Friday, June 11, 2010

Lost Boys

The psychology of Apollyon only works on the ego-centric.  His shadow-play rattles a man whose self-worth is tied to the size of his boat.  The rank on his coat.  A car.  A bridge too far. 

The ego-centric can be controlled by their worldly desires and self-worship.  They are ruled by others of their kind who have more money.  Such men can purchase the smiles of mercenary women.  And buy the business-end of mercenary armies.   

The ego has been demonized in the Third World East for centuries, yet is exploited in the West where man is led by the nose with it.  I am learning today's application of this concept.  Some of the herd you want to be ego'less.  And some of them you want to steer by their egos.  Depends on what kind of herd you're talking about and what kind of use you have for them.

The new god is called Existence, Universe, Cosmos, Logos.  Seekers are told that ego is spiritually-crippling.  That it will thwart their path to enlightenment.  Their leaders, lecturers, masters and teachers tell them that they are part of a cosmic ocean.  A drop that will return to the main.  Part of a larger whole.  They are all a piece of the pie in the sky.  Where nobody makes the rules.  Because there aren't any.  There is no right or wrong.  No honour or dishonour.  Life is purposeless.

How convenient.  A useful schpeal for dismantling morality-based societies.  Just tell them that they are God and anything goes.  There will be no hell to pay for anything they do because sin does not exist and life has no purpose anyway.  But don't forget to tell them that death has "the sting of a thousand scorpions."  How else have them dread and fear it?  How else manipulate the masses during this purposeless life of theirs?  "O' death where is thy sting?" 

According to the Lost Boys, it's right here.  Notice that Messrs. Rockefeller and Rothschild appear to be concerned about "I, me and mine."  What dwindling pristine rill do they not covet?  Could they be the ones bank-rolling today's blanket spirituality?  Would it behoove them in managing their enslaved multitudes?  Should their maxim be, "Do as I say, not as I do?" 

Should one practice what one preaches?  I have read that a leader is respected most who leads from the front and by example.  One who shouts from the saddle and the diaphragm, "Follow me!"  Is beloved of his men like one who casts broad his seed in a whisper, "Do as I do."

Today on every campus, in every city, at every turn there pervades a common mantra.  It adheres so rigidly to the same stripe that it could be a company logo.  Every counselor uses the same lecture and gives the same advice.  Every organisation, institution, foundation, bureaucracy and corporation adheres to it.  The buzz-word is compliance.

Case-in-point:  British Petroleum.

The Wizard's Big Nebula is as substantial as his Big Bang.  A story you tell "the people" to lead them to the cliff's edge.  Like the concept put forth in M. C. Piper's book, The Judas Goats.  Somebody you trust promises you the moon -- so you follow him.

Enlightenment these days is a popular word used by corporate lecturers.  They never put too fine a point on it.  Who tells you what it is or what it means?  The Wizard rather dangles it before his hopeful wagon-horse.

The Wizard-funded, Wizard-supported one world spirituality:  the black void of Abaddon, gaping maw, broad path, sucking black hole, the ruse colossal, the righteous road -- to nowhere.