Friday, September 4, 2009

Biggy Fly

Looked up at noise coming my way and saw a cargo plane with Stagger-wing attitude. Who was this bozo? Was he drunk? Click on the photos.

The local zoomies are up-in-the-air about something. Maybe it's about flying night owls too low over sleeping suburbs. People are talking about it. Asking questions in two languages. Hard to control information traveling in a bilingual shockwave. Now I see why the Wizard wants the whole world to speak one language. It's easier to monitor communications that way.

News travels fast with cell phones and inter-net. Hence another use of man-made lightning -- wipe out communications. Like the night of the Tate murders. Before going into somebody's house to kill them, you first cut the telephone lines.

Aerosol hirelings require bolstering with bigger purses to fly the Wizard's round-the-clock dirty work. I wonder what they had to pay American Airlines to use their trademark logo on the tails of those polymer-spraying floozies.

Whatever happened to moral compass in this once Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? What happened to the difference between right and wrong? Who has smeared a good thing?

I call him the Wizard. His money funds every abomination against what is right and good. He is ageless. Every generation a new version of him is born. He pays assassins, court room liars, falsifiers, puppet-politicians, guns-for-hire, disease cooks, cyanide factories, bomb-builders and war-planners. He rewards human-traffickers, addiction vendors, black-market organ salesmen, traitors, disinformation publishers, Internet manure-spreaders, false-flaggers, crooked cops and pill-pushers. He is cancer to national sovereignty and the cyanosis of liberty. He is a usurer. His bars and shackles imprison the innocent. He buys armies. This "man behind the curtain" seems to have more than a hand on our military. He makes them prance like a trained pony. He is the corruption of governments.

Today they had a monstrous gooney bird come over. What a drone of propellers. The lumbering, unwieldy thing looked like a cargo/troop transport. Our troops, as they are condescendingly called, are after all, so much cargo. In keeping with how they refer to personnel as "human capital" in today's government.

To the Wizard,
"the troops" are expendable bodies in desert camouflage. These sort of planes haul our sons and husbands off to instigated killing fields -- and then fly them back in flag-draped coffins. All-purpose planes. Airborne troop transports for the "quick and the dead."

Something like that flew over our house today. And over South Miami at altitudes that endangered all below. What could be the justification for such a flight? What public statement could they have for Habana Nueva? Whom they deem, as these photographs attest, expendable. Like the fresh meat they recently flew to Afghanistan.

More American hecatombs to Israel. Impetuous brainwashed boys, some of them. Others, hard up to pay the bills in a deliberate depression. Reminds me of that scene in The Deer Hunter. Christopher Walken playing Russian Roulette. That's what they're doing over there. Walking point through booby-trapped Howitzer shells. And the Wizard is watching it all from satellite. Perhaps with delight. Those aren't his sons going up in a pink mist, after all.

There is Cuban Heritage in this town to whom a bloody Marxist take-over is fresh on their minds. That regime was funded by the same Wizard who sends me buzz-jobs of assorted makes and models. There was a fixed-wing surveillance drone that I could have touched from my bedroom window. Noiseless. Maybe a faint whirrrrrrr. That's how close he was. I got a good look at him. Had a Stavatti look about it. Photogenic aircraft for the most part. But this last one was a hoot.

Before their big aviation stand-down two months ago, the Wizard sent helicopters to spot-light my bedroom windows and check the driveway. Why? Ask the Wizard. Maybe he's got something against the AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

One of these choppers I caught in the act -- U.S. Coast Guard in blazing danger-orange and white in the middle of the night. 0200 hours sharp. Outside coverage on that one. I could have jumped up and grabbed the sled.

Since 2001 they have had a massive government "re-org." The U.S. Coast Guard is now part of the Christian and Muslim-hunting Department of Homeland Security. See what my husband misses by being in Iraq? Looks like the new war zone might be here. They sure are practicing to make it one above their artificial clouds. Get some binoculars and see for yourselves. The show starts at sundown and goes till 0500.