Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nasty Nexus

It's amusing to see where my blog entries will show up on the web. I just saw one listed on They read to me like one of the Nasty Nexus' watch-dog sites where they gather-up news articles, blog entries and other writing. I noticed how each article was flagged with a small categorical icon. Perhaps they think that is covert.

The Nasty Nexus have their fingers into everything. Yeah, I clump 'um all together. They are in a network, supporting each other and sharing information. They have been about their father's business for centuries. If I wasn't in their sights what kind of writer would I be?

I noticed how the gang wrote a new headline for my article and paired it with a disturbing photograph. They cut and pasted certain words from my blog into the headline out of context. This implied a new meaning. Their arrangement of my words and their photo send a message to the reader that I did not intend. That most readers scan headlines and some of the first paragraph is what they are banking on. They want to cast what I wrote in a new light.

Smearing, framing and stigmatising has ever been the speciality of the Nasty Nexus. Look what they did to Jesus of Nazareth, Joseph McCarthy and Ezra Pound. Let's not leave out the curious case of Chief of Naval Operations Jeremy Boorda. The Admiral was smeared posthumously in the press. Who did he piss off to have them assassinate his character after his unlikely suicide? I bet they won't let you see the coroner's report or ballistics on that one any time soon.

Upon further perusal, one finds that has a twang. Their saucy headlines and illustrations make sport of tragedy, disaster and people without arms. Even if the text they imported has a different slant, few people read it all. So the headlines tell whatever story they want, missing no opportunity to lampoon Jesus Christ or His Church of course.

Throughout their site one is haunted by visages of men who were murdered by the Nasty Nexus in the past. John F. Kennedy and Alexander Litvinenko are two of their claims to fame. Don't you find it odd how they picked-off John Kennedy but are letting Victor Ostrovsky run around loose? It gives me pause, seeing as they sent a pre-need casket to the family of that Hamas guy they snuffed. They were bragging about it in all media, brandishing surveillance footage of their assassins.

They even poke fun at the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Here is one of the quotes from an article listed under's Don't Panic! Lighten Up! section, "One oil rig goes down and we're going to be rolling in dough," Mr. Tourre wrote in one email. "Suck it, fishies and birdies!" How's that for context?

You can't believe everything you read. Especially not the headlines banged-out by the Nasty Nexus hacks. They delight in jeering at misfortunes and "ordeals" of the working class. "In other news," I read a story today about how the Louisiana parishes are hard hit by the oil spill. The whole story was a mockery. Just like the ones I read about Hurricane Katrina victims and those in Haiti's recent earthquake. All a big joke to the Nasty Nexus whose front-burner project these days is how to make and break the weather.