Saturday, June 30, 2012



I am convinced the reason Mr. 9:11 snuffed "Che" is because he was too good a commie.  And "intellectual" enough to be a threat.  Guevara actually believed the commie creed.  A crusader for the "cause."  I think he was a purist and suffered a love for the peasant.  He bought the jewish ruse that is communism.

Guevara took their ball and ran with it.  Well oops.  He didn't know that communism is a "bait and switch."  The schemers focus on the poor and uneducated.  They promise them utopia and the moon.  While fanning the flames of rage against their betters.  Right before a communist revolution they anthem and shout "liberty, freedom, fraternity, equality, justice" and the like.  The poverty-stricken, ignorant wretches snap it up like sucker minnows.  Clueless of their impending fate.  By the time they smell blood, it's too late.  Gotchyaa.  Suckers!

Che was one of the suckers in that he believed the commie shit.  Little did he know that communism is a jewish supremacy plot.  He wasn't a jew.  So do the math.  The marxist agenda is jewish world domination.  In communism, whoever is not a jew is either a slave or dead.

Fidel Castro is jewish.

Che was a rebel with a cause.  Too young and impetuous to "be still and know that I am God."  Caught up in his sap and fury.  The proof in this pudding is a photo of him hobnobbing with doofus existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre and his “la feminista” squeeze, Simone de Beauvoir (The Second Sex in two volumes, makes being a woman read like a disease, bitch please).  Che was barking up all the predictable trees.  Woof.

Exhibiting a familiar stamp on his murder, they still use his photograph to advance communism world-wide.  Advertising is their forte.  “They” – the collective of whom I speak, is personified as “Mr. 9:11.” 

They are a swarm of locusts with no leader; yet move upon their targets in unison.  They will make short work of your crops with their aerosol haze.  And turn a land-owning farmer into a share-cropper over night.

Like they use Jim Morrison’s photograph to advance alcoholism and skirt-chasing.  And Marilyn Monroe’s to push flesh-bartering in women.  Ever the wily subverter.

Ever the hawker, Mr. 9:11 knows that nothing sells like sex, death and beauty.  So in Che, Jim and Marilyn he gets killer advertising.

I cite these three, using Guevara as a springboard, because I believe that people are often murdered for advertising and “news-writing” purposes.  Mr. 9:11 prides himself at how many birds he can kill with one stone.  In Guevara he gets a rival out of the way and a commie poster-boy to boot.

During my journalism studies, I read about a “news writer” who stormed into his office one morning, exclaiming how he longed for a train-wreck or some other calamity that he could write about.  Case-in-point.

When young beautiful people die, it’s news.  If they are commie revolutionaries, rock stars or movie stars, it’s even bigger news.  Mr. 9:11’s media chimera can then spring into action.  Rake in the cash while spreading his fungus that much farther.  Exemplifying how he likes to get two birds with one stone (Michael Jackson, hint-hint...)

With jewish celebrities, it would not surprise me if their deaths were staged and we can now find them at a villa in Costa Rica.

In the case of Jim Morrison, between benders he was given to doing his own thinking.  I believe this put him on the “marked for deletion” list.  As the son of a Navy admiral, he was offered a good education and actually read the text.  This forces one to think analytically.  He gets used to doing his own homework.  Develops study habits and et cetera.  The same can be said of Che Guevara.

Hence the present campaign to dumb down the masses with television and low-brow gossip rags.  Think of TV and magazines as one fish for dinner.  And a formal education as the tackle box and fishing pole.

Jim and Che knew how to fish.  But were young enough to snap up jewish ruses like "free love and communisim."  Haa.  Have you checked the stamps they're handing out at the post office lately?  It's wake up time -- big time.