Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pentagon Papers

You can get on the "Pentagon Papers For Sale" web site and read your fill of dry government parlance. They have verbose white papers written by their top-notch prima donnas from the war colleges and post graduate schools. They compete with each other to bore you. If you don't get a head-ache from reading the first page or two, you can drop $45.00 and buy the whole enchilada from

The Pentagon Gang has a train of thesis papers that they have sanitized for public consumption. One in particular caught my eye tonight. Wading past the dizzying acronyms and wordinizations, zero'ing in on the message (one might need a doctorate degree from a war college for this), I finally got what they were saying.

They have teamed-up with the geeks who design computer combat games and translated what happens on your computer screen into the night sky. Something called Dark Star (high altitude endurance unmanned aerial vehicles) uses drones for enemy surveillance and targeting purposes. It's a no-contest advantage over whatever doomed victims you choose.

This writer has seen what appears to be a similar targeting and surveillance system presently in operation over much of the southeastern United States. It looks like the system is in the testing stages. If you do not relish the tiresome verbiage of war department wanna-be's, then just have a look in the sky. The Pentagon Paper salesman will still be online to sell you all the technical hot air you can stand. After seeing what I've seen, you'll make the connection.

So much for sunsets. Click on the photo.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bullshit Mills Are Us

You can find blogs and web sites claiming to be for some cause. But as you read the content, will sense that it is an elaborate mockery aimed at gullible, good-hearted people. Be wary of such efforts. They are full of donation requests to prove that they can get your money. That's what I think. Call it my opinion. "Call it what you like," said the Cat.

This appears to be how the deriders add injury to insult. They swindle money out of the same people they are poking fun at. They hoodwink donations out of a concerned public while they have a laugh, perhaps while writing elaborate fiction for the government and wealthy "non-profit" organizations. They make sport of the needy and afflicted. They even mock stray cats and dogs:

An example of such a blog is this one: To me it reads like a jeer. It has links to other web sites that work readers for donations. Anytime you find one loaded-down with links and tributaries, be alert. No single individual has time for something that convoluted and elaborate.

It smacks of dis-info fiction. The kind of stuff we have come to expect from ADL, CIA, JDL and other such yahoo's. It is my belief and opinion that they are not your friends. And they are not good people. Our government is a corrupt, corporate nebula with no soul. They are like Wikipedia or Google -- faceless and not accountable for what they do. They run with a pack of demon-spawn. I believe they purchase the silence of coroners.

Their bullshit mills employ armies of fiction writers propped up by psychiatrists, sociologists, psychologists and behavioral scientists of every gradation. They have departments upon departments of story-spinners, fabricators, even Poe & Dickens wanna-be's. They have a fleet of engineers to advise them on their scientific lies.

On Homeless Mary's untenably-long list of "homeless" links you can find which I believe is an organization that gets help from the government to enslave and exploit those they claim to help. Organizations like these seem to perpetuate destitution while collecting money for pseudo good will. Their design keeps homeless people homeless. And apparently in bondage to a dismal system.

I gave money to a man at a traffic light recently. He was begging while passing out copies of the Homeless Voice newspaper. Upon perusal of the rag, I learned that they farm-out homeless people to do humiliating odd jobs around the city. They encourage clients to phone them to set up bookings for homeless laborers.

Homeless people work like slaves all day to collect money for their "room and board" at this homeless shelter. I called one of the contact numbers listed in their newspaper. They seem to be making a profit off their homeless labor force while charging them for "room and board." From what I see around town, their system isn't helping. Does it ensure poverty and dependence on a system that exploits the destitute? Does anybody give a hoot? They advertise in their paper that their homeless labor force can get the job done for less money.

This homeless advocacy campaign bears watching. Ever notice how they collect money for the needy at grocery stores via your debit and credit card purchases? Ever wonder if that money makes it to where it's supposed to go? I do. My tack is to put cash into the hands of people who look like they need it. Period.

Who needs red tape and middle men? Apparently nobody. But the government shoves them down our throats. Just raise a field of organic crops and try to sell them to your neighbors and see what happens.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Malachi's Lies

A few years ago when I was clueless about the undercurrent that sweeps us along, I stumbled onto Malachi Martin's books. Reading the wordy load of Hostage to the Devil, I thought with my gullible mind, "Why is this so vulgar, twisted and perverted?" I thought this guy used to be a priest. Martin's meandering narratives of the possessed seemed to hail from the devil himself, not a Catholic soul who feared God.

There were too many pages in Martin's books like the Talmud. He milked it for miles beyond what it took to describe things. He had to be getting his jollies writing this stuff. If he had a legitimate case to recount, it would not include so much digression. He would have stuck to the story like anyone does who is telling the truth.

Martin seemed to luxuriate in the process of his writing like one who is channeling the flow from an unclean spirit. His writing was anything but clean. It spiraled deeper and deeper into the smut and gibberish-abyss of his questionable soul.

A year before that I read Ralph Sarchie's Beware the Night. Sarchie served up Father Malachi Martin like he was Holy Ambrosia -- the most everclear and virtuous priest in the world. The book was written with the help of Lisa Collier Cool, a freelance writer to whose credit is listed How to Give Good Phone. Well there you go. I should have done my homework before swallowing Sarchie's tingly account. According to his Facebook page, this good Catholic boy is now divorced and seeking revenge for 9/11 in the Middle East.

I didn't know back then that most publishing houses would never print such things if it was the truth. Just look on the spine and see who published the book. That should tell you whether or not you can expect to believe it. Anything that appears to glorify Jesus Christ should be looked upon with suspicion if it comes out of publishing houses owned by Talmudists.

Sarchie's book was a rollicking read. To whom shall I give credit for this cunning fiction? Anyone singing the praises of Malachi Martin has to be either a dupe or an accomplice. Which is Sarchie? He went charging off to Iraq after "Al Easter Bunny." And he had to have help writing his book.

As for Malachi, he knows now whether or not the swami was correct for telling us that we are God.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweatin' It

Should we be flattered that the CIA & Co. (includes partners and sycophants world-wide) are so worried about badly camouflaged secrets -- that they are paying little old ladies to pose as nitwits for their dis-info campaigns? That's what it seems like by the ocean of frantic web sites, blogs, hysterical drivel and YouTube freak shows.

Indeed, medicated loonies of all sorts have come out of the woodwork to discredit honest reports. These phony characters natter on about space ships, aliens, UFO's and counterfeit stars. They appear less than credible of course. And do for the truth what a 55-year-old woman does for butt-cleavage jeans.

A way to put a stop to the loony show is with binoculars. Just aim them at the sky and see for yourself. Empirical knowledge is the ruby in a pebble-bed of lies.

Why do you think they have mini-vans with TV's in them now? They don't want your kids to look out the windows while you are driving. They are afraid kids will see something in the sky that they will ask questions about. Children are naturally inquisitive and not politically-correct. They are not employed and worried about losing their jobs. Their drug-free senses are acute. They have minds like steel traps and can learn a new language in six months. You think they might pick up on a few details?

When you look at the sky, if at first you see clouds the size of football fields blocking your view, ask yourself when have you seen such clouds before? Wait a couple of minutes and let them float by. Then have another look and you'll see what they were trying to hide. You will notice on some days what looks like a white bed-sheet spread above the clouds. This is the aerosol curtain that has been drawn between the stratosphere and Earth. It has the appearance of spilt milk. And blocks our view to the Milky Way at night. Don't take another's word for anything. Do your own homework. Orion. Bushnell. Steiner. Olympus. Nikon. (10x or higher)

It's entertaining to see the span of the Wizard's hyperventilation. His panic takes on many facets. The depths to which he will stoop are as gaudy as the sophistication to which he will soar in order to keep Joe Public in a fog.

There are doddering old ladies with bad dye-jobs "testifying" to this and that. Along with ridiculous codgers from New Mexico claiming that they are scintillating stars of knowledge. There are talk-show hosts claiming to be somebody, but when you follow their trail it leads to nowhere. They appear to be non-existent people on assignment from the government. Their personages are as genuine as a hair-weave. They are covert funnels for public knowledge and opinion.

Jeff Rense? Alex Jones? Eric Hufschmid? Do not be so quick to snap these jokers up and give them your names and addresses. Who are they working for? Who are they really working for? Does anybody know?

I may be wrong about some of these people and I would like to be. But I am compelled to foster your healthy investigations into their Internet personalities. Whose payroll are they on? Investigate Peter Davenport, the Power Hour's motive, Pastor David J. Meyer, William Lyne (who is named after a hospital in New South Wales by the way), and the freakish school teacher Susan Ohanian.

The bogus hot air of Pam Schuffert is so lurid, you can't even class it with the above characters. Schuffert reads like a hatchling from the CIA/ADL fiction mills. This flailing cornball calls herself an "investigative journalist." The biggest burr under the saddles of our government and their Zionist head-lice is investigative journalism. So naturally they have to fabricate a Pam Schuffert.

The runaway internet is exposing the man behind the curtain, so he is doing damage-control. He must smear virtuous reporting. Notice how Schuffert is always mobile and has a post office box address so you can't Google her residence. But of course. The address is so you can spill your guts in letters that will be forwarded to the appropriate HUMINT analysis departments. Shuffert is all over the blogs and fear-mongering web sites, spreading over-the-top, exaggerated fiction. They are breaking a sweat trying to give real journalism a bad name. But anyone can see that this is lampoonery. The Schuffert character is written to be a hysterical wind-bag, loosely-wrapped with one oar in the water. She drops names to make people think that she enjoys a rapport with legitimate Christian conservatives. But she doesn't exist. The "she" is more than likely a "he." Whose voice is the jeering work of a shill-writer.

I have encountered assorted stolen identities.  Some names are even those of dead people.  The "authorities" hack into email, debtor's accounts, blogs, cell phone networks.  They commandeer web sites and pretend to be colleagues, friends and family members to people who are on their "watch list."  It's called spying.  Today it happens in cyberspace.  According to the McGraw-Hill Homeland Security Handbook, federal investigators have no problem tapping into your telephone conversations.  They enjoy full cooperation from all the cell phone networks.

I have locked horns with a few identity thieves and shill writers. They are venomous, Christian and Muslim-hating hacks. I believe they are being paid to write dis-info shills for the government and worried Zionist advocacy groups. They have a slant that I have learned to recognize. They all seem to hail from the same hive.

The list goes on for miles of these flamboyant characters who do not seem to exist. There's even a guy writing long articles in a similar vein to Schuffert's who is using a dead man's name. I researched the name and learned that he died many years ago. They are looking up dead people and using their names for by-lines. That way there will be public records about them that make them seem legitimate. But the one public record they hope you don't bump into is their death certificate.

There is a burgeoning bandwagon of the 60-somethings out there telling lies for the money. We have been cultured to trust and believe our elders because they are supposed to be wise and virtuous from their life lessons. So of course 60-year old preachers with an eloquent gift-of-gab will attract a few moths to the porch light. These charismatic speakers are handy operatives for a regime whose slip is showing. In crimson.

When somebody isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, they can also be a treasure trove for the boys at Langley. There's no threat that these "tools" will do their own thinking along the way. They can be given psychotropic drugs, hypnotic suggestions and enough money to live in comfort -- as long as they pretend to be somebody who they are not and sit by the phone around the clock. They are instructed to get as much information from their callers as possible. Like: Where are you? What's your first and last name? Where do you live? And so on. Then this info gets entered into a database for the nervous government.

I infer the CIA's m.o. has always been the money -- purchasing mercenaries, femme fetales, assassins, party-crashers, betrayal, false-flag terrorists, perhaps even extremist shill preachers pontificating about "silent sound spread spectrum," fake radio hosts, and various bottlenecks for public opinion to keep them abreast of who is getting wise and to what.

From the stuff we see on the Internet, they're sweatin' it. They have snoop teams working triple-time. Sniffing around everywhere, trying to learn about what people are learning. They even have fabricated web sites and blogs supposedly by these "credible" people with credible positions. The ploy is to use these personalities to gain public trust and elicit candor. They do it via e-mails, feedback entries, net forums, post office box addresses and telephone calls to radio talk shows. Their marching orders are to take down names and addresses of people who contact them. With that information today on anyone, I might as well have their dossier.

The monstrously-large government is worried about what Americans are thinking. Because their Master and Commander, the malignant State of Israel, is worried about which direction the pendulum of American allegiance might be swinging. All this ties in with what you see in the night sky. The war zone isn't just in the Middle East. It hasn't been since 9/11. The news is out on that one anyway -- regardless of how long they withhold the glaring black box evidence. Many-a-Navy diver has retrieved plane crash black box recorders from the deep. Why are they holding back the evidence of these cockpit recorders from 9/11? They didn't just disappear.

Here's a web site, I infer, that "CIA et al." is presently using to discredit genuine reports of a similar nature: They have diseased the link with weird software designed to confuse and frustrate the average person. Just ignore and circumvent it. Aren't their psy-ops impressive? As demonstrated by this web site, their strategy is to publish the truth couched in hysterical text that will be deemed from a "wacko-loonie." Often these fictive persons are presented as absurd religious fanatics. The kinds of people we write off as schizophrenics, paranoiacs, neurotics, Alices in Wonderland and drug-addled deep enders. These characters are passed-off as authors of truth-studded blogs and web sites (but of course) to nullify the "real McCoy."

That's the psy-op. Discredit facts by couching them in fiction. Hence, truth suffers guilt by association. Their present modus operandi is to publish a 50/50 split of fact and falsehood. They find seminal writing on a troubling subject and copy-cat it to the hair. Then they lard it with falsehood to frame the facts as a lie. They have gotten brave with this method. Some of the stuff I've read is 80% truth. The 20% fiction is so ridiculous, however, that their psychiatrist advisers calculate that readers will write it off as rantings from the mentally ill. Look for all-caps, underscores, exclamatory punctuation, flashy neon high-lighting, tacky cartoons aimed at Middle American fears and concerns, and verses from their "biggest fear of all," The King James Bible.

I suppose I cannot assert (but want to) that there exists a vast mill of technical and fiction writers in the employ of "CIA et al." who do nothing all day but crank dis-info drivel. Their efforts read as if they have been edited by a team of psychiatrists to make it psychologically shrewd. The ADL shares kindred worries. There must needs be a bed-fellow rapport between the two agencies, one surmises, as they spin their lies, weave their webs of deceit and fabricate bull-feces for consumption by the masses. To swallow their stuff, you need a taste for bullshit.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Shadow Doctors

From a suspiciously-anonymous clique of medical writers comes a suspiciously-free "do-it-yourself" manual. One can download from the Internet a copy of their 213-page guide about roughing it after a catastrophe. This darkly-written medical book is entitled Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction (Second Edition), written and edited by The Remote, Austere, Wilderness and Third World Medicine Discussion Board Moderators. What a mouthful -- but they sure won't give you their names.

This foreboding freebie was published in 2005. In an exhaustive lecture about what to do in dire straits, a nurse-paramedic, lab technician, military medic, emergency medical technician, herbalist and a pair of doctors combine their advice for what could be an ulterior motive.

As one reads their chilling dose of good will, the reason for their desired anonymity emerges. There is a chapter in this book that seems like a provocation for nurses to commit murder. In a burdensome load, the nursing chapter instructs care-givers to do things no person would be able to do in an austere situation short of going insane. In a previous chapter, detailed instructions are given on how to make ether. How convenient. Then in a burst of sarcastic warning, there comes a thinly-veiled hint that it can be used to put somebody's lights out.

The book reads like a calm, jeering mockery of a future predicament. In response to fear and worry, the star doctor lectures for chapters about the grimmest of miseries. Like a demon in a white coat, he mocks his readers with comments like, "...if you are considering a long-term collapse..." and "...if you are planning for a multi-generational catastrophe..." Then a nurse/paramedic calling him or herself "Reasonable Rascal," pushes a nurse to the brink with, "You should give some thought to how you will wash large amounts of linen possibly without access to electricity."

Euthanasia is addressed and offered as a way to take care of business when things get bad enough. They even have gruesome fiction in the back of the manual about amputations and other things that interest the medical community.

This glib manual reads like a preparation for not only the medical community, but also ordinary citizens. The focus is quick and dirty medicine that one would have to practice in back-woods, 3rd World, or post- nuclear/biological/chemical/radiological-attack scenarios.

The buzzwords used throughout this book tie these shadow doctors in with other globalists. There is nobody who writes an exhaustive medical book of this size for free. The ulterior motive for this project might be a commission from the Wizard to lighten the load on the first-responders, military and medical staff who will be saddled with the task of a disaster aftermath.

This free Internet manual is hardly the first sighting of an iceberg whose tip has been bobbing up since 2002. The doctor who wrote most of it tries to rally up eager beavers who are instructed to buy a library of medical reference books. These groups are then to gather up more groups of medical enthusiasts to form pockets of disaster preparedness teams across the country. It seems that without substantial motive, nobody would go through all that trouble.

This manual is in good company with an ocean of post-2002 documents on the street of the same vein (military, state and municipal). It ties in neatly with the government's mass casualty assistance and mobile mortuary teams. These groups are all part of the "Preparedness Community." Prepared for what one might ask. This books lists a few things.

Here's the web address to their sinister freebie:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dead Calm

No wonder then, why there has been a dead calm all summer. The hurricanes that blow through here are not just a footfall team. But this hurricane season I have not seen the palm fronds move a quarter inch to the left or right. Low, stationary drones do not fare well on a windy night. Imposter stars locked into low positions like it windless. Of course they had to delete the breezes, because their cover-clouds would all blow away.

I felt, rather, that "hurricane central" had become the Sargasso. And couldn't help but think of the sailors who tasted both feast and famine under sail. Here I was with a galleon fulla Spanish ponies heading for my new holdings in the West. And not a breeze did blow. Where am I gonna go? Only so much water on board. Horses drink a lot of it. Atmosphere is at a stand-still. How is a man to conquer new lands without his Rocinante?

Ever jettisoned horses in a dead calm when you can't sail away from them? Don't put yourself in that position, sailor. Doing it for the money always ends badly. Ask the trophy wife of a billionaire.

Same galleon fleet heading back to España now -- glutted with gold. Oh Atocha! Didn't see it coming. But you heard the rumble, didn't you o' Capitán. The approaching tempest turned azure to slate. Damn the thunder. You are in the sights -- plunder cast asunder!

Now you think you own the hurricane. And the calm. Forget not your lessons of centuries past. Lest more of your malignant work be asunder cast.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


24/7 these painted harlots work the sky. Some have freakishly long fuselages for carrying their tanker-loads. Each one is painted-up like a woman who is trying to be somebody else. These jets are aerosol tankers that make artificial clouds, artificial weather and artificial haze canopies that are cover for things that have not yet declared themselves. The haze also serves for a screen on which to project holographic images -- particularly at night. These images provide a background for a foreground of little drones, which like these tanker jets, need a disguise to keep people from asking questions about them.

Funny thing about these
"passenger jets" is that they fly from and to places where no commercial airport is. And they fly over residential areas that is not a commercial flight path. But the most telling moves they make are U-turns to avoid telephoto lenses. Legitimate passenger jets would not care who was watching or photographing them. Conversely, they would welcome such attention as free advertising. The other factor that distinguishes legitimate airliners from these whores is air speed. Real passenger planes rapidly climb to altitude. They seek to clear a city and attain cruising speed. There are other jets queued-up behind them on the runway. There is a need for speed.

So you see how hanging in the firmament like an oil painting is not characteristic of "real" commercial airliners. They have some place to be with an estimated time of arrival. Their mission is to transport passengers, not spray aerosols. On top of that, they don't panic when somebody points a telephoto lens at them. These contractor whores all but jump out of their skins when you take their pictures.

They get briefings in their ready-rooms to fly very slow. This way they can hang in a white sky and almost hide -- until a metallic glint gives them away. I have seen them working the clouds from the Bay. Laying at anchor near one of the Keys, I could see the whole operation. They flew up and down the east shore, skewering a dense cloud bank. In a short time the clouds evaporated as though they were mist in the desert.

They attack our sky in fleets. Similar aircraft have been seen around the world doing the same thing. They have been snapped dumping their tanker loads in France, Germany, Greece and Canada among many other places.
This one likes to work alone -- high and fast. He is noisy. Note how the spray shoots out of twin ports and becomes visible well aft of the tail. This is a curious jet compared to the large tanker fleet we see all over the world. Maybe he is a new tool in the cloud/rain/draught/haze/polymer/silver iodide business. Or maybe he is practicing for spraying something less benign in the future. I noticed the distance between the aerosol discharge and the tail shown here. If I was going to lay a load of LD-100, I would want something capable of strike fighter speeds, agility and small enough to launch from the catapults. Like the horn-tooters wrote in their long white paper, "There will always be war as long as one guy wants another guy's stuff."

A few weeks ago I caught a whole gaggle of these prostitutes working the sky. They have turned the Chief's firmament into a red light district. They are accompanied by surveillance weenies of two varieties: little contractor gnats and military busy bodies. They worry about binoculars, curious or concerned citizens, targeting scopes, and telephoto lenses. I don't know why they worry so hard -- Wikipedia has written damage-control explanations to cover their six. Screen-writers from the same gang just put out a movie about how lying can be a positive thing. The no-by-line writers at Wikipedia know better than to ever show their faces in sunlight. Just like the tramps who fly these planes.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Biggy Fly

Looked up at noise coming my way and saw a cargo plane with Stagger-wing attitude. Who was this bozo? Was he drunk? Click on the photos.

The local zoomies are up-in-the-air about something. Maybe it's about flying night owls too low over sleeping suburbs. People are talking about it. Asking questions in two languages. Hard to control information traveling in a bilingual shockwave. Now I see why the Wizard wants the whole world to speak one language. It's easier to monitor communications that way.

News travels fast with cell phones and inter-net. Hence another use of man-made lightning -- wipe out communications. Like the night of the Tate murders. Before going into somebody's house to kill them, you first cut the telephone lines.

Aerosol hirelings require bolstering with bigger purses to fly the Wizard's round-the-clock dirty work. I wonder what they had to pay American Airlines to use their trademark logo on the tails of those polymer-spraying floozies.

Whatever happened to moral compass in this once Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? What happened to the difference between right and wrong? Who has smeared a good thing?

I call him the Wizard. His money funds every abomination against what is right and good. He is ageless. Every generation a new version of him is born. He pays assassins, court room liars, falsifiers, puppet-politicians, guns-for-hire, disease cooks, cyanide factories, bomb-builders and war-planners. He rewards human-traffickers, addiction vendors, black-market organ salesmen, traitors, disinformation publishers, Internet manure-spreaders, false-flaggers, crooked cops and pill-pushers. He is cancer to national sovereignty and the cyanosis of liberty. He is a usurer. His bars and shackles imprison the innocent. He buys armies. This "man behind the curtain" seems to have more than a hand on our military. He makes them prance like a trained pony. He is the corruption of governments.

Today they had a monstrous gooney bird come over. What a drone of propellers. The lumbering, unwieldy thing looked like a cargo/troop transport. Our troops, as they are condescendingly called, are after all, so much cargo. In keeping with how they refer to personnel as "human capital" in today's government.

To the Wizard,
"the troops" are expendable bodies in desert camouflage. These sort of planes haul our sons and husbands off to instigated killing fields -- and then fly them back in flag-draped coffins. All-purpose planes. Airborne troop transports for the "quick and the dead."

Something like that flew over our house today. And over South Miami at altitudes that endangered all below. What could be the justification for such a flight? What public statement could they have for Habana Nueva? Whom they deem, as these photographs attest, expendable. Like the fresh meat they recently flew to Afghanistan.

More American hecatombs to Israel. Impetuous brainwashed boys, some of them. Others, hard up to pay the bills in a deliberate depression. Reminds me of that scene in The Deer Hunter. Christopher Walken playing Russian Roulette. That's what they're doing over there. Walking point through booby-trapped Howitzer shells. And the Wizard is watching it all from satellite. Perhaps with delight. Those aren't his sons going up in a pink mist, after all.

There is Cuban Heritage in this town to whom a bloody Marxist take-over is fresh on their minds. That regime was funded by the same Wizard who sends me buzz-jobs of assorted makes and models. There was a fixed-wing surveillance drone that I could have touched from my bedroom window. Noiseless. Maybe a faint whirrrrrrr. That's how close he was. I got a good look at him. Had a Stavatti look about it. Photogenic aircraft for the most part. But this last one was a hoot.

Before their big aviation stand-down two months ago, the Wizard sent helicopters to spot-light my bedroom windows and check the driveway. Why? Ask the Wizard. Maybe he's got something against the AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

One of these choppers I caught in the act -- U.S. Coast Guard in blazing danger-orange and white in the middle of the night. 0200 hours sharp. Outside coverage on that one. I could have jumped up and grabbed the sled.

Since 2001 they have had a massive government "re-org." The U.S. Coast Guard is now part of the Christian and Muslim-hunting Department of Homeland Security. See what my husband misses by being in Iraq? Looks like the new war zone might be here. They sure are practicing to make it one above their artificial clouds. Get some binoculars and see for yourselves. The show starts at sundown and goes till 0500.

Powder Polymer

Funny how the Tanker Team has had this polymer powder since 2001 and didn't use it on Katrina. It was invented in 2000 by Peter Cordani. The patent's main thrust is how to disarm a hurricane.

It works on the same physics that they use in super-thin sanitary napkins or high-absorbancy baby diapers. Turns liquid into gel. Except here they spray it into clouds in powder form. And it absorbs rain many times its own weight. The process cripples wind velocity. Based on this math, Katrina could have been erased from the air.

If they had this stuff as early as 2001, then why did they let Katrina happen? And why did FEMA just sit there and watch? Where was the massive "Preparedness Community" then?

Presently they are using polymer aerosols in Miami to hold back the seasonal monsoon. The back lawn has morphed into broad-leaf weeds that thrive on less rain in areas where the grass has died.

Why are they doing this? There are a few reasons. Tactical cloud-cover is wanted. With a normal monsoon, post-rain evening skies would be left too clear for their nefarious operations. So they manipulate the weather accordingly. They let a few drops fall strategically to make people think it's raining. But it's never the right kind of rain. Or in the right duration. Monsoons don't dump at 9:00pm like their fake rain this summer. They have insulted indigenous intelligence. They underestimate the Cuban mind.

They need a low ceiling and fake clouds to hide the arrival phase of their high-tech war toys. Once they take up their positions in the night sky, their weapon system masquerades as stars. Among these masqueraders appear to be targeting and surveillance systems. High-speed, anti-gravity drones. Tiny scintillators to gauge high energy radiation (electromagnetic waves of "x" and gamma ray, particulate alpha, beta and neutron). What they call ionizing radiation. Electrifying radiation. Inject it into a cloud and super-charge it.

An ion is an electrically-charged atom. In a gas, radiation can make it electric. You can make lightning like that in an artificial cloud and from what I have seen -- do anything you want with it. Hell of a new war toy. Alexandros! We've come a long way from the sarissa. But the omega is a firm guarantee.

Lately due to unwanted publicty, they have panicked and started spraying mega-loads of cover clouds to act as nocturnal duck-blinds. Tanker jets fly up and down the Biscayne Bay dumping their loads all night. They create large cumulus imposters that drift westward across South Miami into the Everglades.

The other purpose of their cloud chemistry is to conduct an electric charge. They also need an electromagetic matrix for their nuclear devices. And atmospheric pea soup is desired for projecting holographic images of backdrop stars and the moon. Think of it as heavy foundation for make-up. The foundation is the false ceiling. And the make-up are stars and moon.

It seems to me that the local astronomy clubs have been briefed about what to tell quizzical students and enthusiasts. Telescopes are made to penetrate into deep space. These fake low ceilings all summer no doubt have piqued curiosity among star-gazers. Because they also have fake constellations for your telescope that are made of scintillators. How gullibe do they think we are about the night sky? Do they assume everybody in Miami is drunk and high?

Back to Katrina. Peter Cordani's invention laments the destruction of 1992's Andrew and offers a "solution" for future storms. These polymers can be used to arrest a hurricane. Then why didn't they arrest Katrina?

Perhaps they have other uses for this invention. Cordani's patent says that there are several unlisted applications for this cloud powder. He didn't list in his patent how the polymer can likewise be used to create a drought -- and subsequent famine anywhere in the world. Sad that the techno-crats held back on the this technology during Katrina. Shame be upon them for that.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Straight Bolt

At 0100 I go to the east telescope for a peek at the "stars" over the Bay. Hoist up the blinds to find a dense cloud sprawling the expanse of my vista. It looks like one of those man-made clouds that comes out of the aerosol ports of the local Boeing "night owl" jet. It boasts lightning, so I settle in for the show.

I deem that the cloud is fabricated and so is the lightning. As I watch the entertaining display, to the left of cloud-center I see a tiny black orifice jut out of the cloud. From this orifice comes a straight bolt of lightning that looks like a barbecue skewer. Like those laser sabers from Star Wars. It struck out for the same amount of time that the other "more natural-looking" bolts of lightning did. But it was perfectly straight. Like a white laser beam.

I think that our military/industrial gang is testing a new weapon. And not far from sleeping suburbia. This super-charged cloud hovered motionless in a dead calm slightly south and east of a new housing development.

At 0130 the lightning abruptly ceased. Seemed like a test of man-made lightning. There was nothing natural about the cloud, the lightning or the way it suddenly stopped. Now I see a purpose for scintillators.

For 60 days that I have observed, this fake lightning has been a nightly affair. Flashes of unnatural-looking light and thunderless lightning. Tonight I saw how the embellishing bolts served as a distraction from the one in question. This big cloud was full of lightning I think because they needed plenty of "normal-looking" lightning to distract possible eyes from the laser-lightning they were testing.

I read about particle beams.  They seem to be man-made lightning that strikes like a laser with devastating power. In the beam are carried subatomic particles that each act like a separate bullet on impact, displacing their momentum. It can destroy anything with the strike of a lightning bolt. But it has the targeting capability of a laser beam in that it strikes in a straight line. This gadget can be used in our atmosphere and in space. What I saw, however, appeared to be harnessed lightning. Lightning alone does not contain little bullets -- just high voltage. But that's enough to get your attention. Or make you do the high-step.

If you thought your government could selectively pick you off with lightning every time you stepped outside, would it make you a more "compliant" citizen?

Here you go. The zoomies love to toot that horn:

No wonder the local military bases have been secretive about the strange things in the sky. Those round, wingless drones are likely nuclear and can hover inside clouds. I have seen them flit from cloud to cloud in the day time and hide inside them. Tonight I think it was the same little anti-gravity UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles)/drones that were inside that cloud making lightning. I have seen them do it before.

Today's aviation is painfully dependent on technology. Imagine flying by compass in a tail-dragger. Disoriented over blue and azure. Remember Flight 19? "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday..." That's what they get for calling those planes Avengers. Vengeance does not belong to man.

Beam-lightning is a vulgar display of voltage. Children should not play with Daddy's guns. In the hands of men with purchased souls, light-trigger nukes, man-made pestilence, laser snipers, NBCRE and now this -- only spells one thing. That history repeats itself.

It's on the books for those of us who read them. The rest of you keep watching that TV.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ruse Juice

Moving with the busy flow of housewives through a supermarket, I pick up a carton of orange juice. Emblazoned all over the carton, mimicking the squeezings of a local grove, are the false promises "PREMIUM 100% Pure Florida Squeezed."

Being in a hurry and not having time to read the microscopic print near the bottom of the carton, I make my purchase. Later that evening upon taking a sip of this assumed juice of Eden, my olfactory judge slams down his gavel. A ruse.

Yet another cruel joke on Middle America whose bodies merit the best nutrition -- because they actually work for a living. The snooty clientele who shop at the yoga-mania places know that anything they pick up in "their" grocery store is bar none. Everything's organic. Don't panic. No need to check the label. It's the best money can buy. For a product to make their inventory list, it better do the high-step.

So here I have this lying carton in my hands in orange, white and green. Beats anything I've ever seen. The lies on this thing. And the crap in my glass. Let's expose these jokers for who they are. At the bottom of the carton in tiny green letters it reads, "Blended with Valencia Orange Juice. From Concentrate and Not From Concentrate." There's the legal coverage for selling lies at Wal-Mart.

Predator industry banks on the working classes being too busy to read their fine print. Predator industry counts on people having too much on their plates to pick through their rice. So they slip you things that you don't know you're eating. They lie to you. Hoodwink you. Sell you things that aren't worth your money.
And put orange liquid in a carton with a motto at the top of "Stay Healthy," while passing off inferior product. These rusers have a carton that masquerades as our favourite local grower's carton. Here is their company name and address in super-fine print: TWS Marketing Group, Inc., P.O. Box 520104 Longwood, Florida 32752 --- sounds like a righteous outfit doesn't it. Here's their web site:

Read your labels America. Find a trusted brand and stick with it. Reward honesty and punish liars. You want a good orange juice in Florida? Here you go:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Daily Tanker Parade

In the thick of rush-hour when most people are fighting traffic or stuck in it, these jokers come sneaking inland from the Bay. They are painted up in bogus logos and colour schemes -- trying to pass for
commerical airliners. But they're not. They are tankers full of aerosols heading out over the Glades to dump their daily loads. There they fabricate a ceiling to cast a veil between what goes on above and is kept ignorant below.

Their wing tips are often crimped up. Some look like KC-135's. Their fuselages vary in length and circumference. They look like donations from the airlines that were sent back to Boeing for modifications. Instead of passengers they now haul chemical cocktails that dehydrate and fabricate clouds, spread haze and make metropolitan fog. The possibilities of what else they can "deliver" is extensive.

On the wings you will note six appendages that could pass for wing-flap hinges. No doubt they have those. But they also have aerosol ports near or around the same locations. This is based on observations of them "going at it." Here, have a look.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fake Firmament

I'm looking out of a west window into a sleeping city. The ghostly tanker jet flies over like a white owl. His wing-span is gargantuan. Engines -- mute. Boeing's latest and greatest. Heading toward the Glades, asending gradually, he slips into a thick blanket of ceiling -- one that is an illusion even through Steiners.

This morning I saw doubtless ocular proof that what I had hypothesized was correct. The frantic 24/7 Boeing tanker missions (chem-trails) are to lay a fake ceiling around the planet. So that at night you think you're looking into a star-studded Nevada sky. But the stars are fake. And so is the sky.

The backdrop to the moon and stars is an aerosol blanket posing as a clear night. I infer that it is a cocktail of particulate nuke-friendly metals. They are good conductors of electricity and radio frequencies. The dense blanket is also an exellent aerosol base onto which one might project holographic images. The moon never looked so good -- until you see the clouds behind it, oops.

During the "star arrival" and "set up" phase, I notice how the whole star-studded blanket moves around in unison. As though somebody is moving the layout with a computer mouse. During this time it appears that the non-holographic drone-stars are linked-up with the software program and locked into their nightly positions. After this, they move across the sky in sync with their backdrop, mimicking noctural progress of celestial bodies from east to west.

What appeared to me as a Nevada sky in the subtropics was an optical illusion. This explains why my telescopes could not penetrate to deep space. The night sky had cartoon opacity about it and the stars were too close to the earth for true focus. A cream soup of "not quite black enough" to be open space. It had the surreal creepiness of van Gogh's "Starry Night."

Monday, August 24, 2009


In some ways, what's being done in the Middle East is the same thing that is being done here. In our so-called "Homeland, " the Wizard seeks to dismantle and demoralize via economic collapse.

For example, the produce growers have been pistol-whipped with fine print designed to cripple them. Many businesses responsible for providing jobs to Americans and producing American goods have been stricken with a wrecking-ball.

The massive unemployment will force more young men into the military war machine. People will get in line at the recruiter's office. Russian roulette is better than no job at all. At least they will get three meals a day and some pay. The Wizard knows how to get fresh meat for his battlefield. He needs "warfighters" to replace the ones who are shooting their psychiatrists and themselves, not just those who go up with car bombs.

Then we have the New Age gang telling us to be happy inside as we succumb, surrender and acquiesce to the flow of existence. The elfin-visaged Eckhart Tolle writes that we should live in the now and yield to the "is'ness" of what is. He stands in the ranks of Gary Zukav, Deepak Chopra, Swami Nithyananda and the Dalai Lama who work in unison to defuse the outrage of a Godly people. The soothing Dr. Chopra writes that Satan is a figment of our imaginations. And Swami Nithyananda charges, "You are God!" -- God help us is what I say.

Division of Labour

During the course of my six week study, I noticed how these imposter stars have a division of labour. Some appear to be scintillators. Others have a dimmer amber glow that emit telescopic beams of light. These beams look like pointer-lasers that one uses during lectures. Or like those used by military snipers to target nocturnal marks. Others look like distant stars in the background, emitting medium-intensity white light.

In between tanker loads, the sky is clear and I can see the whole enchilada. Some of the scintillating drone-stars shoot vertically to new positions. I have seen them shoot from left to right and straight down the distance of what appears to be a mile. They seem to shoot at almost the speed of light. They look exactly like a shooting star except they do not arc. They move in a perfectly straight line and stop on a dime. To a screeching halt.

During the day they flit from cloud to cloud, purposefully seeking cover. They do not want to be seen. They think they are hiding. And they do from most people. It is hard to see them at those altitudes with the naked eye. But with a good binocular, they cannot escape your peregrine focus.

They travel to their nightly positions just before sunset and take great care not to be seen. They are best described as fast-flying, wingless orbs or spheres. They are a burnished, non-reflective charcoal colour during daylight. But at night they emit high-energy photons.

One evening I saw a scintillator-drone enter a fabricated-looking cloud that was full of lightning. Under this charged piece of work I saw a tanker jet flying back and forth calmly as though none of the lightning was random or dangerous. The jet was directly underneath the cloud.

The monsoon this year has been totally out of whack. There have only been two times since the season began on 7 June, that rain has fallen at the proper time. It is supposed to rain daily between noon and 3pm on this latitude. This summer we have had little rain at all. On weekends you seldom hear a lawn-mower. I noticed today that the rain fell at a strategically-fortuitous time for the worried fake star coordinators. They know that people are curious about their secret project and do all they can to hide it from them. They make it rain when they want to conceal their "operation" above the fake clouds.

The military works hard to be "compliant" with the Wizard's directives. The Air Force and Navy bend over backwards to please him. He says jump and they ask, "how high, sir?" This of course is based on my recent experiences with many interviews. People in government and in the military are petrified with fear when asked about this project. Whoever the Wizard is sure has them doing the high-step. They have been forbidden to talk about it.

I want to give this project a classification like the one they gave the attack on the USS LIBERTY. Or what really happened to John F. Kennedy. Or what really happened to Chief of Naval Operations Jeremy Boorda. The smoking gun is always the forensics. When they stamp a man's autopsy and suicide notes classified -- well, there you go. Let's be very clear. If I was going to shoot myself, I wouldn't shoot myself in the torso. Why are those notes classified? Why can't we see them? What has the Wizard got to hide? What about that autopsy? What was the trajectory of that bullet? What kind of bullet was it?

You see what I mean? So here's what I think. There is great motive for putting a lot of surveillance in the sky. Surveillance that tops what they've had up there for decades. Pictures of the earth and it's surface are no longer enough. The Wizard is worried about what's inside of people's houses. Not all guns are registered in his database. With radiation radar imagery, he can x-ray domiciles. Kind of like they do at airports when you walk through that x-ray zone. The insult with radiation radar imagery is that they can see more than just where your guns are located. They can also see everything else. Truly an eye in the sky.

I think some of those drone-stars might be for surveillance. The scintillators would then be for measuring x-ray beam intensity. You will note that at your doctor or dentist's offices, they use scintillators for the same reason on their x-ray equipment. X-rays are invisible. You cannot feel them when they pass through your body. They are accummulative and can damage cells. You might recall how the dentist puts a lead apron on your body before x-raying your teeth. Ever wonder why?

If this technology is what I think it is -- there is sinister potential. One dose of radiation too much and you're a cancer patient. One rad too many and you have organ failure. Conceivably, sleeping people could be selected, targeted and penetrated with a radiation beams from the stratosphere. Their bodies could be insidiously-diseased or killed outright via such a method. Assassinations would be bloodless, quiet and covert. Fool-proof and risk-free for the assassin. He would enjoy the anonymity of a government executioner.

Unlike the Kennedy job, I feel that assassinations of the future will be carried out via high-tech, unmanned aerial vehicles like the ones not far above me right now. They can be used to thin-out all manner of populations. Radiation can manifest in many "natural-looking" illnesses and deaths.

I may be wrong about this. And hope that I am. But until our government gives us a tenable explanation for what I have witnessed, I have only the scientific evidence at hand. And what science has to say about it from my books.

If what the government has been doing in the night sky between midnight and 0500 for 45 days is nothing to hide, then why do they hide it? And if what they are doing is not nefarious, then why have they forbidden all their people to talk about it? A local FBI agent recently told me that they are forbidden to discuss any military operations.

The word "operation" to me means affront, attack or offensive. That she chose to use the word "operation" sends a chill up my back. I never used that word. It is a word of the war department. Operation Desert Storm -- they poisoned our men with radioactive refuse strewn upon the sand intended for the Iraqi's. To this day they still deny it, this "Gulf War Syndrome". Some operation that was. Operation Garden Plot. Operation Cast Lead. I don't like that word, operation.

Read history. Or be doomed to repeat it. Get yourself some binoculars and look up once in a while. The way a deer hunter shoots his game is by waiting in a tree-stand. Deer never look up. That's why so many of their heads are mounted on people's walls.

Nuclear Physics

So I'm driving around with the top down. Not a thing in the night sky but stellar imposters pulsing the electromagnetic spectrum at me. Not a single helicopter or plane. Usually the night is populated with noisy, strobing aviation and large jets heading southeast. Now the sky is cemetery-quiet.

This is starkly noticeable as, prior to July, the city was riddled with police and Coast Guard choppers flying their nightly beats. They fly low. And they fly noisy. When they are absent -- you know it. Big cargo-size planes heading out to the island. When they fly over, your whole house knows it.

Since 6 July 2009, I have noticed how all air traffic abruptly stopped. A sudden and total stand-down of all aviation with the exception of 1 - 3 large Boeing tanker jets hushed-down so exquisitely that you can almost "not" hear them when you are standing outside. Directly under them while they make a low pass. On a dead calm quiet night. Gives you some idea. They sprawl across the sky slow and low. And take off at terrific speeds when they detect a lens pointed at them. Their skins look spray-painted white against the street-lamps. That's how low they sometimes fly. I infer this is to avoid hitting the scintillator stars which, by assorted parallax, are not far from the roofs of houses.

I have seen these jets fly at altitudes that I deemed dangerously low -- so low that their fuselage was illuminated by ground lights. I saw the whole jet. It was huge. A big 700-series Boeing. Looked like a 757 with all kinds of new bells and whistles. Clearly they were designed for what they are doing. Specifically engineered. Super quiet, super low. And don't wake the neighbors.

Got me to thinking -- why? Why the stand-down? Is it to protect valued pilots from radiation exposure? Lose one, gotta train a new one. At cost. And it takes flight hours to get it right. They are worth their weight in gold. Gotta protect our pilots. Gotta protect our force. Gotta protect our flight crews. We need them to rule the world from the sky.

Or -- it might be because these flying stars are not far from the ground and they don't want to hazard (a) somebody crashing into them and/or (b) seeing them up close.

Every colour in the rain-bow is pulsing at me from my telescopes. They sit in the sky like stars and try to move along a fabricated orbit. Sometimes they move out of sync with the backdrop and you see the disparity between them and their embellishing neighbors. I infer this is because they have not yet worked all the bugs out of their new technology (navigational and orbit-positioning software). The stars in the background are apparently stellar camouflage for the mobile units in the foreground.

I see them in the sky from just after dark till 0400 at which time they sporadically depart into the north or south. They seem to have an anti-gravity device and are immune to G-forces. Which indicates that they are unmanned. Some leave at almost the speed of light -- like shooting stars. Others glide away in steady lateral trajectories at much slower speeds. Too many shooting stars at once would alert the neighbors. One morning I even saw one with fighter escort flying south along the Bay. They go back to where they came from I suppose -- a hiding place. You know they aren't parking these things next to the KC-135's and Tacamo's.

Must be a secret. Or else they would not spend all night making fake clouds and fog to obscure them. They have tanker jets dump loads of aerosols, frantically working to conceal these round, wingless, fake stars. I see 100's of them over my head as I drive through certain parts of the city. They have demographically-definable areas where they congregate in dense constellations. There they stay all night pulsing their scintillators.

Some of the fake stars are posted in familiar constellations. I have seen Orion and the Dippers. The give-away is how they are scintillators, not stars. One can see the electromagnetic spectrum most obviously. According to my engineering books, scintillators measure ionizing radiation (gamma and x-rays).

They have briefed and apparently threatened all local military and police. To my experience, it seems that they have been told to "deny deny deny." The ones who don't deny, either ignore the question or offer fabricated intelligence insults. The others just hang up the phone in what seems like speechless trepidation. To me it appears that somebody has scared these people (air traffic controllers at both military bases and small civilian airports, military watch-standers, police chopper pilots, and anyone who might come into contact with a curious or concerned public).

Scintillators are crystals that express ionizing radiation in pulses of vivid coloured light. They flash every colour in the visible electromagnetic spectrum. Such as this rainbow.

What are they doing to us? Call or write your State, Local and Federal weenies and ask them after you have seen for yourselves what I have seen. Bring it up in your town hall meetings. Nobody here is talking. I've asked everybody who could possibly know.

Get a good binocular (10x mag.'s or higher) and see for yourselves. Steiner makes the best. But Orion has great ones at a fraction of the price. Do not look for binoculars at Wal-Mart or Best Buy. They know that's where most of you will go and they have made sure to not stock ones that will give you a good magnification ($50.00 jobs with low magnification top their list). Go to sporting goods/hunter's shops. They carry the ones worth having.

There is a fine line between hunting animals and hunting men. Ask the war department or a deer hunter. Steiner makes binoculars for both of them. You can see into space with these things. If you never had a binocular -- now's the time to invest in one. There are stange things going on in the sky that merit your observation with reports from other parts of the world that support them.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Air Show

I have always loved an air show.

Daddy made sure we went to all of them.
The lower, the better. Graze the tree tops fly-boy.

We know girls can't fly like that.

Today there's a new theme in the sky.

"How low can you go??"

Will you do it for the money?

There are two kinds of pilots -- and two only.

Heros and whores.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spying, Lying and Radiation

Is there a new hell above? Is the battlefield now a battlespace? Is the sky a computer screen? Have we gone from war games in arcades to fake stars over the Glades.

Let's put up a holographic moon.  And a big dipper made of scintillators.

So we name fake terrorists and you either pick them off or stage their killings. That is -- unless -- you accidentally killed your favourite false-flag war ho. That's what you get for letting UAV's run your show. Hit or miss. Nothing like a real pilot, is there.

Fake terrorists. Fake stars. Fake moon. Fake clouds in the afternoon. Fake planets on fake orbits. Low-altitude clothes hangers and coat-racks trying to pass for heavenly bodies. Flying dome-lamps. A
bastardized, camouflage sky.

Do you feel like a bottom-feeder flopping in a dwindling draught pool? Is your boss is a fool?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here's the pretext for attacking America with NBCRE. In an article by Steven Aftergood, “Hizballah remains the most technically capable terrorist group in the world.” But “Al Qa’ida is the terrorist group that historically has sought the broadest range of CBRN [chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear] attack capabilities, and we assess that it would use any CBRN capability it acquires in an anti-U.S. attack, preferably against the Homeland.”

Defense Intelligence Agency is the source for such statements. First let's get the wording right, DIA, shall we. Wherever the word "defense" is used in our government, we need to use "war." From current events in the Levant, it is offense not defense. Military surge, attack, division, subterfuge, stealth and lies, sabotage of creature comforts in Pakistan, funding and protecting mercenary "terrorists" to make our guys feel like there's a real fight on and to terrorize the local populations out of sheer hatred -- that is the order of the day, Dee Eye Aye.

Baitullah Mehsud and his mercenary band of thugs enjoy funding and protection from our covert war-makers. Mehsud's gang of purchased terrorists "terrorize civilian populations" with random killings and fan the flames of "The Global War on Terror" by shooting at our guys. American war drones bomb and terrorize unarmed civilians all around Baitullah as he carries out his black ops for our secret government. Isn't it strange how our "high-tech warfighers" keep managing not to kill Mehsud? What do you think that might mean? Ignore CNN for a minute and do your own thinking.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Tactical Mind

To set the war machine in motion, you need an affront. Somebody has to fire the first shot. Somebody has to draw first blood. Enter September 11, 2001.

With the wind of 9/11 in your back, you don't need a big reason to invade Iraq. Stockpiling weapons of mass destruction sounds good enough. Something the American collective mind can surely get behind. After all, they trust us, don't they?

What's that you say? No weapons of mass destruction were found? Okay. Let's stir up the locals with random acts of violence in diverse places. Then blame it on Al-Easter Bunny. Make sure you put some blood in the street so people can see it. Get press out there while the scene is fresh. Photographers. Videographers.

There are always unscrupulous, desperate people stupid enough to do it for the money. Enlist them. Let's get them out there in the tribal areas, dressing the part. And we'll call them terrorists.

What's that you say? Not enough dead Americans to ship back to their families? Okay, position snipers all over the place. Start picking-off American guys. We can shoot from choppers too, they'll never prove it. Lasers? Sure. We can shoot them again post-mortem if anybody asks. But who would ask? They fear for their wage-slave lives. Let's have a few bloody Muslim corpses. We'll throw them in the street and call them dead terrorists. Snap photos for the press. Blood gets results. Ask our pals Josef, Fidel and Menachim.

When you have all the money and war toys, you can stage any war you want. War is lucrative for you and your corporate remoras while serving more than one purpose. It is genocide against those you hate. Clears coveted lands for your future possession. And reduces the size of the herd in general. What's not to like? All hail the war whores. Arm them with our high-tech stuff and it's low-risk/high pay-off. Reward them well for every kill. Then our homemade war is all downhill.

For the average indigenous Levantine Muslim, he's not your tactical mastermind. Nor is he a rabid suicide-bomber. He has no motive to keep this carnage going. There's nothing in it for him. Unless dying young is the new vogue. In Gaza they were picking off two-year-olds with "descending aorta" bulls-eye shots.

As for those nameless, faceless suicide-bombers, they could be dead behind the wheel before anything goes boom -- or just drugged. Isn't that what Ketamine is for? Vehicular movement and detonation can be effected via remote control. Drones have the sky covered, don't they? Then ground transportation should be a piece of cake.

There are a lot of fingers in this pie. Mercenaries are making a killing on this war. They have done the same before. Remember the Flying Tigers? The Hessians? The Italians right off the ships who were impressed into Union Blue before they could speak English? You think they were fighting for some lofty cause? Today we enjoy the talents of modern mercenaries who are fighting because they like to fight -- and they are good at it. Soldiers of Fortune, gentlemen. They are not an extinct breed. And man is given to a little greed.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Warrior Transition Program

This makes me wanna puke. There's been a lot of that lately -- things making me want to puke. You can tell by the way they write it up, that the manure is being spread deep and wide. The miasma of their lies is on the rise. It has to nauseate any drug-free, independent thinker. The heavily-pushed prescription drugs of America are necessary to dull the brains of those who can swallow this crap. Hook, line and sinker -- now there's a good chap.

Yeah the military bull is getting deep. And there's more of it piling up all the time. What used to be called "The War on Terror" is now being called "The Global War on Terror." I notice that even down here where few people speak English, they can spell "Global" and emblazon it across their out-sourcing trucks.

Everybody is trying to have "Global" in their title. Companies, businesses, food distributors, government contractors, consulting giants, you name it -- they all want to be international and global so that the plutocrats who own everything will let them see another sunrise. I have never seen such a desperate, groveling mass of sycophants and toadies in my life. Oh how they sicken me.

The gag-reflex-evoking verbiage on their "Warrior Transition Program" riles the ire of Lady Columbia. Makes her want to swing a pole ax and howl, "Bitch please!" This bogus gibberish is designed to brain-wash the "expendables" into thinking that they were doing something right over there. Selfless service to "this great nation" indeed. "This great nation?" Is that what they are calling us now? Or is that just to to pacify our overridden war horse. He on the tip of the sarissa being jabbed into the sore spot, looking for a fight. Pity the woe-hoss who has taken on the yoke of this, our great shame. Pity the man saddled with our bloodied, sullied oriflamme now.

I read from the rest of the world how they refer to us as The Americas, The North American Union, The New World Order, the New Socialist Republic, The Bolshevik Ree-lapse, The High-tailing Stern of the Titanic, whatever -- pick one. "This great nation?" That's gotta be a psychiatric term to calm the addled, marching hoards. They are sweating it over the battle-pawns whipping out a heater at their next counseling session and with good reason. Our war-horse has been duped and Bucephalus is not amused. They better duck.

Counseling-schmounseling. Social Workers. Freudian advisors. These are probably the same jokers who wrote the "psy-ops" used to torture babies at Waco before they were gassed and burned in their mothers' arms, psycho-torture for abductees at Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan's Bagram, "El Presidio Americano Guantanamo," and other hell-holes like them scattered all over the world. Water-boarding ring a bell? In our name they have unleashed hell -- while they have religious non-combatants in uniform providing "pastoral care" in a Godless society. Imagine that. Guantanamo must be crowded to bursting by now. Good thing our Navy is so cuddly with Cuba's communist regime. They may acquire additional prison space on the Isle of Pines. But if they don't, tiger sharks keep secrets.

They should rewrite this epicac-drivel. Because it only adds injury to an insulted military mind,

They are feeling out the "troops" to see how close they are to snapping -- the ones who saw the pink mist in particular. Once they see it, once they smell it -- they will never be the same. Here's one of the "medical ghouls" bragging about the carnage he has witnessed. Looks like they were using heat-seekers to pick off these guys There is no way that these were regular sniper rounds. Yeah, this is the pink mist that Lewis Puller, Jr. wrote about. And the shrinks know it. Because they have had other "unfortunates" to study from past wars. They have written training manuals about it for future shrinks. Only the densest, simplest knuckle-dragger who has never had a thought for himself will come back unscathed. Any man with a moral compass has to know what this is about and has to know that it is wrong.

I don't even think of it as a war. For it to be a war there has to be two sides fighting about something. Here we have a one-sided massacre. It's no war, it's genocide. "Global" genocide according to the new title of the siege. They are killing-off Muslims, pure and simple. Just like they did in Bosnia. It's a Muslim blood-bath. Notice how it started in Gaza like a case of tinea corporis. Now it's raging in Afghanistan. They were drone-bombing women and children in Pakistan not long ago under our smeared flag and in our name. They made over a million Pakistani refugees. They planted fake terrorists in Pakistan to keep the fight going. Give the Pakistanis something to worry about and something to fight. Stretch them over a barrel with mercenary criminals on the take from our crooked Central Intelligence Agency in cahoots with their Indian toady counterparts. Just like that botched case of home-made terrorism in Mumbai on November 26, 2008. How gullible do they think people are?

Amid all this wrong-doing, our expendable troops are pitted against an assigned enemy who never offended them. I saw how some blow-hard was goading Iraqi "militarized" police to hunt down and pick fights with their own countrymen. He was using a translator to chew them out for not taking up arms against their own people. This is the pattern they seek to enforce wherever the fungus of this "Global War on Terror" spreads next. They invade, occupy and subjugate whatever Middle Eastern Country is next on the chopping block. They try to get the country's police and military to wage a war against its own people under the aegis of "The Global War on Terror" by fabricating internal conflict, strife and discord. But the kicker is they have yet to show us a single terrorist.

War on Terror? Dude! Don't we need to see a terrorist first? Since 2001 I have had better luck with sightings of the Easter Bunny. It is piquant to note that in the Year 2000 Anno Domini, there was a curious book published by Robert A. Jensen, entitled Mass Fatality and Casualty Incidents: A Field Guide. I believe it was the only one of its kind at the time. How convenient for Jensen that on the heels of his book hitting the streets, two commercial airliners hit the Twin Towers. Hmmm.... I tried to get an interview with Jensen about his book but he avoided me like I was Yersinia Pestis. And his secretary had a torpedo attitude.

Makes you wonder why they are flying loads of Muslim men and boys to the Communist prison island of Cuba when they have yet to show us the first terrorist. These Muslims are being held without charge in a Navy prison at Guantanamo Bay. Is it to just get them out of the way? Less of them to take up arms and defend their homes I suppose. Less of them to save the day. Cuba is a viciously-guarded island and nobody can hear them scream. Islands are great for prisons. There is no place to run. No place to hide. Kind of like Google Earth surveillance. The Navy jailers at Guantanamo Bay are either dupes or cancerous with guilt.

Put yourself in the place of the Mujahideen. One day you're living your Muslim life, minding your own business and the next you're staring down the barrel of a foreign, invading military force. Cowardly, unmanned drones rain bombs from the sky at two in the morning -- under the cover of darkness, Abaddon's signature cloak -- killing your wife, kids, and neighbors. On another burner they have false-flag operations cooking up a storm -- bombing your schools and mosques. So-called suicide bombers blowing things up, smearing Islam with random acts of violence. What would you do? Lay down and take it? Or defend your Mayberry R.F.D.? I wouldn't have to think about what I would do. And I'm not a Muslim.

I can read. The Qur'an comes in English, did you know that? God's people would never pull the stuff that is being done in the Middle East right now in their names. Such acts of abomination would be to them, spiritually, like falling on their own swords. They fight the good fight. They don't engage in treachery, subterfuge, "setting up partners," intrigue, false-flag or black-ops. They will meet you in the desert, look you in the eye and stand their ground. In your mind, make their town your town. Put yourself in their saddle. Now it's a horse of another color.

In Vietnam, they drafted working class boys and urban poor to shoulder the carnage of a fabricated war. They thrust guns into their callow hands and let "kill or be killed" pilot the day. These young men had no choice but to do or die. Many came back, missing limbs, to face the music of a disgusted nation. Talk about insult and injury. Today, we have an all-volunteer force you might think. But many were squeezed into battle from an economic wine-press by design. Plays right into the Wizard's hand. Think for yourselves. Do the math.

Invasion of Iraq Jack. Think back. Wasn't that done on the pretext of "they are stockpiling weapons of mass destruction?" Well don't you think that our guys have figured out that was a lie by now? And don't you think that while they are being pitted against these poor, framed Muslims that many of them are tortured squeezing off rounds into them -- taking the lives of innocent men who have every right to defend their homes and families as our pioneers and patriots have done against such invaders from our past?

Hell yes. So naturally, the shrink team is gearing up their bogus pabulum to feed our mentally-wounded, morally-rattled men. What else can they do? They have created monsters for us all. With unquenchable fires of regret. A raging Forrestal.

As for weapons of mass destruction? Check the U.S. Department of Transportation's 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook (a manual to First Responders for Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials Tranportation Incidents). This manual covers tanker-loads being trucked from Mexico to Canada and every point between, coast-to-coast and in every cardinal direction. Listed under their "dangerous goods" are blood and nerve agents designed to kill en masse within seconds (100% aerosol delivery), blister agents, tear gas, biological warfare pathogens, poison flue dust, fast-killing poisons galore, white phosphorus, oxydizers, and all the stuff presently being sprayed into our stratosphere from KC-135 tanker jets -- areosol chemicals bastardizing our clouds, raping the rain, and crippling the monsoon. What's raining, however, are dead birds and honey bees. So spare me the lame drivel, bitch please.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

He Lied

Obama gives us lip-service in recent news about how 9/11 is a pretext for picking fights with Muslims. I do not feel heartened by this man at the helm of my government. I long for a bull-in-china-shop potentate. A president who, once in the saddle, leads from the front -- with zero regard for the man behind the curtain. President Obama made promises at my university that he has not kept. I expect a man to be one of his word.

Now I read where he is moving the sharp stick that he's been poking around in Iraq over to Pakistan and Afghanistan so he can pick fights with more Muslims. The outrageous lie that Muslims had something to do with 9/11 is still being fed to people around the world. This stubborn lie needs to be exposed for what it is. When is somebody going to write it in the sky?

The twin towers were bleeding thermate before they uniformly collapsed. This catastrophe was carefully planned and people who were conveniently not there to die that day had early warning. All this has been exposed and many know the truth. So why the sickening push to pin this evil deed on an Islamic jihad? It is unlikely that the rag-tag Taliban would employ a sophisticated, covert demoliton enterprise that encompassed the twin towers and a third large building that was also demolished nearby.

If Obama wants a jihad on his hands -- he shall have one now. But your sons will bite the dust over it. People in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran have every right to defend their homeland when it is being invaded, occupied and subjugated by hostile foreign forces. Doubly do these Muslims have a reason to stand their ground after having been slandered up and down by a less-than-lily-white governement who dares to accuse others of corruption.

It is nauseating to hear Obama use words that aren't his own like, "disrupt, dismantle and defeat." It makes me wanna puke. That he has to reach back that far and pull Osama bin Laden's name out of his hat is the lamest of the lame. Still playing the blame-game. Still telling Americans to search for the corner of this round room that has no end. Round and round you all go -- like a dog chasing his tail. There is not a single shred of evidence tying bin Laden to 9/11. And NOBODY found the guy who mailed anthrax bio-terror either. How convenient.

I'm getting tired of this game of dodge-ball in the Levant. Every time somebody gets hit with the ball they come back in a casket. Big government contractors like Boeing-Boeing-Boeing (3/4 of the world's aircraft, space stations, warheads, if it flies, they make it, name it), URS Corporation (builders of 100's of American prison camps not yet occupied), Stavatti Aerospace (makers of laser assault rifles, bomber and surveillance drones and unmanned fighter planes), Babcock & Wilcox's Pantex (these jokers make nuclear bombs in Amarillo, Texas), and Battelle (cooking something contagious in a lab near you) are getting filthy rich on the blood of your sons. All the engines of the war machine are lining their pockets with American tax dollars by the billions. The saints who design warheads, fighter jets, torpedoes, nukes and cook up bio-terror are on the take. Along with the chemical companies who make nerve gas and cyanide. They know that war is their business -- and business is good.

However, honest, hard-working Americans who make their living doing something good have lost their jobs, their homes and sense of self. While our lying leadership leads our sons and husbands to slaughter, those on the home-front experience what nobody has seen since the Great Depression. All this while Obama works hard to start WWIII by dragging into his fabricated war Russia, China and Muslim-loathing India.

It's all the same crap. And the big lie that we've been told is coming into clearer focus every day. More blood for Israel is on the way.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Gloat Factor

9 - 11 March 2009, I got hit with Associated Press-written news about how folks were going on killing rampages all of a sudden and businesses large and small were bellying-up from sea to shining sea.

The killings were of course all done with guns so they called the shooters gunmen. The gunman did this. The gunman did that. Heavy emphasis on the guns. We have that part. How about a little more on motive? The AP journalist writes that a gunman walked into a church and shot the preacher who held up his Bible in reflex. There seemed a sinister delight in telling us how the Bible turned to confetti and fluttered down around the preacher.

The bland quotes from the congregation made the people seem predictable and dull. There was nothing dynamic about the story save the shooting itself, the shower of confetti, and the mocking quote about how the congregation was "screaming and praying." The AP journalist got a lot of mileage out of the confetti Bible. It read to me like the writer was gloating over the news -- light years apart from the tragedy. He wrote like he was far removed from the gravity of the event, as though he enjoyed a sinister immunity. To me the story had the mild flavor of ridicule.

So too was the news about a similar senseless killing rampage in Alabama. This man went 'round shooting folks on a spree. He killed relatives and random people before committing suicide. Again the word "gunman" was used over and over with bland quotes from locals larding the text. A matter-of-fact nonchalance pervaded the story. There was a lack of empathy and compassion from the writer. It was like she was writing a grocery list.

Then I get to the piece about how Circuit City was saying goodbye. Again there seemed a pevading theme of gloating ridicule. Like "ha ha, you American businesses are going down, jack. And you're never coming back." The gloom and doom that rains upon the American economy seemed to delight this writer. It read to me like he was gleeful to write about how Circuit City's sky was falling. If a store that has been 60 years part of our American lives can fold on a dime and "be left broom clean and vacant," what does that say about other small businesses?

The AP writer gloats on about how store employees were saying their last goodbyes as the place was getting "fleeced" of all its inventory. Amazing how deep into visual details this guy went to describe the sad scenes of our failing economy, wringing every last pathetic scene from the now jobless employees down to the makeshift signs outside of the store.

Throughout this text like some kind of carnival side-show, there were long lists of retailers and businesses that were going under. Like, "come jeer at who else in America is losing their *sses." That's what I got from it -- the way the piece was arranged and lain out. The list was so long that I had to finally abandon the tour. It seemed that everyone was on it. The question to ask was "who was not on it?" I felt that this list would have been the shorter one.

The "gunman rampage" stories were laid out similarly, larded with carnival picture-shows of other outlandish acts of crime that have shocked people lately. Like "isn't this all so entertaining?" I realise that these AP writers were marching to the tune of somebody above them who approves and encourages such journalism.

It is journalism like this that makes me glad that mainstream newspapers are doing so well at the moment.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hills and pills

Ever notice how when a high-visibility figure gets too lucid that he suddenly develops a drug problem? I have noticed it over the years with singers who write poignant, anti-establishment lyrics.

The songs of this particular singer were about how our government had gone awry and was raping Middle America. What sealed his fate was how he slipped in a few songs glorifying Jesus Christ. Now he was certainly "an enemy of the State." What made this singer the Wizard's biggest nightmare was how he was handsome to boot, multi-faceted, a gifted lyricist and had the ear of our Nation. Because of this he could come blasting out of a juke-box or car stereo at any time encouraging us to think for ourselves and to love the Lord. So he developed a heroin problem and faded into obscurity. How convenient for the Wizard.

Makes you wonder what Jim Morrison and Bob Marley really died of, doesn't it? Or any other charismatic, talented, anti-establishment speaker or singer. Even American Presidents have paid with their lives for opposing the Wizard. Think about that a minute.

If you want to get the Wizard's attention just start preaching the Book of Revelation from your Sunday morning pulpits. Not the Centrist pabulum version either -- the King James version. The English inspiration of God's Word that is crystal clear and came along after Shakespeare. Don't worry about the recent "converts" in the back of your church. They have been paid to attend many churches across the country to monitor your sermons. Let them have both barrels, be you a man of God. Take a lesson from your Muslim brothers who run scared of no man.

After that, if you can't be cajoled into a drug problem or the bed of a whore, then the Wizard will try something else to get you off the public radar. Thug-beatings and car bombs have been popular lately. That snaps neatly into what Christ said about how "you will be persecuted in my name." Don't let them sell you a copy of the "new international version" of anything. Stick to the poetry of your King James. God's Word issues in verses, not prose. So you best make use of those.

Go with the flow and you play into the Wizard's hand. Sometimes a soul must take a stand -- and set the pews on fire. Let your sermon-monitoring converts feel how hot a pew can get. Preach it, Brother. Make 'um sweat. I dare them to set foot into a real Church of Christ. Come on down that dirt road. We're waitin' for you.

Look at it this way. It all ends the same.

Sometimes a hill is worth dying on (ask the boys in Pakistan). And sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it's the wrong hill altogether -- like American involvement in Israeli fight-picking. Clearly it is Israel that needs the butt-kicking. And if you idiots want to be in the Levant when they launch the first nuke -- march on into the shockwave. As it blows your hair back remember that Islam is not our enemy and Afghanistan was not our hill.

Mercenary warfare is a poison pill. Don't swallow it. We all die anyhow. You can quietly fade away later wearing diapers, half brain-dead, hooked up to things that go beep in the night. Or you can die with your boots on in a righteous fight. The choice is yours America. Pick a hill worth dying on. But don't send your Christian sons to die on the smoking alter of Zionism under a banner of hatred, racism and genocide. That's not the American way and you know it.