Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spying, Lying and Radiation

Is there a new hell above? Is the battlefield now a battlespace? Is the sky a computer screen? Have we gone from war games in arcades to fake stars over the Glades.

Let's put up a holographic moon.  And a big dipper made of scintillators.

So we name fake terrorists and you either pick them off or stage their killings. That is -- unless -- you accidentally killed your favourite false-flag war ho. That's what you get for letting UAV's run your show. Hit or miss. Nothing like a real pilot, is there.

Fake terrorists. Fake stars. Fake moon. Fake clouds in the afternoon. Fake planets on fake orbits. Low-altitude clothes hangers and coat-racks trying to pass for heavenly bodies. Flying dome-lamps. A
bastardized, camouflage sky.

Do you feel like a bottom-feeder flopping in a dwindling draught pool? Is your boss is a fool?