Monday, October 10, 2011

Pity the Fool

Lew Puller, Jr. went through this "can do/feel good/snazzy" after losing his legs to a booby-trapped howitzer shell. He came back from the Nam a fragment. And got on with his life. For twenty years or so. Took up a law practice. Big fancy desk at the Pentagon. The whole "poster-boy" nine yards. But inside he suffered gravely.

Right now this kid is riding high on flash-bulb fever. I've seen a lot of Marines like him. I want him to be "okay" as the Jewish shrinks always say. I want him to have quality of life for the remainder of his days. Because I love those boys. And know their sacrifice.

They trusted their corporate government to be glorious ideology. They believed CNN and what they were told by their recruiters. They believed the stuff we got in boot camp. They trusted their leadership. They are always young and march on assigned enemies with 100% blind faith.

Marines are like Rottweilers. They trust their handlers. And give their all to defend and protect. They charge on command at what they believe is an enemy. Pity the fool who betrays their allegiance. Pity the fool who rapes their youth on a false-flag battlefield. Pity the man behind the curtain who planned 9/11 and sent this boy to make war on people who never offended us.