Monday, August 24, 2009


In some ways, what's being done in the Middle East is the same thing that is being done here. In our so-called "Homeland, " the Wizard seeks to dismantle and demoralize via economic collapse.

For example, the produce growers have been pistol-whipped with fine print designed to cripple them. Many businesses responsible for providing jobs to Americans and producing American goods have been stricken with a wrecking-ball.

The massive unemployment will force more young men into the military war machine. People will get in line at the recruiter's office. Russian roulette is better than no job at all. At least they will get three meals a day and some pay. The Wizard knows how to get fresh meat for his battlefield. He needs "warfighters" to replace the ones who are shooting their psychiatrists and themselves, not just those who go up with car bombs.

Then we have the New Age gang telling us to be happy inside as we succumb, surrender and acquiesce to the flow of existence. The elfin-visaged Eckhart Tolle writes that we should live in the now and yield to the "is'ness" of what is. He stands in the ranks of Gary Zukav, Deepak Chopra, Swami Nithyananda and the Dalai Lama who work in unison to defuse the outrage of a Godly people. The soothing Dr. Chopra writes that Satan is a figment of our imaginations. And Swami Nithyananda charges, "You are God!" -- God help us is what I say.