Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Day-Glo Manifesto

I was walking through a highbrow garden the other day and noticed how there were heinous metal sculptures about. It was an exhibit they said. I took this to mean that it would hopefully soon be gone.

These "sculptures" were not sculptures in the classic sense. They were pieces of gargantuan metal beams arranged in haphazard, ugly ways. One looked like a builder's crane in danger-orange. Another, like a piece of yellow gear abandoned by a construction crew. An assault of yellow like school-bus yellow, this pointless apparatus. An eye-sore, mucking up the beauty of God's creation. There was a homely, jagged mess so tall that it competed with stately trees in red -- a piece of modern art they said.

These day-glo eye sores were everywhere, insulting nature with their fabricated ugliness. The message I got by this vulgar display was that Lucifer had just thrown a monkey-wrench into Eden to taunt God. They were spray-painted in loud, offensive colours for some of us to cringe at and others to embrace. Now no one can delight in what God made for us expressly to enjoy. It was as if the evil one set out to rape Eden with his perverted "expressions" that art students and the world are now being told is art. That was the most insulting part.