Sunday, March 1, 2009

Assigned Enemies

I saw one of those Live Leak videos the other day where an American soldier in Iraq was reaming out a rank and file unit of Iraqi police. I was incensed by the language of this military man who represented my country. He was a foul-mouth embarrassment, cussing out a unit of subjugated men who could not understand his language. They required an interpreter for this tirade.

Between this knuckle-dragger's expletives I got his message to the Iraqis. He was chewing them out for not being more aggressive at ferreting out and picking fights with their countrymen. They were ordered to scour the countryside in search of war. Who was this joker pitting Iraqis against their countrymen, cussing out a reluctant, forced police? Who put him up to this?

Was it the same black-hearted author of the manual I read? The one in which a question was posed, "how does one engage a new, inexperienced soldier in fighting?" and the answer was given, "You arm him, thrust him into the fight and let kill or be killed do the rest." I will never forget those words. They scarred me for life and introduced me to the makers of war.

Could it be this same black-hearted beast who invented the game of dodge-ball that children are forced to play in gym classes? You remember that don't you? We were kids in elementary school -- just little kids. And one day the gym teacher gave us a hard rubber ball and divided us into two teams. We were told to throw the ball at the enemy team until only one kid was left standing, holding the ball. The same principle was applied in gym class that applies in war.

You are pitted against an assigned enemy who never personally offended you. You are ordered to attack them and told that if you don't kill them they will kill you. This isn't always true. It is what they tell you. Somebody fires the first shot and then what follows is a chain-reaction.

Today we have a situation where a controlled, armed mob is being pitted against people in the Middle East who had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Our sons are coming back with formaldehyde in their veins because they thought they were fighting terrorists. In truth -- the real terrorists are the ones writing our war-fighting manuals, pitting our sons against assigned enemies, instigating wars, and sowing the seeds of hatred and discord.

Case-in-point? The recent massacre in Mumbai. It smacks of the same modus operandi as 9/11. The corpses of the dead terrorists have been mutilated to preclude identification, a telling wall. The Mumbai police stood by and watched as gunmen killed their countrymen without lifting a finger -- kind of like our military bases stood down their fighter pilots during the 9/11 attacks.

Time to wake up and smell the rat America.