Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bobby Sherman

Bobby Sherman is a man I respect. Somebody who didn't let the Hollywood tiger-beat machine wreck his life. The all-American boy next door who was not ashamed to be decent.

Odd little bite and all, a fine fellow. Sixty-eight years of age and still as vital and fetching as ever. Working a profession that nobody can poke fun at. He delivered a baby in the street one day. When you need 'um you need 'um -- these bearers of Caduceus. You break a leg. You slice an artery. Who do you call?


Wikipedia doesn't want you to remember Bobby Sherman. But they can't deny his celebrity. So they do what they can to bury him by writing a short, lackluster piece with no photography. They better not post a picture of him. Good looks are dangerous in so many ways.

When good looks belong to River Phoenix, Corey's Haim or Feldman, it's all good. But when a clean-living fellow hits the spot light, their sinister agenda is foiled. Because now impressionable youth will seek to emulate a good boy instead of the cocaine-snorting hedonist.

By advancing wholesome role models, America would take centuries to defile. Think of how hard a time the porn kings in Hollywood would have trammeling teenage girls to "star" in their next action movie.

Those creepy goth rockers, the Sisters of Mercy, had a contagious hook where they hinted at John F. Kennedy in a motorcade. They called him a motherf**ker. Flash-in-the-pan bitches.

The last thing the Jews want is to advance a beautiful face behind whose sky blue eyes teem the virtues of Western Culture. Bobby Sherman gave pubescent girls something wholesome to adore. Something to stay wholesome for.

Unlike Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor and KISS, Bobby Sherman did not require heavy make-up, lurid gimmicks, platform shoes nor Goth getup to find his way onto the bedroom walls of America. His lyrics didn't suggest kinky-freaky nor lavish hedonism. Sherman just asked if Julie would still love him after summer break.

I didn't learn till recently how good a man he is. And how respectable a boy he was. Nice to know that the fast lane never seduced him. What a squeaky clean image. No wonder the Wikipedia doesn't want young people to know about him. He might set an example for them. Imagine that.

Young people imitate those whom they admire. Therefore, Bobby Sherman and Jeffrey Hunter must be buried. Because they can't be smeared. Sherman, like Hunter, could serve as a modern bolshevik nightmare. No wonder Wikipedia keeps them on the down-low. If they studded Bobby Sherman's little write-up with photographs, girls would go gaa-gaa. Both Sherman and Hunter would enjoy a tidal wave of resurgent celebrity.

Since Bobby Sherman is far from dead yet and not on drugs, the bitches in Hollywood know better than to fabricate a "biography" for the big screen. If they told it like it is, it would strike fear into every black heart on their team. The last thing they want to propagate is decency.

So hip-hip for Bobby. Here's the link to a pivotal radio interview.

The reason I didn't know about him until recently is because during Sherman's hey day, I was too mesmerized by David Cassidy to notice anyone else. Teen idols are like bubblegum. Everybody has a favourite brand.

Some girls were in love with Leif Garrett. Heroin got the best of him, tight pants and all. David Cassidy turned to alcohol. I'm sure the list of ship-wrecks is a long one.

Come I today to sing the praises of Bobby Sherman. I wish I had sung them decades ago. Julie Julie Julie,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It occurred to me that there have been several droughts over the last few years. Along with "earthquakes in divers places," these dry spells kill off a lot of illiterate, unskilled people. Note the present "drought-famine" in Africa for which the faceless middle man is collecting heart-string donations.

Of apparent strategically-fortuitous droughts, here are just a few: China, Somalia, India, Australia, USA, Korea.

The drought in Australia was heralded as the doom of the Outback on American TV. They blamed it on global warming. I saw a program exhibiting close-ups of wild horse foals dying of thirst in Australia. Zoom shot of their little muzzles taking last breaths. Only one kind of videographer shoots footage like that.

Some guy in Florida patented a polymer powder and sold it to the "chem-trail-spraying" government and their mercenaries. I hope Mr. Dyn-O-Mat feels good about himself. I have seen his invention at work in the storm clouds around here. They evaporate in seconds before my eyes. Same thing happens on Doppler radar if you need more proof.