Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hills and pills

Ever notice how when a high-visibility figure gets too lucid that he suddenly develops a drug problem? I have noticed it over the years with singers who write poignant, anti-establishment lyrics.

The songs of this particular singer were about how our government had gone awry and was raping Middle America. What sealed his fate was how he slipped in a few songs glorifying Jesus Christ. Now he was certainly "an enemy of the State." What made this singer the Wizard's biggest nightmare was how he was handsome to boot, multi-faceted, a gifted lyricist and had the ear of our Nation. Because of this he could come blasting out of a juke-box or car stereo at any time encouraging us to think for ourselves and to love the Lord. So he developed a heroin problem and faded into obscurity. How convenient for the Wizard.

Makes you wonder what Jim Morrison and Bob Marley really died of, doesn't it? Or any other charismatic, talented, anti-establishment speaker or singer. Even American Presidents have paid with their lives for opposing the Wizard. Think about that a minute.

If you want to get the Wizard's attention just start preaching the Book of Revelation from your Sunday morning pulpits. Not the Centrist pabulum version either -- the King James version. The English inspiration of God's Word that is crystal clear and came along after Shakespeare. Don't worry about the recent "converts" in the back of your church. They have been paid to attend many churches across the country to monitor your sermons. Let them have both barrels, be you a man of God. Take a lesson from your Muslim brothers who run scared of no man.

After that, if you can't be cajoled into a drug problem or the bed of a whore, then the Wizard will try something else to get you off the public radar. Thug-beatings and car bombs have been popular lately. That snaps neatly into what Christ said about how "you will be persecuted in my name." Don't let them sell you a copy of the "new international version" of anything. Stick to the poetry of your King James. God's Word issues in verses, not prose. So you best make use of those.

Go with the flow and you play into the Wizard's hand. Sometimes a soul must take a stand -- and set the pews on fire. Let your sermon-monitoring converts feel how hot a pew can get. Preach it, Brother. Make 'um sweat. I dare them to set foot into a real Church of Christ. Come on down that dirt road. We're waitin' for you.

Look at it this way. It all ends the same.

Sometimes a hill is worth dying on (ask the boys in Pakistan). And sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it's the wrong hill altogether -- like American involvement in Israeli fight-picking. Clearly it is Israel that needs the butt-kicking. And if you idiots want to be in the Levant when they launch the first nuke -- march on into the shockwave. As it blows your hair back remember that Islam is not our enemy and Afghanistan was not our hill.

Mercenary warfare is a poison pill. Don't swallow it. We all die anyhow. You can quietly fade away later wearing diapers, half brain-dead, hooked up to things that go beep in the night. Or you can die with your boots on in a righteous fight. The choice is yours America. Pick a hill worth dying on. But don't send your Christian sons to die on the smoking alter of Zionism under a banner of hatred, racism and genocide. That's not the American way and you know it.