Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sudden Salmonella

In light of a new "food safety" bill designed to kill-off wholesome food production, I think it is a good time to publish a story that I submitted to one of my publishers in April 2009.  It was about a similar bill to S.510 which is now at hand.

"In my American life as a peanut butter-eater, I have never heard of salmonella associated with peanuts. As recently as last month, according to employees at a local grocery store, there have been salmonella-peanut concerns.

It is my inference that this salmonella scare is a manipulation of industry to plant the seeds of fear in consumers the same way that 9/11 did about international terrorism. In the case of food poisoning, consumers are made paranoid about where the next deadly batch will turn up. Like 9/11, it only has to happen once to establish pretext for whatever freedom-raping law that the globalists want to pass next.

Once people are good and scared, they will submit to anything. By chopping off a few heads in a public place, you can wield a reign of terror over a whole nation. As demonstrated by the French, Bolshevik and Cuban revolutions, all you have to do is put some blood in the street and most people will do what you want.

Similarly in lesser scenarios, one can intimidate the consumer masses by tainting select distributions of their food supply. All it takes is a pinch of bio-terror in a vat of peanut butter. Then you let public opinion carry the rest. Have a similar taint show up in a bit of spinach and now you have good medium for cultivating fear about eating anything in America -- fertile loam for sinking deep the roots of a Communist Manifesto Bill like HR-875.

Bolshevik crop-seizures come to mind. They wanted to shut down independent farming because food was priceless in a Russian winter. It gave the Kulak independence from communist regime. Kulaks were the last hold-outs against the Bolshevik reign of terror in Russia and the Ukraine. They were finally conquered because their crops were seized and granaries burned. This had the same tactical effect as cutting the supply lines of your enemy. Starvation is a guaranteed strategy for crippling resistance of any kind. Ask the people of Gaza.

The recent salmonella scares are ways to snow Americans into thinking that organic, independently-farmed food is unwholesome. Baloney. Buy the food -- don't buy the ruse. Presently, major grocery stores are importing produce from Third World countries where sanitation and purity are no guarantee. Yet they are raking our farmers over the coals to comply with arbitrary fine print written to exasperate, confuse, demoralize, wear-down and deject our produce growers.

These directives are written to threaten and intimidate our food-producers with high fines and imprisonment for failure to comply with sadistically-rigid and unreasonable rules. These new rules are tortuous with run-on sentences and sub-paragraphs.  The strategy of such text is inundation. There are rules upon rules and stipulations upon stipulations. The fine print goes on for miles.

I think of one whose team of percheron is silhouetted against fuchsia Southern Maryland dawn. He wears a black hat and suspenders. I would buy my seedlings and petunias from his family every spring. They birth and bury their own. Eschew electricity and MTV. No mind of theirs, nor house nor barn is a devil's workshop. Their berries are as sweet and pure as their daughters. I can't imagine not getting my seasonal produce from such people. What they raise from the earth is as clean and wholesome as their Christian families. They were meant to grow our food.

These new food-production rules were written to break the spirit of the American farmer -- someone whose honest work has long been the backbone and foundation of our country. "Professions," an English poet once wrote, "are lucrative to the inverse of their usefulness." The farmer earns a pittance for his labours while the movie-star and Freudian "therapist" make a fortune, for example.

The question to ask is why does it pay to spread the manure of Marxism while the producers of our vital yield are punished?"