Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Camps, Pens and Kent State

Showtime's sleazy allegory smacks of the same dagger that hangs over Americans from state and federal prison web sites. They are linked to fabricated "psy-op" sites that brandish similar swords of Damocles, reeking of CIA's cuddly bed-buddy, the ADL. It is my belief that CIA and ADL are close nestlers due to studies of their texts and familiarity with their writing styles, formats, general modus operandi in the field, et cetera. We have had a few years to watch and study them. They are not the only kids on campus.

The Anti-Defamation League (they live to defame, by the way) is a non-government affiliated friend on whom the government can depend -- to spread dis-info, propaganda, fear-juice and bogus drivel from which the government wants to distance itself. Not only for the obvious reasons, but also for legal fine print.

Back to the daggers. Some web sites exhibit humiliating photographs of inmates taking showers and being marched around on their daily routines. In the one below, the writer pokes fun at prisoners and issues thinly-veiled threats to anyone visiting the web site. He implies that they too can find themselves in this predicament.

On prison sites I have read what I deem postings of bad taste. Lurid details and witness testimonies of execution attendees who watched a man die in the electric chair. The list was long of those who watched this horrific thing. They went into great detail in their wordy accounts describing every drop of fluid that oozed from the man's body. Way too much information. They give us these details but CNN won't report the honest news?

This is a fear tactic targeting anyone who is curious about those federal prison camps springing up all over the place. FEMA Camps they call them. They are large capacity concentration camps. Their locations are no longer a secret. Sites like this drive the spike in deeper of what our government has been covertly working on for decades.

Here, in colors and contrasts designed to strain your eyes, you can read your fill of menacing, psychiatric rhetoric designed to make you afraid of your government. It is pickled in the venom of contempt. Like the man who sends a two-year old filly to the slaughter house for losing a high-stakes race. Same venom. It has a distinct flavour: http://www.federalprisoncamptour.com/index/html

You will note how this fabricated site links to official federal and state prison sites (no doubt with collusion and support). The government appears to be worried about what to do with millions of angry citizens who grow more angry by the day as they learn what their government has been up to for not just 60 years, but for over a century. Truly the manifest-
ation of Howard Rheingold's biggest nightmare:
smart mobs.

Unlike the crude, illiterate mob that was harnessed to bring about the Bolshevik Revolution, you people are capable of independent thought. Despite what your "shadow government" may write and say about you, they know that you are not at the mercy of their translations, public speeches and propaganda. You can choose where you get your news.

That is why they are presently racing to enact legislation to muzzle Internet broadcasts, censor and ban blogs like this one and block other sorts of media that publish news you can't get from CNN. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGw3_U91utU

This has them worried. You are a powder-keg of might and voting power. As we are taught by the war colleges, deception, intimidation and martial law have their uses. A fitting example is what the National Guard did at Kent State University in 1970. Boy, did that ever back-fire, huh Mr. War College.

A bunch of trigger-happy weekend warriors sprayed rapid fire into a crowd of unarmed college students -- oops. They killed a few of them and kicked off the fire-storm of protest that would cripple the Vietnam war machine. Slam-dunk. Protests whose anthems were sung by Jim Morrison, John Lennon and a chorus of other voices who threatened the government from a rock & roll stage.

The Vietnam War hype received a killing blow in Ohio that day. People were wising up to the fact that Vietnam -- was a sham. Just like what's happening right now in Afghanistan. Costing us much in blood and treasure, these wars are making war contractors rich and corpses of our sons. They are making billions on the blood of armies and their victims.

History does indeed repeat. Given that, and knowing the outcome of large public outcry, the party-hat war machine is getting nervous. Their gravy train might soon come to a screeching halt. And that's not what they want. They want war in the Middle East for years. And years and years and years. It serves so many of their aims.

Kill-off Muslims, the hated neighbors of Israel. Reduce American population. Finish-off our economy and national sovereignty. Enslave us to international tyranny. Enlarge our monstrous government and line the pockets of international bankers in the process just like every war since Waterloo.

So yeah, they have motive to make cowards of you. Jim Morrison spoke his mind on stage, digressing copiously between songs. He tangled racks with police everywhere he went, I believe, not because he was drunk and obnoxious. But because he opposed the Vietnam war and was an embarrassment to his flag officer father. He was found conveniently dead in his Paris bath tub at the ripe old age of 27.

Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin followed suit. Heroin we are told. Nobody got too old. Not even Ronnie VanZant or John Lennon. Any charismatic, anti-government voice that drew big crowds. Think about it. Can you sway public opinion?

Many seminal voices have been silenced over the years. They kill journalists like crazy world-wide. Dangerous business, writing the news if you are not allergic to truth. John F. Kennedy was a potentate. Don't forget Italy's Aldo Moro. Do you see the pattern?

I think the next presidential election will be interesting.