Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bible Belt News

Many people do not get the Word today.  That is because the Word is in print and their vicars are working for the enemy.

As a peerless orator once wrote, the masses seldom read, necessitating a speech-maker.  Hence the bent of plebeians toward a pastor, minister, parson, priest, chaplain, padre, man of the cloth, etc. 

Much is entrusted to these clergymen.  They supposedly deliver the Word of God to the humble, unlettered rustic -- from whose pure-hearted ranks have risen our great Saints.  Keep this in mind. 

It is not the purview of the rustic to write a magnum opus.  His craft is the goodly work of his hands.  As his wife’s is to “look well to the ways of her household.”  Together they are an empire of hearth and field.  A nurturing cradle for strapping sons from whose salubrious ranks have risen the Czar’s Cossack host, for example.  The sustenance and backbone of a nation are these people.  Today their empire is under siege.

The mouths of preachers have become the fount of falsehood.  Innocence is exploited in the pews.  Churches are now propaganda organs of the jews.

A windbag from the pulpit barked, “Muslims would kill you if they got the chance.”  His gullible flock drinking in the bombastic baloney as my stomach churned.  What a floorshow, this Hagee-wanna-be and his wife.  She had tears that turned off and on like a kitchen faucet.  

They were flimflammers.  Phonies.  A Sunday circus of anti-Muslim propaganda designed to cultivate fear and hatred among Bible Belt churches.  A wallop of lies to saddle up their sons and send them off to Middle Eastern wars for illegal squatters in Palestine – Eastern European jews who claim to be of the House of Jacob.  They even took up Hebrew over the centuries, these Yiddish-speaking Europeans. 

Bible Belt preachers are pitting Christian sons against righteous Islam who should instead be their brothers-in-God.  Shame on them for sacrificing Christian sons on the alter of imposters to the House of Jacob.  Shame on them for advancing the 9/11 bullshit story.  Israeli jews and their American cohorts did 9/11 – a sophisticated operation that took years to plan.

Sham wars are being waged for the benefit of bolsheviks in israel.  Beware of false prophets and purchased preachers.  Jesus of God warns you about them in * Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13 *.  Turn off your jew TV and crack the Word of God.  Your churchmen and statesmen have sold their souls to the synagogue of satan (Revelation 2:9, Revelation 3:9).