Monday, July 25, 2011

Oslo, the Crux

Multi-culturalism is just another made-up Jewish word for multi-racialism. Which amounts to what happens to three-flavour ice cream when you whisk it all together.
It becomes a myucky shade of -- ? -- And you can't taste the flavours anymore.

Case in point for Mister Race Traitor: how is it that you can spend two grand for a pure breed puppy (a few million for a pure breed horse), and yet you can't give away a mongrel pup at Wal-Mart? Hey Mister Race Traitor, why is it that they are exterminating millions of mongrel puppies at the pound? Is it because people desire mystery mutts along with their predictable behaviours and aptitudes?

What do you think Mister Race Traitor would do with a human equivalent in the future? Think "global" slave plantation with Mister Race Traitor and Company at the top, calling shots.

Mr. Race Traitor et al. admonish their children to only mix blood with others of their breed. Mind you, it is their creed. Yet they push "multi-culturalism" for everybody else. Why do you suppose?

The Scandinavians, Germans, Dutch, Swiss, English, Scottish, Irish, Welch, Spanish, Italian... (to name only a few) are of a breed. They come with distinct cultures. And deserve the right to preserve them.

Norway was getting fed up with having multi-culturalism shoved down their throats. Also they are getting riled about what the Jews are doing in Palestine. The whole literate world is getting riled with the rape of Palestine by terrorist Israeli Jews. Particularly moved are the young who wake from TV-trances. Their unison sentiment threatens to become a roaring lion.

So the Mossad hit squad has their work cut out for them (intimidation mission-wise). I believe that Israel was involved in the Oslo bombing and perhaps also the shootings. Too many dead bodies for one shooter it seems to me. It has the same "feel" to it as the Virginia Tech (Cho) killings and a subsequent rash of others that followed in the USA. One thing you'll never see them publish is the ballistics. Oh hell no.

Besides, the Jewish media has already been caught in their first fabrications concerning the accused Norwegian man. The stuff they posted on facebook about him was blatant rubbish. Alternative media is all over it. Busted yet again. You lying jackals.

Public records are easily falsified today. Less and less is on paper. Why do you think there is a hard push for "going paperless?" All a geek has to do now is change a few words in a database. The sky is the limit for the lies they put in public records. Been there. Seen that. By the direction of his high-paying handlers, a hacker enjoys full government benefits. Because only with government approval can they do what I have seen.

I believe that the voluminous text posted on Facebook that was attributed to Eric Harris (Columbine shootings) was written by a much older boy. It did not read like callow bravado. But carried a sinister gloat factor, wielding sentences beyond the polish of a high school kid. But I digress.

Note how they superimposed junk text on top of the expose in this news release: