Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ruse Juice

Moving with the busy flow of housewives through a supermarket, I pick up a carton of orange juice. Emblazoned all over the carton, mimicking the squeezings of a local grove, are the false promises "PREMIUM 100% Pure Florida Squeezed."

Being in a hurry and not having time to read the microscopic print near the bottom of the carton, I make my purchase. Later that evening upon taking a sip of this assumed juice of Eden, my olfactory judge slams down his gavel. A ruse.

Yet another cruel joke on Middle America whose bodies merit the best nutrition -- because they actually work for a living. The snooty clientele who shop at the yoga-mania places know that anything they pick up in "their" grocery store is bar none. Everything's organic. Don't panic. No need to check the label. It's the best money can buy. For a product to make their inventory list, it better do the high-step.

So here I have this lying carton in my hands in orange, white and green. Beats anything I've ever seen. The lies on this thing. And the crap in my glass. Let's expose these jokers for who they are. At the bottom of the carton in tiny green letters it reads, "Blended with Valencia Orange Juice. From Concentrate and Not From Concentrate." There's the legal coverage for selling lies at Wal-Mart.

Predator industry banks on the working classes being too busy to read their fine print. Predator industry counts on people having too much on their plates to pick through their rice. So they slip you things that you don't know you're eating. They lie to you. Hoodwink you. Sell you things that aren't worth your money.
And put orange liquid in a carton with a motto at the top of "Stay Healthy," while passing off inferior product. These rusers have a carton that masquerades as our favourite local grower's carton. Here is their company name and address in super-fine print: TWS Marketing Group, Inc., P.O. Box 520104 Longwood, Florida 32752 --- sounds like a righteous outfit doesn't it. Here's their web site:

Read your labels America. Find a trusted brand and stick with it. Reward honesty and punish liars. You want a good orange juice in Florida? Here you go: