Tuesday, December 14, 2010


            I encountered a child under five years old at a public place. In good-natured pursuit of conversation, I greeted her and she ignored me. There was no reason for this aversion to my person based on the setting and situation. Yet the girl avoided all interaction with me. She suffered no impairment as proven by her coherent engagement with others in the room.  It was only me whom she ignored -- for some reason.
            At this point I was intrigued and pursued the rapport more aggressively. Upon several attempts to engage the child she finally looked at me. I could feel something big and dark rolling down the tracks as we locked focus.
            The reason this kid was ignoring me is clear. Her in-dweller sensed mine. They clashed. One outranks the other, but because evil spirits are given to pride and arrogance, they will not depart their lodgings without a fight. To the jinn, "might is right." Her first tack, thereby, was to ignore me. Maybe I would go away.
            In this case, the child was in the firm grip of a malevolent boarder that had her overshadowed. Once he felt that hiding in the child was no longer tenable—he flaunted himself to me. 
            Suddenly the girl began to speak in sardonic quips. She was terse, incisive and eloquent, speaking from the diaphragm with the charisma of a dictator. As we engaged, she exhibited the wit and wiles of an arch-fiend not just centuries old, but hailing from outside of time. She lied skillfully and glibly in response to all my questions. Her evil entity was acrid, shrewd and cunning. He sensed my inner world and hated me for it with the same gusto that he enjoyed being inside the child. He looked at me through the girl's eyes smugly, staring down my lack of fear.
            I have encountered such cases rarely in the past. They are examples of great, ranking jinn who inhabit the bodies of children. You will know them by what secular humanists call “precocity.” The seculars often seek to mitigate phenomena for which they lack scientific explanations. Precocity in this case would be an understatement.
            A lesser example that most of you have witnessed is the child in a public place who suddenly throws himself backwards onto the floor. You will hear his skull crack from the impact but he will survive to wreak all manner of havoc for the duration of his parent’s public embarrassment. He will shriek and scream unearthly screams. He will kick, thrash and destroy things in his midst with superhuman strength. The seculars call this phenomenon “a tantrum.” Some of you will call it more than that.
            Note how self-injury is the signature of these episodes.  A child will thrash like a tarpon on the hook.  He will smash his head into walls, furniture and uncarpeted floors.  Ever wonder why?  How different is this behaviour from what we see in an angry man who smashes his fist into a brick wall?  Is that not self-injury?  It serves no other utility.  It is a signature.  An identification stamp of "the driver."  Because clearly in both cases, the life-force for whom those bodies were born are in the back seat -- along for the ride.
            There are children who do sadistic things to animals.  Sometimes they grow into serial murderers. When children under the age of five do diabolical things, be certain that these acts hail from the same land as do all such acts in all such people.  They serve no utility other than to commit abomination.  Once again -- a signature stamp.  Whether child or adult, the stamp remains the same.  Shining a spotlight on the term "senseless killing."
            One should kill for a purpose.  Self-defence tops the list.  A warrior should not be mercenary.  Neither should an executioner.  Predation is part of the food-chain.  Any other predation is an abomination.  A hunter kills for food, not for sport.  You get me?
            I feel compelled here, to mention the kindly virtuous Jews again.  As they so adore the Church of St. Peter the Rock and Mosque of Islam.  It dawns on me that the reason they dote on Germany with tantamount tenderness is for the same reason they cherish the Bride of Christ.
            Let us make the connection.  The Holy Roman Catholic Church has a long history for expelling evil spirits.  They call it exorcism.  In our Bible it gives us  license to cast out demons in the Lord's Name.  The Catholic Church has taken this license very seriously over the centuries.  And good on them.  Somebody needs to.
            What do Germany, the Catholic Church, Christian monarchs and 49 countries have in common?  They have all expelled the Jews.  Talmudic Judaics have been sent packing by countries far and wide since 740 A.D.  The Pontiffs  of the ages have given them short shrift and no quarter.   As have the crowned Christian heads of Europe.
            Germany was just the most recent country to expel them.  Hence the taste of der F├╝hrer's Vaterland is the freshest in their mouths. They have been drop-kicked many times before and for exactly the same reasons -- that Jesus cast out demons.  They have been the doers of evil deeds.
            What evil deeds you ask?  The list is so long that it would take me several volumes to write.  But you can start with Arnold S. Leese's little book on Jewish Ritual Murder.  It's a rocker.  Leese paid for his investigations with jail time, of course.  But his research survives him -- bar none.  Fifty-seven pages of brass tacks.  Based on bibliography and Europe's statuary, what Leese wrote might as well be in stone.  He did his homework and can ride in my cavalry any time.  He delineated the impetus for Russian pogroms.  Wikipedia sure won't tell you.  The Jews bewail their "persecution" over the centuries but they never tell you the "why" of it.  And why is that?  Curious?  Start here (My Irrelevant Defence:  Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder,  London:  I.F.L. Printing and Publishing, 1938) and work your way up to 9/11.  Throw in Gaza for good measure.  And the "why" shall come into focus.
            To see these "evil spirits" at work all one has to do is study the French and Bolshevik revolutions.  Here they fomented and harnessed "possession en masse."  It is when a blood-thirsty mob acts as though they are directed by one mind.  They move in unison like a school of fish or swarm of locusts.  No one individual is the leader, yet they all cooperate as though they are tapped into the same command center.  The Jews turned this mob loose in the streets to do their dirty work for them in France and Russia.
            Those who incited these bloody revolutions knew that the illiterate boor was ideal kindling for their work of political arson.  They started the fire with agitation and promises to the "proletariat."  They of course lied.  And the simpleton for whom the hammer and sickle was made an oriflamme -- got duped.
            Today we stand at the precipice of getting had like Russia's proletariat.  As Americans grow dumber and dumber, geese appear smarter.  They navigate beautifully without gadgets from satellites.  Wake the flock up.   
            GPS and TV will turn your brains to mashed potatoes.  Learn to read a road map.  Turn off the TV.   Know where you are going.  Get the lay of the land.  If you act like a muffin, you shall be eaten as one.  Invest in a reading lamp.