Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bullshit Mills Are Us

You can find blogs and web sites claiming to be for some cause. But as you read the content, will sense that it is an elaborate mockery aimed at gullible, good-hearted people. Be wary of such efforts. They are full of donation requests to prove that they can get your money. That's what I think. Call it my opinion. "Call it what you like," said the Cat.

This appears to be how the deriders add injury to insult. They swindle money out of the same people they are poking fun at. They hoodwink donations out of a concerned public while they have a laugh, perhaps while writing elaborate fiction for the government and wealthy "non-profit" organizations. They make sport of the needy and afflicted. They even mock stray cats and dogs:

An example of such a blog is this one: To me it reads like a jeer. It has links to other web sites that work readers for donations. Anytime you find one loaded-down with links and tributaries, be alert. No single individual has time for something that convoluted and elaborate.

It smacks of dis-info fiction. The kind of stuff we have come to expect from ADL, CIA, JDL and other such yahoo's. It is my belief and opinion that they are not your friends. And they are not good people. Our government is a corrupt, corporate nebula with no soul. They are like Wikipedia or Google -- faceless and not accountable for what they do. They run with a pack of demon-spawn. I believe they purchase the silence of coroners.

Their bullshit mills employ armies of fiction writers propped up by psychiatrists, sociologists, psychologists and behavioral scientists of every gradation. They have departments upon departments of story-spinners, fabricators, even Poe & Dickens wanna-be's. They have a fleet of engineers to advise them on their scientific lies.

On Homeless Mary's untenably-long list of "homeless" links you can find which I believe is an organization that gets help from the government to enslave and exploit those they claim to help. Organizations like these seem to perpetuate destitution while collecting money for pseudo good will. Their design keeps homeless people homeless. And apparently in bondage to a dismal system.

I gave money to a man at a traffic light recently. He was begging while passing out copies of the Homeless Voice newspaper. Upon perusal of the rag, I learned that they farm-out homeless people to do humiliating odd jobs around the city. They encourage clients to phone them to set up bookings for homeless laborers.

Homeless people work like slaves all day to collect money for their "room and board" at this homeless shelter. I called one of the contact numbers listed in their newspaper. They seem to be making a profit off their homeless labor force while charging them for "room and board." From what I see around town, their system isn't helping. Does it ensure poverty and dependence on a system that exploits the destitute? Does anybody give a hoot? They advertise in their paper that their homeless labor force can get the job done for less money.

This homeless advocacy campaign bears watching. Ever notice how they collect money for the needy at grocery stores via your debit and credit card purchases? Ever wonder if that money makes it to where it's supposed to go? I do. My tack is to put cash into the hands of people who look like they need it. Period.

Who needs red tape and middle men? Apparently nobody. But the government shoves them down our throats. Just raise a field of organic crops and try to sell them to your neighbors and see what happens.