Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ruse Juice

Moving with the busy flow of housewives through a supermarket, I pick up a carton of orange juice. Emblazoned all over the carton, mimicking the squeezings of a local grove, are the false promises "PREMIUM 100% Pure Florida Squeezed."

Being in a hurry and not having time to read the microscopic print near the bottom of the carton, I make my purchase. Later that evening upon taking a sip of this assumed juice of Eden, my olfactory judge slams down his gavel. A ruse.

Yet another cruel joke on Middle America whose bodies merit the best nutrition -- because they actually work for a living. The snooty clientele who shop at the yoga-mania places know that anything they pick up in "their" grocery store is bar none. Everything's organic. Don't panic. No need to check the label. It's the best money can buy. For a product to make their inventory list, it better do the high-step.

So here I have this lying carton in my hands in orange, white and green. Beats anything I've ever seen. The lies on this thing. And the crap in my glass. Let's expose these jokers for who they are. At the bottom of the carton in tiny green letters it reads, "Blended with Valencia Orange Juice. From Concentrate and Not From Concentrate." There's the legal coverage for selling lies at Wal-Mart.

Predator industry banks on the working classes being too busy to read their fine print. Predator industry counts on people having too much on their plates to pick through their rice. So they slip you things that you don't know you're eating. They lie to you. Hoodwink you. Sell you things that aren't worth your money.
And put orange liquid in a carton with a motto at the top of "Stay Healthy," while passing off inferior product. These rusers have a carton that masquerades as our favourite local grower's carton. Here is their company name and address in super-fine print: TWS Marketing Group, Inc., P.O. Box 520104 Longwood, Florida 32752 --- sounds like a righteous outfit doesn't it. Here's their web site:

Read your labels America. Find a trusted brand and stick with it. Reward honesty and punish liars. You want a good orange juice in Florida? Here you go:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Daily Tanker Parade

In the thick of rush-hour when most people are fighting traffic or stuck in it, these jokers come sneaking inland from the Bay. They are painted up in bogus logos and colour schemes -- trying to pass for
commerical airliners. But they're not. They are tankers full of aerosols heading out over the Glades to dump their daily loads. There they fabricate a ceiling to cast a veil between what goes on above and is kept ignorant below.

Their wing tips are often crimped up. Some look like KC-135's. Their fuselages vary in length and circumference. They look like donations from the airlines that were sent back to Boeing for modifications. Instead of passengers they now haul chemical cocktails that dehydrate and fabricate clouds, spread haze and make metropolitan fog. The possibilities of what else they can "deliver" is extensive.

On the wings you will note six appendages that could pass for wing-flap hinges. No doubt they have those. But they also have aerosol ports near or around the same locations. This is based on observations of them "going at it." Here, have a look.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fake Firmament

I'm looking out of a west window into a sleeping city. The ghostly tanker jet flies over like a white owl. His wing-span is gargantuan. Engines -- mute. Boeing's latest and greatest. Heading toward the Glades, asending gradually, he slips into a thick blanket of ceiling -- one that is an illusion even through Steiners.

This morning I saw doubtless ocular proof that what I had hypothesized was correct. The frantic 24/7 Boeing tanker missions (chem-trails) are to lay a fake ceiling around the planet. So that at night you think you're looking into a star-studded Nevada sky. But the stars are fake. And so is the sky.

The backdrop to the moon and stars is an aerosol blanket posing as a clear night. I infer that it is a cocktail of particulate nuke-friendly metals. They are good conductors of electricity and radio frequencies. The dense blanket is also an exellent aerosol base onto which one might project holographic images. The moon never looked so good -- until you see the clouds behind it, oops.

During the "star arrival" and "set up" phase, I notice how the whole star-studded blanket moves around in unison. As though somebody is moving the layout with a computer mouse. During this time it appears that the non-holographic drone-stars are linked-up with the software program and locked into their nightly positions. After this, they move across the sky in sync with their backdrop, mimicking noctural progress of celestial bodies from east to west.

What appeared to me as a Nevada sky in the subtropics was an optical illusion. This explains why my telescopes could not penetrate to deep space. The night sky had cartoon opacity about it and the stars were too close to the earth for true focus. A cream soup of "not quite black enough" to be open space. It had the surreal creepiness of van Gogh's "Starry Night."

Monday, August 24, 2009


In some ways, what's being done in the Middle East is the same thing that is being done here. In our so-called "Homeland, " the Wizard seeks to dismantle and demoralize via economic collapse.

For example, the produce growers have been pistol-whipped with fine print designed to cripple them. Many businesses responsible for providing jobs to Americans and producing American goods have been stricken with a wrecking-ball.

The massive unemployment will force more young men into the military war machine. People will get in line at the recruiter's office. Russian roulette is better than no job at all. At least they will get three meals a day and some pay. The Wizard knows how to get fresh meat for his battlefield. He needs "warfighters" to replace the ones who are shooting their psychiatrists and themselves, not just those who go up with car bombs.

Then we have the New Age gang telling us to be happy inside as we succumb, surrender and acquiesce to the flow of existence. The elfin-visaged Eckhart Tolle writes that we should live in the now and yield to the "is'ness" of what is. He stands in the ranks of Gary Zukav, Deepak Chopra, Swami Nithyananda and the Dalai Lama who work in unison to defuse the outrage of a Godly people. The soothing Dr. Chopra writes that Satan is a figment of our imaginations. And Swami Nithyananda charges, "You are God!" -- God help us is what I say.

Division of Labour

During the course of my six week study, I noticed how these imposter stars have a division of labour. Some appear to be scintillators. Others have a dimmer amber glow that emit telescopic beams of light. These beams look like pointer-lasers that one uses during lectures. Or like those used by military snipers to target nocturnal marks. Others look like distant stars in the background, emitting medium-intensity white light.

In between tanker loads, the sky is clear and I can see the whole enchilada. Some of the scintillating drone-stars shoot vertically to new positions. I have seen them shoot from left to right and straight down the distance of what appears to be a mile. They seem to shoot at almost the speed of light. They look exactly like a shooting star except they do not arc. They move in a perfectly straight line and stop on a dime. To a screeching halt.

During the day they flit from cloud to cloud, purposefully seeking cover. They do not want to be seen. They think they are hiding. And they do from most people. It is hard to see them at those altitudes with the naked eye. But with a good binocular, they cannot escape your peregrine focus.

They travel to their nightly positions just before sunset and take great care not to be seen. They are best described as fast-flying, wingless orbs or spheres. They are a burnished, non-reflective charcoal colour during daylight. But at night they emit high-energy photons.

One evening I saw a scintillator-drone enter a fabricated-looking cloud that was full of lightning. Under this charged piece of work I saw a tanker jet flying back and forth calmly as though none of the lightning was random or dangerous. The jet was directly underneath the cloud.

The monsoon this year has been totally out of whack. There have only been two times since the season began on 7 June, that rain has fallen at the proper time. It is supposed to rain daily between noon and 3pm on this latitude. This summer we have had little rain at all. On weekends you seldom hear a lawn-mower. I noticed today that the rain fell at a strategically-fortuitous time for the worried fake star coordinators. They know that people are curious about their secret project and do all they can to hide it from them. They make it rain when they want to conceal their "operation" above the fake clouds.

The military works hard to be "compliant" with the Wizard's directives. The Air Force and Navy bend over backwards to please him. He says jump and they ask, "how high, sir?" This of course is based on my recent experiences with many interviews. People in government and in the military are petrified with fear when asked about this project. Whoever the Wizard is sure has them doing the high-step. They have been forbidden to talk about it.

I want to give this project a classification like the one they gave the attack on the USS LIBERTY. Or what really happened to John F. Kennedy. Or what really happened to Chief of Naval Operations Jeremy Boorda. The smoking gun is always the forensics. When they stamp a man's autopsy and suicide notes classified -- well, there you go. Let's be very clear. If I was going to shoot myself, I wouldn't shoot myself in the torso. Why are those notes classified? Why can't we see them? What has the Wizard got to hide? What about that autopsy? What was the trajectory of that bullet? What kind of bullet was it?

You see what I mean? So here's what I think. There is great motive for putting a lot of surveillance in the sky. Surveillance that tops what they've had up there for decades. Pictures of the earth and it's surface are no longer enough. The Wizard is worried about what's inside of people's houses. Not all guns are registered in his database. With radiation radar imagery, he can x-ray domiciles. Kind of like they do at airports when you walk through that x-ray zone. The insult with radiation radar imagery is that they can see more than just where your guns are located. They can also see everything else. Truly an eye in the sky.

I think some of those drone-stars might be for surveillance. The scintillators would then be for measuring x-ray beam intensity. You will note that at your doctor or dentist's offices, they use scintillators for the same reason on their x-ray equipment. X-rays are invisible. You cannot feel them when they pass through your body. They are accummulative and can damage cells. You might recall how the dentist puts a lead apron on your body before x-raying your teeth. Ever wonder why?

If this technology is what I think it is -- there is sinister potential. One dose of radiation too much and you're a cancer patient. One rad too many and you have organ failure. Conceivably, sleeping people could be selected, targeted and penetrated with a radiation beams from the stratosphere. Their bodies could be insidiously-diseased or killed outright via such a method. Assassinations would be bloodless, quiet and covert. Fool-proof and risk-free for the assassin. He would enjoy the anonymity of a government executioner.

Unlike the Kennedy job, I feel that assassinations of the future will be carried out via high-tech, unmanned aerial vehicles like the ones not far above me right now. They can be used to thin-out all manner of populations. Radiation can manifest in many "natural-looking" illnesses and deaths.

I may be wrong about this. And hope that I am. But until our government gives us a tenable explanation for what I have witnessed, I have only the scientific evidence at hand. And what science has to say about it from my books.

If what the government has been doing in the night sky between midnight and 0500 for 45 days is nothing to hide, then why do they hide it? And if what they are doing is not nefarious, then why have they forbidden all their people to talk about it? A local FBI agent recently told me that they are forbidden to discuss any military operations.

The word "operation" to me means affront, attack or offensive. That she chose to use the word "operation" sends a chill up my back. I never used that word. It is a word of the war department. Operation Desert Storm -- they poisoned our men with radioactive refuse strewn upon the sand intended for the Iraqi's. To this day they still deny it, this "Gulf War Syndrome". Some operation that was. Operation Garden Plot. Operation Cast Lead. I don't like that word, operation.

Read history. Or be doomed to repeat it. Get yourself some binoculars and look up once in a while. The way a deer hunter shoots his game is by waiting in a tree-stand. Deer never look up. That's why so many of their heads are mounted on people's walls.

Nuclear Physics

So I'm driving around with the top down. Not a thing in the night sky but stellar imposters pulsing the electromagnetic spectrum at me. Not a single helicopter or plane. Usually the night is populated with noisy, strobing aviation and large jets heading southeast. Now the sky is cemetery-quiet.

This is starkly noticeable as, prior to July, the city was riddled with police and Coast Guard choppers flying their nightly beats. They fly low. And they fly noisy. When they are absent -- you know it. Big cargo-size planes heading out to the island. When they fly over, your whole house knows it.

Since 6 July 2009, I have noticed how all air traffic abruptly stopped. A sudden and total stand-down of all aviation with the exception of 1 - 3 large Boeing tanker jets hushed-down so exquisitely that you can almost "not" hear them when you are standing outside. Directly under them while they make a low pass. On a dead calm quiet night. Gives you some idea. They sprawl across the sky slow and low. And take off at terrific speeds when they detect a lens pointed at them. Their skins look spray-painted white against the street-lamps. That's how low they sometimes fly. I infer this is to avoid hitting the scintillator stars which, by assorted parallax, are not far from the roofs of houses.

I have seen these jets fly at altitudes that I deemed dangerously low -- so low that their fuselage was illuminated by ground lights. I saw the whole jet. It was huge. A big 700-series Boeing. Looked like a 757 with all kinds of new bells and whistles. Clearly they were designed for what they are doing. Specifically engineered. Super quiet, super low. And don't wake the neighbors.

Got me to thinking -- why? Why the stand-down? Is it to protect valued pilots from radiation exposure? Lose one, gotta train a new one. At cost. And it takes flight hours to get it right. They are worth their weight in gold. Gotta protect our pilots. Gotta protect our force. Gotta protect our flight crews. We need them to rule the world from the sky.

Or -- it might be because these flying stars are not far from the ground and they don't want to hazard (a) somebody crashing into them and/or (b) seeing them up close.

Every colour in the rain-bow is pulsing at me from my telescopes. They sit in the sky like stars and try to move along a fabricated orbit. Sometimes they move out of sync with the backdrop and you see the disparity between them and their embellishing neighbors. I infer this is because they have not yet worked all the bugs out of their new technology (navigational and orbit-positioning software). The stars in the background are apparently stellar camouflage for the mobile units in the foreground.

I see them in the sky from just after dark till 0400 at which time they sporadically depart into the north or south. They seem to have an anti-gravity device and are immune to G-forces. Which indicates that they are unmanned. Some leave at almost the speed of light -- like shooting stars. Others glide away in steady lateral trajectories at much slower speeds. Too many shooting stars at once would alert the neighbors. One morning I even saw one with fighter escort flying south along the Bay. They go back to where they came from I suppose -- a hiding place. You know they aren't parking these things next to the KC-135's and Tacamo's.

Must be a secret. Or else they would not spend all night making fake clouds and fog to obscure them. They have tanker jets dump loads of aerosols, frantically working to conceal these round, wingless, fake stars. I see 100's of them over my head as I drive through certain parts of the city. They have demographically-definable areas where they congregate in dense constellations. There they stay all night pulsing their scintillators.

Some of the fake stars are posted in familiar constellations. I have seen Orion and the Dippers. The give-away is how they are scintillators, not stars. One can see the electromagnetic spectrum most obviously. According to my engineering books, scintillators measure ionizing radiation (gamma and x-rays).

They have briefed and apparently threatened all local military and police. To my experience, it seems that they have been told to "deny deny deny." The ones who don't deny, either ignore the question or offer fabricated intelligence insults. The others just hang up the phone in what seems like speechless trepidation. To me it appears that somebody has scared these people (air traffic controllers at both military bases and small civilian airports, military watch-standers, police chopper pilots, and anyone who might come into contact with a curious or concerned public).

Scintillators are crystals that express ionizing radiation in pulses of vivid coloured light. They flash every colour in the visible electromagnetic spectrum. Such as this rainbow.

What are they doing to us? Call or write your State, Local and Federal weenies and ask them after you have seen for yourselves what I have seen. Bring it up in your town hall meetings. Nobody here is talking. I've asked everybody who could possibly know.

Get a good binocular (10x mag.'s or higher) and see for yourselves. Steiner makes the best. But Orion has great ones at a fraction of the price. Do not look for binoculars at Wal-Mart or Best Buy. They know that's where most of you will go and they have made sure to not stock ones that will give you a good magnification ($50.00 jobs with low magnification top their list). Go to sporting goods/hunter's shops. They carry the ones worth having.

There is a fine line between hunting animals and hunting men. Ask the war department or a deer hunter. Steiner makes binoculars for both of them. You can see into space with these things. If you never had a binocular -- now's the time to invest in one. There are stange things going on in the sky that merit your observation with reports from other parts of the world that support them.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Air Show

I have always loved an air show.

Daddy made sure we went to all of them.
The lower, the better. Graze the tree tops fly-boy.

We know girls can't fly like that.

Today there's a new theme in the sky.

"How low can you go??"

Will you do it for the money?

There are two kinds of pilots -- and two only.

Heros and whores.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spying, Lying and Radiation

Is there a new hell above? Is the battlefield now a battlespace? Is the sky a computer screen? Have we gone from war games in arcades to fake stars over the Glades.

Let's put up a holographic moon.  And a big dipper made of scintillators.

So we name fake terrorists and you either pick them off or stage their killings. That is -- unless -- you accidentally killed your favourite false-flag war ho. That's what you get for letting UAV's run your show. Hit or miss. Nothing like a real pilot, is there.

Fake terrorists. Fake stars. Fake moon. Fake clouds in the afternoon. Fake planets on fake orbits. Low-altitude clothes hangers and coat-racks trying to pass for heavenly bodies. Flying dome-lamps. A
bastardized, camouflage sky.

Do you feel like a bottom-feeder flopping in a dwindling draught pool? Is your boss is a fool?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here's the pretext for attacking America with NBCRE. In an article by Steven Aftergood, “Hizballah remains the most technically capable terrorist group in the world.” But “Al Qa’ida is the terrorist group that historically has sought the broadest range of CBRN [chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear] attack capabilities, and we assess that it would use any CBRN capability it acquires in an anti-U.S. attack, preferably against the Homeland.”

Defense Intelligence Agency is the source for such statements. First let's get the wording right, DIA, shall we. Wherever the word "defense" is used in our government, we need to use "war." From current events in the Levant, it is offense not defense. Military surge, attack, division, subterfuge, stealth and lies, sabotage of creature comforts in Pakistan, funding and protecting mercenary "terrorists" to make our guys feel like there's a real fight on and to terrorize the local populations out of sheer hatred -- that is the order of the day, Dee Eye Aye.

Baitullah Mehsud and his mercenary band of thugs enjoy funding and protection from our covert war-makers. Mehsud's gang of purchased terrorists "terrorize civilian populations" with random killings and fan the flames of "The Global War on Terror" by shooting at our guys. American war drones bomb and terrorize unarmed civilians all around Baitullah as he carries out his black ops for our secret government. Isn't it strange how our "high-tech warfighers" keep managing not to kill Mehsud? What do you think that might mean? Ignore CNN for a minute and do your own thinking.