Friday, September 4, 2009

Powder Polymer

Funny how the Tanker Team has had this polymer powder since 2001 and didn't use it on Katrina. It was invented in 2000 by Peter Cordani. The patent's main thrust is how to disarm a hurricane.

It works on the same physics that they use in super-thin sanitary napkins or high-absorbancy baby diapers. Turns liquid into gel. Except here they spray it into clouds in powder form. And it absorbs rain many times its own weight. The process cripples wind velocity. Based on this math, Katrina could have been erased from the air.

If they had this stuff as early as 2001, then why did they let Katrina happen? And why did FEMA just sit there and watch? Where was the massive "Preparedness Community" then?

Presently they are using polymer aerosols in Miami to hold back the seasonal monsoon. The back lawn has morphed into broad-leaf weeds that thrive on less rain in areas where the grass has died.

Why are they doing this? There are a few reasons. Tactical cloud-cover is wanted. With a normal monsoon, post-rain evening skies would be left too clear for their nefarious operations. So they manipulate the weather accordingly. They let a few drops fall strategically to make people think it's raining. But it's never the right kind of rain. Or in the right duration. Monsoons don't dump at 9:00pm like their fake rain this summer. They have insulted indigenous intelligence. They underestimate the Cuban mind.

They need a low ceiling and fake clouds to hide the arrival phase of their high-tech war toys. Once they take up their positions in the night sky, their weapon system masquerades as stars. Among these masqueraders appear to be targeting and surveillance systems. High-speed, anti-gravity drones. Tiny scintillators to gauge high energy radiation (electromagnetic waves of "x" and gamma ray, particulate alpha, beta and neutron). What they call ionizing radiation. Electrifying radiation. Inject it into a cloud and super-charge it.

An ion is an electrically-charged atom. In a gas, radiation can make it electric. You can make lightning like that in an artificial cloud and from what I have seen -- do anything you want with it. Hell of a new war toy. Alexandros! We've come a long way from the sarissa. But the omega is a firm guarantee.

Lately due to unwanted publicty, they have panicked and started spraying mega-loads of cover clouds to act as nocturnal duck-blinds. Tanker jets fly up and down the Biscayne Bay dumping their loads all night. They create large cumulus imposters that drift westward across South Miami into the Everglades.

The other purpose of their cloud chemistry is to conduct an electric charge. They also need an electromagetic matrix for their nuclear devices. And atmospheric pea soup is desired for projecting holographic images of backdrop stars and the moon. Think of it as heavy foundation for make-up. The foundation is the false ceiling. And the make-up are stars and moon.

It seems to me that the local astronomy clubs have been briefed about what to tell quizzical students and enthusiasts. Telescopes are made to penetrate into deep space. These fake low ceilings all summer no doubt have piqued curiosity among star-gazers. Because they also have fake constellations for your telescope that are made of scintillators. How gullibe do they think we are about the night sky? Do they assume everybody in Miami is drunk and high?

Back to Katrina. Peter Cordani's invention laments the destruction of 1992's Andrew and offers a "solution" for future storms. These polymers can be used to arrest a hurricane. Then why didn't they arrest Katrina?

Perhaps they have other uses for this invention. Cordani's patent says that there are several unlisted applications for this cloud powder. He didn't list in his patent how the polymer can likewise be used to create a drought -- and subsequent famine anywhere in the world. Sad that the techno-crats held back on the this technology during Katrina. Shame be upon them for that.