Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweatin' It

Should we be flattered that the CIA & Co. (includes partners and sycophants world-wide) are so worried about badly camouflaged secrets -- that they are paying little old ladies to pose as nitwits for their dis-info campaigns? That's what it seems like by the ocean of frantic web sites, blogs, hysterical drivel and YouTube freak shows.

Indeed, medicated loonies of all sorts have come out of the woodwork to discredit honest reports. These phony characters natter on about space ships, aliens, UFO's and counterfeit stars. They appear less than credible of course. And do for the truth what a 55-year-old woman does for butt-cleavage jeans.

A way to put a stop to the loony show is with binoculars. Just aim them at the sky and see for yourself. Empirical knowledge is the ruby in a pebble-bed of lies.

Why do you think they have mini-vans with TV's in them now? They don't want your kids to look out the windows while you are driving. They are afraid kids will see something in the sky that they will ask questions about. Children are naturally inquisitive and not politically-correct. They are not employed and worried about losing their jobs. Their drug-free senses are acute. They have minds like steel traps and can learn a new language in six months. You think they might pick up on a few details?

When you look at the sky, if at first you see clouds the size of football fields blocking your view, ask yourself when have you seen such clouds before? Wait a couple of minutes and let them float by. Then have another look and you'll see what they were trying to hide. You will notice on some days what looks like a white bed-sheet spread above the clouds. This is the aerosol curtain that has been drawn between the stratosphere and Earth. It has the appearance of spilt milk. And blocks our view to the Milky Way at night. Don't take another's word for anything. Do your own homework. Orion. Bushnell. Steiner. Olympus. Nikon. (10x or higher)

It's entertaining to see the span of the Wizard's hyperventilation. His panic takes on many facets. The depths to which he will stoop are as gaudy as the sophistication to which he will soar in order to keep Joe Public in a fog.

There are doddering old ladies with bad dye-jobs "testifying" to this and that. Along with ridiculous codgers from New Mexico claiming that they are scintillating stars of knowledge. There are talk-show hosts claiming to be somebody, but when you follow their trail it leads to nowhere. They appear to be non-existent people on assignment from the government. Their personages are as genuine as a hair-weave. They are covert funnels for public knowledge and opinion.

Jeff Rense? Alex Jones? Eric Hufschmid? Do not be so quick to snap these jokers up and give them your names and addresses. Who are they working for? Who are they really working for? Does anybody know?

I may be wrong about some of these people and I would like to be. But I am compelled to foster your healthy investigations into their Internet personalities. Whose payroll are they on? Investigate Peter Davenport, the Power Hour's motive, Pastor David J. Meyer, William Lyne (who is named after a hospital in New South Wales by the way), and the freakish school teacher Susan Ohanian.

The bogus hot air of Pam Schuffert is so lurid, you can't even class it with the above characters. Schuffert reads like a hatchling from the CIA/ADL fiction mills. This flailing cornball calls herself an "investigative journalist." The biggest burr under the saddles of our government and their Zionist head-lice is investigative journalism. So naturally they have to fabricate a Pam Schuffert.

The runaway internet is exposing the man behind the curtain, so he is doing damage-control. He must smear virtuous reporting. Notice how Schuffert is always mobile and has a post office box address so you can't Google her residence. But of course. The address is so you can spill your guts in letters that will be forwarded to the appropriate HUMINT analysis departments. Shuffert is all over the blogs and fear-mongering web sites, spreading over-the-top, exaggerated fiction. They are breaking a sweat trying to give real journalism a bad name. But anyone can see that this is lampoonery. The Schuffert character is written to be a hysterical wind-bag, loosely-wrapped with one oar in the water. She drops names to make people think that she enjoys a rapport with legitimate Christian conservatives. But she doesn't exist. The "she" is more than likely a "he." Whose voice is the jeering work of a shill-writer.

I have encountered assorted stolen identities.  Some names are even those of dead people.  The "authorities" hack into email, debtor's accounts, blogs, cell phone networks.  They commandeer web sites and pretend to be colleagues, friends and family members to people who are on their "watch list."  It's called spying.  Today it happens in cyberspace.  According to the McGraw-Hill Homeland Security Handbook, federal investigators have no problem tapping into your telephone conversations.  They enjoy full cooperation from all the cell phone networks.

I have locked horns with a few identity thieves and shill writers. They are venomous, Christian and Muslim-hating hacks. I believe they are being paid to write dis-info shills for the government and worried Zionist advocacy groups. They have a slant that I have learned to recognize. They all seem to hail from the same hive.

The list goes on for miles of these flamboyant characters who do not seem to exist. There's even a guy writing long articles in a similar vein to Schuffert's who is using a dead man's name. I researched the name and learned that he died many years ago. They are looking up dead people and using their names for by-lines. That way there will be public records about them that make them seem legitimate. But the one public record they hope you don't bump into is their death certificate.

There is a burgeoning bandwagon of the 60-somethings out there telling lies for the money. We have been cultured to trust and believe our elders because they are supposed to be wise and virtuous from their life lessons. So of course 60-year old preachers with an eloquent gift-of-gab will attract a few moths to the porch light. These charismatic speakers are handy operatives for a regime whose slip is showing. In crimson.

When somebody isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, they can also be a treasure trove for the boys at Langley. There's no threat that these "tools" will do their own thinking along the way. They can be given psychotropic drugs, hypnotic suggestions and enough money to live in comfort -- as long as they pretend to be somebody who they are not and sit by the phone around the clock. They are instructed to get as much information from their callers as possible. Like: Where are you? What's your first and last name? Where do you live? And so on. Then this info gets entered into a database for the nervous government.

I infer the CIA's m.o. has always been the money -- purchasing mercenaries, femme fetales, assassins, party-crashers, betrayal, false-flag terrorists, perhaps even extremist shill preachers pontificating about "silent sound spread spectrum," fake radio hosts, and various bottlenecks for public opinion to keep them abreast of who is getting wise and to what.

From the stuff we see on the Internet, they're sweatin' it. They have snoop teams working triple-time. Sniffing around everywhere, trying to learn about what people are learning. They even have fabricated web sites and blogs supposedly by these "credible" people with credible positions. The ploy is to use these personalities to gain public trust and elicit candor. They do it via e-mails, feedback entries, net forums, post office box addresses and telephone calls to radio talk shows. Their marching orders are to take down names and addresses of people who contact them. With that information today on anyone, I might as well have their dossier.

The monstrously-large government is worried about what Americans are thinking. Because their Master and Commander, the malignant State of Israel, is worried about which direction the pendulum of American allegiance might be swinging. All this ties in with what you see in the night sky. The war zone isn't just in the Middle East. It hasn't been since 9/11. The news is out on that one anyway -- regardless of how long they withhold the glaring black box evidence. Many-a-Navy diver has retrieved plane crash black box recorders from the deep. Why are they holding back the evidence of these cockpit recorders from 9/11? They didn't just disappear.

Here's a web site, I infer, that "CIA et al." is presently using to discredit genuine reports of a similar nature: They have diseased the link with weird software designed to confuse and frustrate the average person. Just ignore and circumvent it. Aren't their psy-ops impressive? As demonstrated by this web site, their strategy is to publish the truth couched in hysterical text that will be deemed from a "wacko-loonie." Often these fictive persons are presented as absurd religious fanatics. The kinds of people we write off as schizophrenics, paranoiacs, neurotics, Alices in Wonderland and drug-addled deep enders. These characters are passed-off as authors of truth-studded blogs and web sites (but of course) to nullify the "real McCoy."

That's the psy-op. Discredit facts by couching them in fiction. Hence, truth suffers guilt by association. Their present modus operandi is to publish a 50/50 split of fact and falsehood. They find seminal writing on a troubling subject and copy-cat it to the hair. Then they lard it with falsehood to frame the facts as a lie. They have gotten brave with this method. Some of the stuff I've read is 80% truth. The 20% fiction is so ridiculous, however, that their psychiatrist advisers calculate that readers will write it off as rantings from the mentally ill. Look for all-caps, underscores, exclamatory punctuation, flashy neon high-lighting, tacky cartoons aimed at Middle American fears and concerns, and verses from their "biggest fear of all," The King James Bible.

I suppose I cannot assert (but want to) that there exists a vast mill of technical and fiction writers in the employ of "CIA et al." who do nothing all day but crank dis-info drivel. Their efforts read as if they have been edited by a team of psychiatrists to make it psychologically shrewd. The ADL shares kindred worries. There must needs be a bed-fellow rapport between the two agencies, one surmises, as they spin their lies, weave their webs of deceit and fabricate bull-feces for consumption by the masses. To swallow their stuff, you need a taste for bullshit.