Sunday, March 1, 2009

Poor excuse for news

I find it laughable -- what passes for news on AOL and deem that such "news" is little more than tabloid sleaze. One may as well subscribe to the yellow press. Is this a reflection of the churlish sensibilities of my countrymen or just stupid assumptions made by hack journalists? A bit of both?

The headlines on their hard news page is about things like an 800-pound Fish, Michelle Obama striking a pose, bustings and bookings of folks whose reputations are expendable and such. As for the real news, you won't get it here. What you will get on AOL are pointers about how to retrench. They tell you how to tighten your belt financially in myriad ways, like how to shop for cheaper, lower-quality food for your family. They tell us to shop at bargain warehouses, skimp on health insurance, get cheaper hair cuts and join a car-pool. They suggest that we rent off-site cars instead of the ones at air ports. They recommend that we unplug electronics when they are not in use and swap baby-sitting duties with friends.

Don't look for the real news from Fox or CNN either nor from any other mainstream source. For truth you shall have to go to the mouth of the horse. All you get from mainstream news is an insult to average intelligence. AOL stoops even lower. They add injury to the insult with tacky pabulum aimed at the vulgar rabble of the streets. A kind of pacifier for the public mind that they think is not sharp enough to pick up on what is happening.