feces or carrion by any other name.
Muslim Mujahideen in Hamas, Hezbollah and the Taliban are not to be confused with mercenary imposters purchased by our central intelligence agency and Israel. These jackals are paid to do the devil's work so it can be blamed on God's people -- who are presently under siege by armies who are under the thumb of zionist Israel (the devil's people). Same jokers who tried to sink the USS LIBERTY in 1967. And the same jokers who pulled 9/11. Are the same jokers running the USA today.
But know that they (Israel and their ADL-aided intelligence lap dogs) want you to be confused. Confusion is the crux. They want to keep you muddled so you will turn to their guiding media to keep you "informed" of world events. They want you to consult your TV so it can tell you what to think, feel, see and believe. Seeing is, after all, believing they say. If you see something on TV does that make it Gospel?
At college they showed me video software that can create a world within a world. You can fabricate a lot with videography today. What you see on TV does not prove what you see on TV. Nor does it mean that CIA/ADL's bullshit organ is anything less or more. They have a cyberspace drivel-swivel slinging lies in a global radius. Complete with publishing houses that crank their canards. As Daddy used to say, "The truth ain' in 'um." They purvey gross falsehoods to sway public opinion. An example of their work are the Phil Schneider videos. The lurid fear-mongering shtick of "Mr." Pam Schuffert is another one. And an ocean of other such frauds peppering cyberspace.
Back to the Ummah's Mujahideen. That is video shot by those getting shot at -- now that is worth your time. Do not ignore videography from God's people. They have no motive to lie to you. Your zionist media has every motive to lie to you.
Only two forces in the universe. Right and wrong. Learn it now or learn it too late.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Devil's Work

You dare represent me and my Nation?  You dare stomp with your mercenary boots into Muslim lands and kick in their doors?  You dare slaughter innocents for Israel?  You dare to be the business end of Talmudic Zionism?

What sadism possesses you to shoot their ponies and kick their chickens?  You kill their sheep?  You disrespect their women and elders?  Cut down their trees and burn their homes?  Rocket their villages from unmanned aircraft?  Bomb babies in their sleep.  Force children and old men to walk at gun-point before you as mine-sweepers.  Have you no moral compass?  Have you no mind of your own?  What man gives orders like these?  And what man follows them?  Ask yourself that while posing with your trophy kills.

Who can blame the Mujahideen and Afghan Taliban for defending their land, homes and families from such as you?  If you were in their shoes, invader, what would you do?  Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  The words of the Lord still hold true.

There are some military orders that should not be taken.  You got a gun in your hand?  Then no man is in a position to tell you to do a damn thing.  Keep that in mind as you carry on in Afghanistan building the clanking chain of Jacob Marley.  The longer it gets, the heavier it gets.  And you will drag it to your grave.

Unlike past wars, today journalists can publish your deeds faster than your speeding bullets.  "The evil that men do lives after them.  The good is oft' interred with their bones."  So let it be with you.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poppies for Pat

"Why am I guarding the poppy fields?" -- had to be one of Pat Tillman's last thoughts as somebody picked him off at close range with o'-so-friendly fire.  A brother-in-arms watched him expire.  A sell-out to the regime.  A servant of the team.  Another black-ops android going about the devil's work.  Thinking and doing exactly what he's told.  Mercenary bastard.  This is for you.
"Momma, why am I guarding the poppy fields?  I thought I was sent here to fight terrorists..."
So the advertising department saw that their glorious poster boy back-fired on them -- oops.  He wasn't just brawn and a pretty face.  Red alert you doers of the dirt.  He did his own thinking.  Wrote home to Momma.  And threatened to expose your bitch-ass reason for another fake war.  Just like Vietnam except now there's even more.  Afghanistan makes the old opium business look like small beans.  
Revenue revenue.  It's all about the money.  No matter that my sister was buried long before her time because she couldn't leave the smack alone.  I saw her friends at the wake.  Mostly skin and bone.  They were soon to follow.
Hey sniper-boy.  I hope you feel good about what you've done.  Gone the sun.  All the river has run out.  Nobody left to scream and shout.  No bird or insect sounds.  No guard to make the rounds.  What chya gonna do then?  Who you gonna call?  Your Daddy?  Your Momma?  Your government handler?

Friday, June 3, 2011


Arthur, you're out-banging me.