Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Coroner

A coroner must be among the most bribed of men. An honest coroner would not be a coroner long -- I take it.

How many of those politically-charged "slain" people have we seen on a slab in a photo spread? Particularly the ones we saw getting done-up on grainy video. Why is the video always grainy? Grainy like mosaic grainy. Grainy like gravel. Video with so much "noise" that it looks like speed metal sounds.

Not so, however, with close-up 1963 glossies of the "not cold yet" John Fitzgerald Kennedy. We can all see who it is. They want us to see. More for them to gloat about. Wikipedia is a good gauge for their gloat-factor. The Wik' is a gloat-meter.

Look up Che Guevara and see what I mean. The Commies' equivalent of "head-on-a-lance." They love displaying the corpses of their killed-off challengers. Che cracked heads with Castro (I take it). He got cocky and wanted more pie. So the Commies got to scrappin'. There's a big convoluted write-up about how Guevara was out to lay new tracks in Bolivia, etc. Yadda yadda. What commie/Bolshevik/Zionist does not want to own and rule the whole world?

They are internationalists -- not nationalists. So they get greedy during their bloody revolutions and take-overs. And start crackin' heads amongst each other, typical of organised criminals. Stalin killed-off loads of his "comrades" during his stint as top dog. Woof.

For example, fake-named Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein, not Bronshtein as the Wik'ster has it) got on Stalin's bad side. I read in an article that Josef Stalin had an assassin slip Lev "Leon Trotsky" Bronstein some poison. Remember what they did to Mr. Litvinenko at the sushi bar. Poisoning seems popular among commies. On page 43 of July/August's edition of The Barnes Review, however, is an article that said an assassin killed Bronstein with an ax.

Trotsky/Bronstein was a proud atheist. As they wrote of Shelley, "Now he knows if there is a God or no." So watta 'bout chya, Lev. Want some ice water? Live by the sword -- die by the ax. Or was it poison? Either way, bad deal for Mr. Bronstein. All that usurping and over-throwing got him exactly squat. Now he can answer to God for what he did to all the priests and nuns. And for erecting statues of Judas Iscariot. Let him fast talk his Bolshevik bullshit to Gabriel and Michael and see how far he gets.

Deal is with the Marxists that they have no loyalty to each other. There is no brotherhood among criminals. Nor a Divine Law among them that states "love thy neighbor as thyself." So they don't. Ain't it just like a commie?

When they kill somebody they hate, they want to rub it in deep. President John F. Kennedy didn't even look asleep. Eyes wide open. Fresh kill. You could tell by the limpid clarity of his iris. Wide-eyed stare to nowhere. They hated him so hard. I wager even harder than they hated Czar Alexander.

Isn't it appalling how they want to make sure that Kennedy's family saw those photographs. What decorum would release photos like that into the public domain? He was missing most of his brain.

When I use the pronoun "they" -- they know who I mean. "They" read my blogs from all their lairs. Amsterdam, Moskva, London, Geneva... Hi guys.

Where are the photos like that of Jeremy Boorda, Seung Hui Cho, Daniel Pearl and Osama bin Laden? Hey Mr. Coroner, got any pictures for us?