Thursday, June 10, 2010

The New Slavery

Driving into the country I passed a church that sums up today's loose, tepid grip. On their announcement board were the words, "With open minds and open hearts." As if announcing their fealty to Abaddon's New Church Order. Open to anything. Anchored in nothing.

I wonder if Abaddon's (Revelation 9:11) gullible void knows who is picking their beans?

Passing centrist central, I drove by what looked like slaves working in the fields. Two school buses were parked amid a sea of beans. They had been bused out there like so much human cargo to labour in the fields. I asked the nearest girl in Spanish how much they paid her an hour to do this work. She answered, "No se," meaning that she did not know.

The workers were all of a similar stature, skin tone and purity of breed. They looked like they came from an equatorial place or rainforest. The girl I spoke with seemed fearful of me. She bore the expression of culture shock given to new arrivals.

A local woman told me how she thought it was cruel how they treated these people. She said they were constantly threatened with deportation. So one is compelled to ask, how much are they paying these people an hour?

Not long ago I found a flyer wedged in my door. It offered trash can cleaning services. Never heard of those before. Have you? Since when has this kind of thing been offered -- and for dirt cheap? Since when did we last see slave labour in this country? I drove to this advertisement's business office.  It was not easy to find. The man there nearly came out of his skin when I asked for a job application. He either could not or would not produce one. He was visibly disturbed, rose from his desk and told me to leave his office.

Perhaps his cheap labour force comes from the same "horn of plenty" as those I saw slaving in the fields,