Thursday, April 22, 2010


Since this pretext began, it seems to me that each year there would be so many blood offerings. It is what I call them because I do not believe them to be what the "news" reported.

It is like each year, so many people are sacrificed to "The War on Terror." Among these corpses one finds low-echelon government contractors, journalists, refugees, innocent by-standers, women and children, "displaced persons", of course Benazir Bhutto, Iraqi military-augmentation police, random citizens from Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iran, India, and the USA.

Notice how our purchased politicians enjoy immunity by the way. They are exempt from bullets and bombers world-wide, whilst a Congressman like Jim Traficant gets sent to prison on a flimsy, fabricated kanga-ruse.

Our "top military leaders" appear to be immune from "terrorist" attacks also -- as a steady stream of young soldiers and Marines in boxes is flown back to their bereft mothers. Aye, to the bitter tears of their fathers, sisters and brothers.

I believe that there is no terror, save what is staged. In the clearing smoke, I smell friendly fire and thugs for hire. Like each year there is a quota of so many slain that get listed under the government's body-count. Hapless corpses that are sent home for burial as "proof" that there is a war on. To stir up anger, outrage and keep the "fight" going.

What I have not seen proven is who this terrorist is supposed to be. It's going on ten years. If we are waging a war against terrorism, don't we deserve to see what a real terrorist looks like? So far all I've seen are bloody body-parts from "so-called" suicide bombers who can no longer talk. And face-down, mutilated dead men in turbans with captions under their photos, labeling them as militants, insurgents, terrorists and gunmen.

The few alleged terrorists who have survived their tortures in kangaroo prisons say that they were snatched from the streets and locked up without charge. Collected like so many flowers on a hill-side, these Muslim men were "nabbed" not unlike the "surplus poor" from Irish and English streets who were sold into white slavery over the last centuries. You know, the little kids who worked the textile mills and oyster shucking houses in bare feet and dirty faces. Pre-pubescent boys with the countenances of broken old men staring into the camera eye. Those little chaps were "nabbed" also. I recently read in The Barnes Review about how this is where the term "kid-napping" got its name. The original word was "kid-nabbing."

There seems to be a lot of nabbing still going on. Girls and women are nabbed for lives of prostitution against their will, for example. Also in the porn industry you can see evidence of this. Just check the expressions on some of the girls in today's porn movies. I dare you. Their eyes tell all.

How far-fetched is it thereby to think that Muslim men of fighting age would be nabbed for populating prisons of a burgeoning imperium? This serves two purposes. One, it weakens the Resistance and two, it gives names and faces to sham-terrorism. Many of these guys can't speak English so it's easy to say -- that they said things they didn't say. Who in America can speak their language anyway?

Where are those C5-sized loads flying at 0320 in the morning? And who is their cargo? Guantanamo sure is a happenin' place these days. I've never seen so many planes wearing a path in the sky heading in that direction. How convenient for the government that these nabbing joints are on a Bolshevik island. Even their own people are braving bull-sharks at night to get away from the place.

No, I don't see any terrorists. All I see are dead bodies who can't talk. And men trying to defend their homes from strike fighters, bombs, drones and "allied" invaders. A few words to drive the point home: offensive, attack, onslaught, surge. If it was happening to you and your family, what would you do? How would you feel?

As for the sham pretext of 9/11, the man behind the curtain has been exposed. Now he's tap-dancing in the wind, palms-up. How much longer before the bamboo hook?