Sunday, June 28, 2009

Warrior Transition Program

This makes me wanna puke. There's been a lot of that lately -- things making me want to puke. You can tell by the way they write it up, that the manure is being spread deep and wide. The miasma of their lies is on the rise. It has to nauseate any drug-free, independent thinker. The heavily-pushed prescription drugs of America are necessary to dull the brains of those who can swallow this crap. Hook, line and sinker -- now there's a good chap.

Yeah the military bull is getting deep. And there's more of it piling up all the time. What used to be called "The War on Terror" is now being called "The Global War on Terror." I notice that even down here where few people speak English, they can spell "Global" and emblazon it across their out-sourcing trucks.

Everybody is trying to have "Global" in their title. Companies, businesses, food distributors, government contractors, consulting giants, you name it -- they all want to be international and global so that the plutocrats who own everything will let them see another sunrise. I have never seen such a desperate, groveling mass of sycophants and toadies in my life. Oh how they sicken me.

The gag-reflex-evoking verbiage on their "Warrior Transition Program" riles the ire of Lady Columbia. Makes her want to swing a pole ax and howl, "Bitch please!" This bogus gibberish is designed to brain-wash the "expendables" into thinking that they were doing something right over there. Selfless service to "this great nation" indeed. "This great nation?" Is that what they are calling us now? Or is that just to to pacify our overridden war horse. He on the tip of the sarissa being jabbed into the sore spot, looking for a fight. Pity the woe-hoss who has taken on the yoke of this, our great shame. Pity the man saddled with our bloodied, sullied oriflamme now.

I read from the rest of the world how they refer to us as The Americas, The North American Union, The New World Order, the New Socialist Republic, The Bolshevik Ree-lapse, The High-tailing Stern of the Titanic, whatever -- pick one. "This great nation?" That's gotta be a psychiatric term to calm the addled, marching hoards. They are sweating it over the battle-pawns whipping out a heater at their next counseling session and with good reason. Our war-horse has been duped and Bucephalus is not amused. They better duck.

Counseling-schmounseling. Social Workers. Freudian advisors. These are probably the same jokers who wrote the "psy-ops" used to torture babies at Waco before they were gassed and burned in their mothers' arms, psycho-torture for abductees at Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan's Bagram, "El Presidio Americano Guantanamo," and other hell-holes like them scattered all over the world. Water-boarding ring a bell? In our name they have unleashed hell -- while they have religious non-combatants in uniform providing "pastoral care" in a Godless society. Imagine that. Guantanamo must be crowded to bursting by now. Good thing our Navy is so cuddly with Cuba's communist regime. They may acquire additional prison space on the Isle of Pines. But if they don't, tiger sharks keep secrets.

They should rewrite this epicac-drivel. Because it only adds injury to an insulted military mind,

They are feeling out the "troops" to see how close they are to snapping -- the ones who saw the pink mist in particular. Once they see it, once they smell it -- they will never be the same. Here's one of the "medical ghouls" bragging about the carnage he has witnessed. Looks like they were using heat-seekers to pick off these guys There is no way that these were regular sniper rounds. Yeah, this is the pink mist that Lewis Puller, Jr. wrote about. And the shrinks know it. Because they have had other "unfortunates" to study from past wars. They have written training manuals about it for future shrinks. Only the densest, simplest knuckle-dragger who has never had a thought for himself will come back unscathed. Any man with a moral compass has to know what this is about and has to know that it is wrong.

I don't even think of it as a war. For it to be a war there has to be two sides fighting about something. Here we have a one-sided massacre. It's no war, it's genocide. "Global" genocide according to the new title of the siege. They are killing-off Muslims, pure and simple. Just like they did in Bosnia. It's a Muslim blood-bath. Notice how it started in Gaza like a case of tinea corporis. Now it's raging in Afghanistan. They were drone-bombing women and children in Pakistan not long ago under our smeared flag and in our name. They made over a million Pakistani refugees. They planted fake terrorists in Pakistan to keep the fight going. Give the Pakistanis something to worry about and something to fight. Stretch them over a barrel with mercenary criminals on the take from our crooked Central Intelligence Agency in cahoots with their Indian toady counterparts. Just like that botched case of home-made terrorism in Mumbai on November 26, 2008. How gullible do they think people are?

Amid all this wrong-doing, our expendable troops are pitted against an assigned enemy who never offended them. I saw how some blow-hard was goading Iraqi "militarized" police to hunt down and pick fights with their own countrymen. He was using a translator to chew them out for not taking up arms against their own people. This is the pattern they seek to enforce wherever the fungus of this "Global War on Terror" spreads next. They invade, occupy and subjugate whatever Middle Eastern Country is next on the chopping block. They try to get the country's police and military to wage a war against its own people under the aegis of "The Global War on Terror" by fabricating internal conflict, strife and discord. But the kicker is they have yet to show us a single terrorist.

War on Terror? Dude! Don't we need to see a terrorist first? Since 2001 I have had better luck with sightings of the Easter Bunny. It is piquant to note that in the Year 2000 Anno Domini, there was a curious book published by Robert A. Jensen, entitled Mass Fatality and Casualty Incidents: A Field Guide. I believe it was the only one of its kind at the time. How convenient for Jensen that on the heels of his book hitting the streets, two commercial airliners hit the Twin Towers. Hmmm.... I tried to get an interview with Jensen about his book but he avoided me like I was Yersinia Pestis. And his secretary had a torpedo attitude.

Makes you wonder why they are flying loads of Muslim men and boys to the Communist prison island of Cuba when they have yet to show us the first terrorist. These Muslims are being held without charge in a Navy prison at Guantanamo Bay. Is it to just get them out of the way? Less of them to take up arms and defend their homes I suppose. Less of them to save the day. Cuba is a viciously-guarded island and nobody can hear them scream. Islands are great for prisons. There is no place to run. No place to hide. Kind of like Google Earth surveillance. The Navy jailers at Guantanamo Bay are either dupes or cancerous with guilt.

Put yourself in the place of the Mujahideen. One day you're living your Muslim life, minding your own business and the next you're staring down the barrel of a foreign, invading military force. Cowardly, unmanned drones rain bombs from the sky at two in the morning -- under the cover of darkness, Abaddon's signature cloak -- killing your wife, kids, and neighbors. On another burner they have false-flag operations cooking up a storm -- bombing your schools and mosques. So-called suicide bombers blowing things up, smearing Islam with random acts of violence. What would you do? Lay down and take it? Or defend your Mayberry R.F.D.? I wouldn't have to think about what I would do. And I'm not a Muslim.

I can read. The Qur'an comes in English, did you know that? God's people would never pull the stuff that is being done in the Middle East right now in their names. Such acts of abomination would be to them, spiritually, like falling on their own swords. They fight the good fight. They don't engage in treachery, subterfuge, "setting up partners," intrigue, false-flag or black-ops. They will meet you in the desert, look you in the eye and stand their ground. In your mind, make their town your town. Put yourself in their saddle. Now it's a horse of another color.

In Vietnam, they drafted working class boys and urban poor to shoulder the carnage of a fabricated war. They thrust guns into their callow hands and let "kill or be killed" pilot the day. These young men had no choice but to do or die. Many came back, missing limbs, to face the music of a disgusted nation. Talk about insult and injury. Today, we have an all-volunteer force you might think. But many were squeezed into battle from an economic wine-press by design. Plays right into the Wizard's hand. Think for yourselves. Do the math.

Invasion of Iraq Jack. Think back. Wasn't that done on the pretext of "they are stockpiling weapons of mass destruction?" Well don't you think that our guys have figured out that was a lie by now? And don't you think that while they are being pitted against these poor, framed Muslims that many of them are tortured squeezing off rounds into them -- taking the lives of innocent men who have every right to defend their homes and families as our pioneers and patriots have done against such invaders from our past?

Hell yes. So naturally, the shrink team is gearing up their bogus pabulum to feed our mentally-wounded, morally-rattled men. What else can they do? They have created monsters for us all. With unquenchable fires of regret. A raging Forrestal.

As for weapons of mass destruction? Check the U.S. Department of Transportation's 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook (a manual to First Responders for Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials Tranportation Incidents). This manual covers tanker-loads being trucked from Mexico to Canada and every point between, coast-to-coast and in every cardinal direction. Listed under their "dangerous goods" are blood and nerve agents designed to kill en masse within seconds (100% aerosol delivery), blister agents, tear gas, biological warfare pathogens, poison flue dust, fast-killing poisons galore, white phosphorus, oxydizers, and all the stuff presently being sprayed into our stratosphere from KC-135 tanker jets -- areosol chemicals bastardizing our clouds, raping the rain, and crippling the monsoon. What's raining, however, are dead birds and honey bees. So spare me the lame drivel, bitch please.