Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Oaks

According to the lore of Theosophy, the flagship of the New Age, they call it a ray. Each soul operates under the auspices of a ray that emanates down from the Logos -- they say. The Greek term Logos in this context, means a governing force from whence all existence originates.

The literal translation of Logos means word. You might recall John 1:1, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

According to the books of New Age writers, there are seven rays that govern seven inherent dispositions. The one that concerns me here is the Blue Ray. The First Ray. That would be your coveted oak persona.

When you took that personality test in college (or at your corporate workplace during the "How to Be A Team-player" seminar), they categorized your disposition/worldview based on how you answered their questions. You were either a leader or a follower. Obsequious or dominant. Crisp or wishy-washy. Firm or malleable. Servile or regal. A herd beast or independent thinker.

This disposition is inborn/inherent/innate. They were ferreting out the George S. Pattons apparently, seeing as General Patton was used to describe the oak personality on the questionnaire that I filled out.

Oaks make the establishment nervous because they are charismatic. They can command an audience like John F. Kennedy or Adolf Hitler. They have the bearing, carriage and demeanor of a desert horse. Can hold an audience spellbound in the palm of their hand. Nobody looks away form a speaker who mesmerizes with eloquence and diaphragm. Oaks are natural leaders and dynamic public speakers.

At the end of the personality assessment, you probably learned that among you, there was one or less Patton types. And everybody's head snapped around to see who it was. Oaks are rare among men and unheard of among women.

All it takes is one to govern a province or command an army. Because two cooks in the kitchen is a recipe for disaster.

In my last entry on The Shockwave ( the concept of the "the oaks" is discussed from RUSH's song lyrics. Employing parable, I take my training from Jesus of Nazareth. He cast broad His pearls before a multitude so great -- that He had a boat pushed off from the shore so that His delivery could be farther spread and better heard. From the deck of a fishing boat the Lord issued the Word.

Despite the nullification of God's independent mind in the Buddhist sense, (, His Law seems to be all that makes life worth living down here and beyond the mortal coil. Without it, we are rudderless and purposeless. Cast adrift. Loveless. Homeless.

The seer, holy man, mystic, yogi, shaman, and swami have had a peek beyond organic physics. So has the sorcerer. What do they say?

"Like attracts like" is the universal law that governs the Ghost World which permeates all (Ephesians 6:12). You won't get an argument from mystics like Robert Bruce about it. Or any of the New Age gang. There is a corresponding look, smell and feel to all sentiment in the spirit. The witches know it. And so do the Saints.

When God forbids witchcraft He forbids manipulation of the spiritual places for one's own selfish gain or for working evil deeds. It is a simple concept, the Law of God. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If you follow the Golden Rule we get a better world. Sweet and simple. Anyone can understand it. Anyone can follow this rule. But few people do.

That's where the oaks come in. Emanating from God comes an oak -- A king, leader or potentate. Some righteous Godly sovereign who is in deference to God. One who does nothing for his vainglory, but for the love of his people.

A good sovereign has nothing to prove among men. He is already king. His fealty is only to God. Which serves God's end. Not the oak's will, but God's be done. That is the design if things are working right.

If people could govern themselves there would be no need for oaks. But man's will is fallible.

The difference between Saints and witches is that a witch says, "my will be done." And the Saint says, "Thy will be done."

Charles Webster Leadbeater, Alice Bailey and their metaphysicians can park their astral bodies on the side of the road to Damascus. They can travel to that point in the road where Saul the Pharisee got zapped by the Light, was knocked to the ground, and Jesus said, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?" Charles and Alice can witness the moment where Saul became Paul. (Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 9). How 'bout them apples, Alice?

St. Paul, Moses, Mohammad, John the Baptist, Socrates and Isaiah were oaks. Generals Jackson, Lee and Patton were oaks. John F. Kennedy, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were oaks. Martin Luther and Father Charles Coughlin were oaks. By their fruits you knew them. As currently Pakistan, besieged by intrigue, lies and weather, knows her beloved Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid by his fruit.

The words in Mein Kampf read like they were written by an oak. What "history" is on the books about the author was written by the maples, cranked from their publishing houses and is purveyed in all maple media. Keep this in mind when reading about Adolf Hitler.

The oaks always have the same enemies. For the sake of parable, we employ RUSH's song about the trees. The maples are the bad guys. Whose ugly heads have reared throughout history. They were the same bunch on the receiving end of Moses' chastisement after he came back and found them worshipping Moloch (their fabricated golden calf god) to whom they sacrificed their newborn babies by tossing them into the fire. They beat drums during this ritual to drown-out the screams of their infants. These are their fruits.

Today the maples join hands across all oceans. They have purchased corporations whose technologies run and control civilised infrastructure world-wide. They pay your salaries. Reward your fealty. Punish your resistance. Purchase your politicians. And write your laws.

The Law that maples seek to trample under foot is the Law of the Oaks -- The Law of God.

Full circle? I give you Saint Paul of Christendom. He wrote most of the Books in the New Testament (many from prison). And started out in the world as a worst-case maple. He was a Christian-persecuting Pharisee. After God confronted him on that road to Damascus, Saul turned from maple to oak on a dime. And rose from the road, a Saint of God. There Saul became Paul. He has my whole heart. As does any man who turns from his maple ways to embrace the Law of God.