Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gargoyles Unite

Shortly after publishing my exposé on MicroSoft's Cyber Police State, all manner of harpies swooped down on my computer.  They diseased  software with new venom.  Everything on my computer was attacked.  It was a tidal wave of remote control, forced programs and override.

One day a "public folder" appeared at the bottom of my computer screen.  I
t could not be deleted.  I was uncertain of it's function but deduced that it may have been a remote access portal to my c: drive.

While this was happening I thought about how many cars and aircraft have computers in them now.  Aircraft can be flown by computers and GPS navigation systems.  If they can do what they did to my computer via remote control, then they can hi-jack a plane at 33,000 feet and do whatever they want with it.

They shoot missiles into the houses of sleeping people in Pakistan from remote control drones.  It is plausible to think, thereby, that this is how 9/11 happened.  They could have done it via remote control override.

OnStar and BMW Assist, for example, can take remote control of a stolen car.  They can decelerate and stop the engine with software that overrides the driver's manual controls.  Since aircraft can be flown by computers, how much of a stretch is it to commandeer a jet via computer interface?  Casts 9/11 in a new light, doesn't it?

Back to the harpies.  It was like they convened a think-tank of  psychiatrists, optometrists and software engineers to come up with the most damage.  How can they peck thee?  Let me count the ways.
Google, Firefox and AOL got microscopic fonts all of a sudden.  MicroSoft’s mouse began clicking places on its own.  The cursor jumped all over the page to random places. 
America Online and other browsers sent (apparently) tailor-made messages designed to insult, taunt and harass.  Google ads was in on the fun.  Ad hominem that is.  There were tailor made ads galore.  The venom had a signature stench. 
Sprint cell phone company was in on the act.  Their network was making calls in my name to people I never called.  These people would call my cell phone and ask why I was calling them.  
My Sprint cell phone out-going log was having phone numbers deleted from the list.  There is reason to believe that this was happening to incoming calls also.

Sprint cell phone company had designed software that sent me bogus messages on my cell phone.  One message said that my battery was low after a few minutes of cell phone usage.  I would get annoying beeps and bogus messages.  But what Sprint Network could not have known is that a friend from Sprint had recently given me a new cell phone battery.
AOL had designed a new colour palette expressly for me.  It looked like they were advised by their optometrist.  All the colours were pastels -- worthless for highlighting text.  Shades of castrated warm and cool.  Nothing hot and cold.  Like a tiger whose teeth and claws had been removed.
AOL,  AT&T, Firefox and Explorer were rife with bogus warning caveats, pop-ups and “helpful” reminders.  They inundated me with annoying, crowding, animated, distracting, and insulting advertisements.    

A web site that I used for relaxation had all my favourite video clips removed.
My Sprint cell phone contained threatening prank voice mail messages along with insulting, harassment-style text messages.  
The cyber-harpies are not that far removed from the aviation ones I suppose.  I have already listed some of the buzz-jobs I’ve been getting around here.  C-130’s and P3 Orions for starters.  Unmanned aerial vehicles, hang gliders, Cessna’s, choppers and prop-jobs ad nauseam.  Harpies unite.  
Japan's Nikon Corporation sent me a 60-day free trial of their latest photo editing software.  Apparently MicroSoft overshadowed this with a tailor-made mockery of their own.   They snuck it onto my computer via their “free automatic downloads" port.  When I tried to access the Nikon software on my computer, I would get detoured to MicroSoft's “mockery” version.  It was of course worthless and ridiculous.  But they only had a few days to laugh about it.
I noticed other web sites with similar re-routes and detours.  My brother’s USMC web site, for example,, is such a one.  While using MicroSoft computers I would get re-directed to a fabricated decoy site that I felt was not authentic.  It had lots of links to “donation collection” sites that I feel are tied to Israeli interests.

My experience with MicroSoft products and computers has prompted a veer into a new direction:  Macintosh.  With Steve Jobs’ Network, you no longer have a need for Norton’s Rottweiler to protect you from “Burn this virus like hell” -- from Amsterdam with love.  Norton stopped ‘um cold.  What protects your attackers also protects you.  Dam that Norton.  Gotta love the Hague.  But now I love my Macintosh.  Get some.
My recent attacks from these bridge trolls means that I must be doing something right.  Long live Nikon!  They make great cameras and fearsome lenses.  Sixty-day free trial of their latest photo editor is available on  Get some!  Don’t swallow that dumbed-down version from Bill Gates.  It only lets you see pictures at 33% resolution.  It’s part of the MicroSoft photography-killer campaign.  Freelance photo-journalists are freaking out the American Cheka. 
In conclusion, here is a list of the companies that locked arms with MicroSoft in a concerted siege against my computer, photography and cell phone:
Wordpress editing software corrupted 
Blogspot editing software corrupted