Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Das ist verboten

The same gang (one guess) who cultivated anorexia in school girls, glorified meth amphetamine in their hollywood movie * Spun *.  Now they are fostering bald heads on women.  YouTube is full of scenes cranking out of China of young women getting their heads shaved, apparently against their will.  Looks like they are being ordered to sit in a chair and let some freak botch their hair off.  Some of them were crying.  See for yourselves.  Bald woman fetish videos are all over the net.

They now have web sites that hype shaved heads in women.  http://www.buzzfeed.com/kirstenking/gorgeous-women-who-prove-bald-is-absolutely-beautiful#.tvWlqxqnd3

Same nauseating fetish crap that I read in 2001 about anorexia.  They were singing the praises of this mental illness and making it seem chic to the young and impressionable.  Pushing it to school and college girls like a new street drug.  An ocean of web sites calling it "thinsperation."  Like I was supposed to believe this came from teenage girls?  This "movement" had to be seeded from somewhere.  One guess.

They were pushing corsets, "the goth look," and necrophilia back in the '90's.  In a defunct magazine called * Carpe Noctem * -- no shit.  They even had a creepy article in there about Chinese foot binding.  A most lurid, detailed fetish piece.  I wonder why they stopped publishing it.  Maybe they got nervous.  Kind of like how they spirited away the evidence of 9/11, Princess Diana's wipe-out, and other crime scenes.  They got nervous.

Tattoos, body-piercing, head-shaving in women -- a clear pattern can be seen in these trends.  Each one is forbidden by God.  A woman's hair is her glory wrote St. Paul.  A visual feast for her husband.  So much so that the Muslim covers it in public.  As does the habit of the holy sister.  Something treasured and admired is a woman's hair.

So it follows that to shave a woman's head would be for humiliation (which flies as a sexual perversion, take note).  The wiki-brainwashing-pedia has an article about how they shaved women's heads for punishment.  These bald French women were marched in the streets because of their support of Germany during the second world war.  So now they are pushing bald heads for women as a chic fashion statement?  I don't think so.  Only a fool would believe it.

Those who seek to control the public mind, put forth images of bald women, tattoo'ed bodies,  mutilated piercings, heinous clothes and make-up that distorts God's image in man.  These bastards are the children of the devil.  A sick buncha freaks.  One guess.

The same gargoyles who cultivate debauchery, mental illness, disease, draught, flood and sleaze are murderers, rapists, blackmailers, bribers, molesters, pornographers, dope-pushers (both pharmaceutical and street drugs), thieves, liars, swindlers and terrorists.  They abduct little girls when nobody is looking.  Chancellor Hitler exposed them in his magnum opus.  Germany was infested by them in the 1920's and '30's.  But their chancellor went easy on them.  The only sting for them was humiliation. To this day they abhor manual labor.  He put them to work in his factories.  If anybody's head got a buzz cut it was because they were crawling with lice.  Lice = typhus.  Typhus = death.  Not one of them was murdered.  Typhus killed most of them.  If I'm wrong.  Then prove it.