Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It occurred to me that there have been several droughts over the last few years. Along with "earthquakes in divers places," these dry spells kill off a lot of illiterate, unskilled people. Note the present "drought-famine" in Africa for which the faceless middle man is collecting heart-string donations.

Of apparent strategically-fortuitous droughts, here are just a few: China, Somalia, India, Australia, USA, Korea.

The drought in Australia was heralded as the doom of the Outback on American TV. They blamed it on global warming. I saw a program exhibiting close-ups of wild horse foals dying of thirst in Australia. Zoom shot of their little muzzles taking last breaths. Only one kind of videographer shoots footage like that.

Some guy in Florida patented a polymer powder and sold it to the "chem-trail-spraying" government and their mercenaries. I hope Mr. Dyn-O-Mat feels good about himself. I have seen his invention at work in the storm clouds around here. They evaporate in seconds before my eyes. Same thing happens on Doppler radar if you need more proof. http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Chemtrails/Dyn-O-Gel.html