Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Google Ads Anyone?

A few minutes ago, I clicked on a link to one of my blog articles and saw this “ad” at the bottom of the page.  It  has a local phone number for me to dial.  The article, however, had nothing to do with the ad (they are supposed to be automatically generated based on text content).  The un-related article was written over a year ago.

But my cat was stomped to death a few days ago.  He was killed two houses over by new neighbors who do not know me.  We are in possession of evidence and a medical report that supports what I have written on the following link:

Here is the ad from Google that was found on my blog today:

Ads by Google:   DEAD Animals  305-232-1100, Dead Pets and Unknown Animals - Fast Pickup/ Cremation and Burial,