Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pentagon Papers

You can get on the "Pentagon Papers For Sale" web site and read your fill of dry government parlance. They have verbose white papers written by their top-notch prima donnas from the war colleges and post graduate schools. They compete with each other to bore you. If you don't get a head-ache from reading the first page or two, you can drop $45.00 and buy the whole enchilada from

The Pentagon Gang has a train of thesis papers that they have sanitized for public consumption. One in particular caught my eye tonight. Wading past the dizzying acronyms and wordinizations, zero'ing in on the message (one might need a doctorate degree from a war college for this), I finally got what they were saying.

They have teamed-up with the geeks who design computer combat games and translated what happens on your computer screen into the night sky. Something called Dark Star (high altitude endurance unmanned aerial vehicles) uses drones for enemy surveillance and targeting purposes. It's a no-contest advantage over whatever doomed victims you choose.

This writer has seen what appears to be a similar targeting and surveillance system presently in operation over much of the southeastern United States. It looks like the system is in the testing stages. If you do not relish the tiresome verbiage of war department wanna-be's, then just have a look in the sky. The Pentagon Paper salesman will still be online to sell you all the technical hot air you can stand. After seeing what I've seen, you'll make the connection.

So much for sunsets. Click on the photo.