Saturday, July 17, 2010


Someone asked, “If they can dive into the depths of thrashing North Atlantic and recover a flight data recorder, why have they failed to produce the ones from 9/11?”
Since the “neon-orange-red” flight data recorder is located in the tail section, built to withstand great impact and temperature, it should be recoverable.  In the case of the Pentagon, we need not look for one, but the Pennsylvania crash site should have one for us.  I believe Christopher Bollyn's journalism gleaned from the surrounding woods.  A man who lived there said that it was raining body parts.
Steel beams in the twin towers were rendered into lava by a chemical reaction.  You can see it oozing from the wounded building as people leapt to their deaths to escape the heat.  Thermite and thermate have been written as the compounds used to cut the steel girders by way of intense heat.  A blacksmith shapes white-hot metals similarly, but the heat used here was magnified many times beyond that.  
In the case of the World Trade Towers (1,2 and 7), thermate was used to melt the frames in a precise demolition.  Only Towers One and Two were hit by aircraft which had nothing to do with thermate.  
Since the clean-up crew was able to collect enough scrap metal to build a morale-boosting Navy ship (we are told), they may have been able to locate one or both of the flight data recorders.  This I say because thermate compounds were inside the girders, still chewing on steel on the way down.  Maybe the boxes survived, having been stout and heavy.  
Thermate was applied strategically for demolition purposes, the ignition of which was done in concert.  We all know what happened.  Only a knuckle-dragging, medicated churl would believe the 9/11 Commission Report.  That holds as much water as the schmutz they wrote about John Kennedy.
There is a field in Pennsylvania where they could not bury anything.  This flight data recorder has to exist.  Possibly there are people who saw what happened that were not foolhardy enough to report it.  Were “bombs bursting in air” with a "rocket’s red glare?”  
Did it give proof that our flag was involved?  What pale flag was that?  What colour is treason?  

What might we hear on that flight recorder?  What about the guys at the FAA?  The control towers?  Did somebody hear the pilots' desperate transmissions and do nothing?  Say nothing?  Report nothing?  And they hung Mary Surratt?  
What were those words?  Can you guess?  “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.  All systems are on override.  I have no instrument control...”
There are words in a command language that can tell your computer “not to let you do something.”  As a programmer you can write code to disable all kinds of “functionality” for a user.  In the case of today’s commercial airliners, the user is a jet pilot.  He is flying a computer with wings and a tail.
Based on a recent experience, geeks can disable and override just about anything they want on a computer.  That is why the government’s computer security programs are frantic and front-burner.  
The time has come to pressure our government to cough up the flight data recorder for Pennsylvania 9/11.  You know they have it.  And you know that the only reason they have not released what’s on it to the public is because you will hear the truth.  There are few men staring death in the face who speak anything else.