Friday, July 17, 2015


"Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez was booked as Mohammad Youssduf Adbulazeer," reports the times free press.  Couldn't you get the lie straight?  


I do not believe this story.  It reads like another cock and bull from the same gang that committed 9/11.  You know -- the ones who stand to benefit from this kind of atrocity.  

Look at this guy.

Why does an unmarried Muslim have a beard?  Why is he smirking?

If this "news report" is true, then I shall require two things for starters:

1.  a photo of this man on a slab

2.  surveillance footage of the murder spree

They should have both.  If they can publish a photo of President John F. Kennedy lying on a coroner's slab, then we should be able to see one of this guy.  If they can publish footage of President John F. Kennedy getting his brains blown out by a sniper bullet, then we should be able to see video footage of this action.

Here is an easy scenario that has likely played out many times since 9/11.   All they have to do is kill some people and make sure that nobody sees it.  Kill anyone who does see it.  Kill the guy whom the whole thing will be blamed on.  Then brief the news jews and the police on what lie to tell the public.   Use bribery and threats to secure the objective.

The dead guy who gets blamed for the killings will not get up and argue.  Remember Seung-Hui Cho?  He was the Korean "mass murderer" who supposedly mowed down a room full of college kids at Virginia Tech in 2007.  He conveniently killed himself of course.  Afterwards an elaborate body of text appeared for the public to read that was supposedly written by Cho.  Same thing with the Oslo "mass murderer" (Anders Breivik).    Same thing with the Columbine boys.  And on and on.

It usually takes a day or two for the "authorities" to get their story straight.  Note how the news writers do not source their sources -- going against what we were taught in journalism school.  You always cite your sources.  That is rule number one of journalism.  "Journalists are in the business of truth-telling."

We are taught to check each fact three times before publishing anything.

Think of how badly this story is written.  It is full of holes and missing details.  Anonymous sources.  Nameless comments.  Alleged this and alleged that.  Charges not convictions.  Loosely-wrapped gossip is being foisted for news.

In this Chattanooga job, ask yourselves "who benefits?"  In 9/11 who benefitted?  In every act of terrorism world-wide, who benefits?  Always the same gang.  Over and over again.

Here they kill a few marines to keep the fires going in the Middle East.  This way gullible high school boys will charge off to the recruiter's office.  They will assist counterfeit israel who dares to call herself our ally.  Plagiarizing a God-given name, this falsehood needs our military to help them terrorize and slaughter their Muslim neighbors.  These jews know that all they have to do is kill a few of your loved ones and blame it on their enemies.  It has worked swimmingly in the past.  You have been falling for this routine for how many years now?

Demand forensic evidence before sending more of your sons off to die for these criminals.  For 9/11, they should be swinging from gibbets in New York Harbour.