Thursday, September 3, 2009

Straight Bolt

At 0100 I go to the east telescope for a peek at the "stars" over the Bay. Hoist up the blinds to find a dense cloud sprawling the expanse of my vista. It looks like one of those man-made clouds that comes out of the aerosol ports of the local Boeing "night owl" jet. It boasts lightning, so I settle in for the show.

I deem that the cloud is fabricated and so is the lightning. As I watch the entertaining display, to the left of cloud-center I see a tiny black orifice jut out of the cloud. From this orifice comes a straight bolt of lightning that looks like a barbecue skewer. Like those laser sabers from Star Wars. It struck out for the same amount of time that the other "more natural-looking" bolts of lightning did. But it was perfectly straight. Like a white laser beam.

I think that our military/industrial gang is testing a new weapon. And not far from sleeping suburbia. This super-charged cloud hovered motionless in a dead calm slightly south and east of a new housing development.

At 0130 the lightning abruptly ceased. Seemed like a test of man-made lightning. There was nothing natural about the cloud, the lightning or the way it suddenly stopped. Now I see a purpose for scintillators.

For 60 days that I have observed, this fake lightning has been a nightly affair. Flashes of unnatural-looking light and thunderless lightning. Tonight I saw how the embellishing bolts served as a distraction from the one in question. This big cloud was full of lightning I think because they needed plenty of "normal-looking" lightning to distract possible eyes from the laser-lightning they were testing.

I read about particle beams.  They seem to be man-made lightning that strikes like a laser with devastating power. In the beam are carried subatomic particles that each act like a separate bullet on impact, displacing their momentum. It can destroy anything with the strike of a lightning bolt. But it has the targeting capability of a laser beam in that it strikes in a straight line. This gadget can be used in our atmosphere and in space. What I saw, however, appeared to be harnessed lightning. Lightning alone does not contain little bullets -- just high voltage. But that's enough to get your attention. Or make you do the high-step.

If you thought your government could selectively pick you off with lightning every time you stepped outside, would it make you a more "compliant" citizen?

Here you go. The zoomies love to toot that horn:

No wonder the local military bases have been secretive about the strange things in the sky. Those round, wingless drones are likely nuclear and can hover inside clouds. I have seen them flit from cloud to cloud in the day time and hide inside them. Tonight I think it was the same little anti-gravity UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles)/drones that were inside that cloud making lightning. I have seen them do it before.

Today's aviation is painfully dependent on technology. Imagine flying by compass in a tail-dragger. Disoriented over blue and azure. Remember Flight 19? "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday..." That's what they get for calling those planes Avengers. Vengeance does not belong to man.

Beam-lightning is a vulgar display of voltage. Children should not play with Daddy's guns. In the hands of men with purchased souls, light-trigger nukes, man-made pestilence, laser snipers, NBCRE and now this -- only spells one thing. That history repeats itself.

It's on the books for those of us who read them. The rest of you keep watching that TV.